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In this free bootcamp, discover how to turn your passion into a profitable online course using the same proven method as 5,240+ successful coaches & consultants.

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Audience Live

Audience Live

Audience Live gives online entrepreneurs like you a proven framework to quickly and successfully build a loyal, engaged audience that wants what you offer.

When you join me at this online event, you’ll discover how to systematically...

  • Identify your ideal audience and where to find them...
  • Pinpoint exactly what they want...
  • Create a vibrant, trusting connection with your audience that draws them back again and again.

This exclusive training event takes place online April 10-12, 2024. Equipped with the strategies you learn, you’ll take action right away to start building your audience and turn it into a profitable asset for your business.

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ACES is our most Intensive coaching program, designed to give you everything you need to reach (and exceed!) your business goals. You’ll work one-on-one with an expert Mirasee coach, who provides accountability, support, and strategic guidance. Plus, you’ll get access to additional expertise and implementation services from the Mirasee team and our trusted partners. And you’ll be part of a close-knit community of entrepreneurs who will support you on your journey.

ACES is available by application only.

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Mirasee Past Events

Impact Live

Impact Live

Bring your best ideas to life - quickly AND successfully! During this 3-day live training event, you'll learn the strategies, frameworks, secrets, and insights you need to create a new course, marketing promotion, audience, coaching practice - anything at all! - and turn it into a valuable asset for your business.

Impact Live Is Currently Closed For Enrollment

Teach Your Gift Live

Another 3-day event that Danny hosted for those entrepreneus who have been frustrated with trying to figure out how to teach their gift to others and get paid well doing it. Danny developed and shared powerful, up-to-date strategies, clarity on next steps, and personalized help to build a thriving course business... now and in the future.

TYGL Is Currently Closed For Enrollment



LIFT was a 3-day event that took place on several occasions over the past years. This training event showed attendees key strategies for business growth and sustainability.

LIFT Is Currently Closed For Enrollment

Breakthrough Live

Breakthrough Live

This 3-day live event took place in October 2023. Danny Iny (CEO of Mirasee), Lisa Bloom (Story Coach), Melinda Cohan (The Coaches Console), and Margaret Lynch Raniere (CEO of a top coach training company), taught coaches how to lead their clients to big breakthroughs on a regular basis… AND how to create breakthroughs in their own coaching businesses, too. Breakthrough Live was for coaches who wanted to shake things up, take their business to the next level, and really stand out in their market

Breakthrough Live Is Currently Closed For Enrollment