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What Does Mirasee Mean?


Verb | mir-a-see | ‘meer-Ə-sē

:: To see your vision actualized with your teacher
:: To see
:: To understand
:: To seek

The root, mira, means “vision” or “see.” It forms the words mirage, miracle, mirror, image and admire. The Latin root, mira- or mir-, means “to wonder at” or “causing one to smile.”

By joining these two concepts—See and Mir—we recognize the relationship of the great teachers and their greatest students. They are a reflection of each other. And in that relationship, we see the essence of who we are as a brand.

You see, we think of ourselves as partners with our students, and we evolve with them. As a result, we are each reflections of the other.

We also understand the desire to create income through impact. We seek a similar vision—business reimagined—and our goal is to show you the path, walking with you as a teacher and guide, for as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Who We Serve

We serve visionary businesses and entrepreneurs who have something of value to share with their audience—people who are focused on delivering value and making a difference in their world.

You’re a good fit for our community if you have a service, a message, or a product that is potentially life-changing, and you have a genuine desire to help others with your gifts and unique voice.

You aspire for financial and lifestyle freedom, so you want a business that you can design around your life, instead of having to fit your life around your work. You’re also willing to roll up your sleeves and do whatever work is necessary to achieve those goals.

Finally, you aren’t in business just for the money—though profits are still important to you. You understand that people drive profits—so you strive to keep people first. In short, you’re an audience business, just like us.

What We Do

We provide business education that equips you to impact your community and change the world.

Under the leadership of Danny Iny, we offer two in-depth training programs to help you build and scale a profitable audience business, based on two paths to success—either building an audience first and then launching your business, or developing a course first and then scaling for growth.

But here’s where we differ from most other training organizations: We’re educators first. Here, you won’t be given access to your training and left to figure it out on your own. You’ll be assigned a personal coach who will walk with you, reviewing your work and answering your questions for as long as you’re active in the program.

So no matter which path you choose—and whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting from scratch—you can achieve massive success in the time frame that makes sense for your life and business goals. We’ve helped thousands of others do it. We can help you too.

Our Story

Mirasee was founded by Danny Iny, best-selling author, sought-after business consultant, and founder of Firepole Marketing, the 2010 start-up that went from zero to $3+ million in just five years.

Danny started out just like most online entrepreneurs, with an idea and message to share, and no idea how to do it. He made several wrong turns—which he calls “plot twists” in The Audience Revolution—before really understanding the audience-first paradigm and how to apply it to online business.

This same approach is now the core of our “audience business” community and training programs. And it has helped more than 5,000 value-driven online entrepreneurs achieve their own version of success. It all boils down to two paths to business growth: an audience-first approach, which is taught in the Audience Business Masterclass, or course creation, which is taught in the Course Builder’s Laboratory.

Our Values

Our 7 core values drive everything we do.

  • Impact and Innovation
  • Respect, Appreciation and Humility
  • Empowerment via Learning and Growth
  • Adaptability and Optimism
  • Integrity
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Partnership and Ownership

Mirasee continues the work that was begun in Firepole Marketing, but with a deeper commitment to partnership and transformation. We’re redefining successful business—from transactions to service. We’re reinventing business growth—from a focus on short-term tactics to a focus on audience. We’re reimagining business outcomes—from making money to making a difference.

We believe our success is the direct result of this paradigm shift. Ultimately, we want to help you see your vision of success fully actualized. That’s what we call a win. And that’s what Mirasee is all about.

We Believe

Belief is about that feeling in your core that something is true… and a commitment to upholding that truth through your thoughts, and actions.

Our beliefs drive our actions, often without any conscious thought.

That’s why understanding the beliefs of those around us is so important – it makes it a whole lot easier to know what to expect from them, and whether their deep values align with yours.

I thought it was important to share with you what *we* believe here at Mirasee, so you know what you can expect from us, and whether our values align.

So my team and I put together this video! Check it out here:

Our Team

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