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The State of Online Courses 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Editor’s Note: The State of Online Courses is now The State of Online Learning. Read the 2018 report here.

How are online entrepreneurs faring with online courses?

As we’ve seen from our survey, the vast majority of them are interested in online courses. In fact, half have acted on that interest. But among those who have created and put out online courses, only a minority achieve their goals in terms of enrollment and income.

Below is a visual summary of the results of our survey conducted in late 2016. A total of 830 online entrepreneurs took the survey, most of them freelancers, coaches, and consultants, and here’s the gist of their story. For the full scoop, read our survey report here.

How would you answer these questions? Take the one-question survey at the end of the infographic and see how you compare!

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