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7+ Tools You Need to Get Started as a Solopreneur

You can’t start your solopreneur career or freelance successfully without the right tools, especially if freelancing is your business and not just a hobby. Sure, you’ve probably got some of what you need lying around at home, but if you want to take a professional approach you’ll need to invest in the tools and technology necessary to make it easy to run a business that your clients will love. I’ve been freelancing for more than …

How to Manage Your Productivity & Workflow with Google Calendar

When you start a work at home or freelance business, one thing you need to do fast is manage your workload. There are dozens of tools out there to help you do that all requiring different levels of investment. But after more than 10 years of running my own freelance writing business, I found that one essential tool, that’s both simple and free, is Google Calendar. It’s the easiest way to get started with scheduling, …


Step-by-Step Guide To Launching Your Freelance Career

Here’s the freelance career dream. Work for yourself. Possess a recession-proof skillset. Earn fat stacks. Do what you want. Here’s today’s reality. You can’t afford to quit a job you don’t like. You went solo but lack of income stability is giving you second thoughts. Well check this out. The opportunity is there. The money is there. Last week, I earned $4,000 just sitting in my chair writing skyscraper articles. Easy peasy. And I’ll tell …

increase productivity

5 Ways to Achieve Productivity When You Have No Boss

When you tell people you’re a freelancer, you get a couple of typical reactions. Either people comment on how lucky you are to be able to take off whenever you want, or they say that the lifestyle is too fluid to get much done. Somehow it doesn’t sound so appealing when you tell them how much work you actually do. If you work in an office, you answer to your manager and deliver the goods …

brand story

You’re an Entrepreneur! So What’s Your Job Title?

Recently, Oleg Starko posted an article entitled Weekend Warrior: How to Write an Elevator Pitch in which he recommends crafting your own job title as a way of helping you stand out from your competitors. Having read similar advice in Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid,” I created my own job title and description. It’s a simple process but not necessarily easy. Using my experience as a guide, here’s some advice for when you create your …

Multitasking Doesn’t Work (So Here’s How to Do It Better)

If you’re think you’re multitasking successfully, you’re probably wrong. For 98% of us, says Psychology Today, multitasking is an abject failure because our brains just aren’t wired to handle it. That’s right multitasking doesn’t work. Except for the 2% of supertaskers, whose brains work better the more stuff they have to handle, multitasking turns our brains mush and productivity and effectiveness take a hit. For the rest of us, trying to do more than one …

hire employees

Hiring Hacks! How to Get More Help on a Tight Budget

Whether you recently started your business, or you’ve been at it for 20 years, there will always be more work to do and not enough hands to do it. So there you are, hard at work but your biggest ideas still not brought to life. As a busy entrepreneur, you’re faced with a common dilemma. Do you refuse to work more hours at the expense of staying stuck at your current growth level? Or do …

Why Your Unhealthy Habits are Killing Your Productivity

Being a workaholic is seriously ruining your business and killing productivity. If that sounds weird, think about this. Working long hours does not translate to true productivity. In fact, being chained to your desk leads to unhealthy habits that actually make you LESS productive—and that’s not good for business. Here are five bad habits that not only ruin your health, but also impair your productivity. 1. You Don’t Take Enough Breaks Ever worked in an …

bridge success

The "Bridge Crossing" Method to Building Customer Trust

After painstakingly building your list like all the gurus told you to do, segmenting said list, and hours of writing the perfect autoresponder copy, you’re ready for your first big product campaign. Despite being told not to, you can’t help but continually checking your stats once your campaign is finally live. Day 1 Open rate: 63%! CTR: 37%! Sales: 0 Not bad. Not bad at all. No sales, yet, but that’s OK. It’s only day …

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