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online course creation get unstuck

5 Ways Course Builders Get Stuck (And 5 Ways to Get Unstuck)

What if I could reveal EXACTLY where and why (even smart people like you) get stuck before they’ve even built their first online course—and the two ways to level up so you never get stuck again? That would be pretty valuable, right? Over the next paragraphs, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Get ready, Course Builder, to Level Up.  If everything goes well, I’ll change the way you think forever. Most online course creators …

online courses infographic

The State of Online Courses 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

How are online entrepreneurs faring with online courses? As we’ve seen from our survey, the vast majority of them are interested in online courses. In fact, half have acted on that interest. But among those who have created and put out online courses, only a minority achieve their goals in terms of enrollment and income. Below is a visual summary of the results of our survey conducted in late 2016. A total of 830 online …

online course survey

State of Online Courses 2017 (Industry Survey of 830 Entrepreneurs)

  Is it just me or did online courses just become hot? In the last two months alone, I’ve seen three internet marketers launch training programs on how to create and sell online courses (I’m sure there were more who weren’t in my radar). And we’ve discovered that there are a gazillion online course platforms, learning management systems, and marketplaces for course creators. So many more people are talking about online courses, am I right? …

online business trends

Online Business Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2016-2017

What’s the value of expert predictions? In 2006, psychologist Philip E. Tetlock published an evaluation of forecasts made by 284 experts who are paid to make financial and political predictions in the book, Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?. The verdict: The experts were less accurate than simple statistical algorithms and ordinary human beings like you and me, and they fared worse than “dart-throwing chimps.” “There is no reason for …

Looking Back, Looking Ahead with Danny Iny

The world has been reeling after the outcome of the US elections in November 2016. Even online entrepreneurs have seen the effects: post-election product launch results have ranged “from disappointing to disastrous.” Yet Danny Iny, CEO and founder of Mirasee, is optimistic that things are getting better. Why is that? In today’s episode, he talks about the changes he’s seeing in the world of online business, and how entrepreneurs can ride on these trends—including those …

social media engagement

4 Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Raving Fans

So you have a Facebook page with a decent number of followers. You’re excited about the content you publish there. People like your posts, comment on your content, and even click on your links from time to time. The number of your followers continues to grow. What they don’t do, however, is tell their friends about your brand or take any other actions that can help your bottom line—in spite of all your efforts. Having …

course launch copywriting with audience

Essential Copy You Should Be Writing for a Successful Course Launch, Part 2: Launching with an Audience

This post is Part 2 in a series dedicated to copywriting for your online course launch. If you missed Part 1, which outlined essential copy for launching with no audience, you can catch up here. If you want to launch an online course, having an email list at your fingertips should make everything easier. You put a message out there, hundreds or even thousands of people read it, and they take action. Lo and behold, …

cold email list

How to Warm Up (and Win over) Your Cold Email List

Is your email list colder than–and about as old as–the Ice Age? Maybe you haven’t sent an email in several weeks (or months!), or perhaps you’ve been inconsistent and haven’t had good open rates. Whatever the cause, your list has become a detached and impersonal ghost town… in the middle of winter. But, knowing a list is a vital aspect of growing your business, you’re ready to commit and want to warm things up and …

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