Overcome Your Entrepreneurial Fears: Stories from People Who’ve Done It

You’ve done it. You’ve decided to start your own business and quit your job. Congratulations! Even if you’re one of the lucky ones and have enough cash stockpiled for a decent “runway,” you probably still feel a twinge of fear and uncertainty around your decision despite your confidence in your obsessive work ethic and ability to focus. Tweet2PinShare164166 Shares

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Going Crazy Trying to Get All Your Business Systems to Talk to Each Other? 5 Signs You Need Small Business ERP

Does this sound familiar? A small business owner sells her products online and to a few select resellers. She manages all her sales and inventory in scattered spreadsheets, and laboriously creates custom invoicing with Word documents. She uses a basic email provider, and has a WordPress site to sell her products and represent her company. TweetPinShare0 Shares

Top 10 Online Marketing Blogs that Led Me From Rags to Riches

Growing up, no one would have believed me if I told them that I would graduate from Georgia Tech and go on to manage $11 million in revenue as an associate product manager for my first job. In fact, the odds were always against me being born in the USA to a working-class immigrant family. After my father’s family business burned down, my grandfather decided to bring the family to the US from Korea. Tweet4PinShare15 Shares

Broke to 6 Figures: How Enjoying the Journey Gets You to the Destination Faster

We all know entrepreneurship has its ups and downs, and that’s putting it mildly. No doubt, you have days where you imagine ripping your laptop from its power source and throwing it through the window of your beautifully appointed downtown office the cheap café down the street. (However, if you actually did that, I’m not sure if this blog post will help you!) Tweet2PinShare2 Shares

Are You Missing a Key Point To Make Your Business Grow Faster?

You’re out to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. “How’s business?” your friend asks. “Fine,” you say. “It’s going well.” And while it’s not a total lie – your business is doing OK – it isn’t growing the way you wanted it to. Rather than talk about it with your friend, you quickly change the subject. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are stuck in a place of “not …

Overwhelmed and Overworked? Time to Simplify Your Project Management With Asana

Ever get totally overwhelmed just thinking about launching a product, creating a signature program, organizing an event, or redoing your website? Are you wondering how you can possibly add another thing to your to-do list when your plate is already full? How do you maintain your sanity while serving as the project manager, copywriter, video editor, event organizer, media liaison, and content creator all at once? TweetPinShare0 Shares

From Solopreneur To Company: How To Scale Up Your Organization

If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. So says conventional wisdom. But every year, thousands of entrepreneurs prove that trope false. Their businesses, although not growing, are perfectly profitable. And as long as the money keeps flowing, those entrepreneurs are content to keep doing what they’re good at. Yet there comes a time in many solopreneur’s lives when the urge to grow calls. When you hear it, your next question is obvious. How? Scaling up your organization, especially if you’re a …