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Marketing Blueprints, and a Debrief on Our Latest Launch (Marketing Insights Podcast)

campaign_mastery_issues_3d_smallYou may have received some emails from us recently about a new product we’re offering called the Campaign Mastery Marketing Blueprints Club – it’s all about great copywriting and powerful launches, and in the spirit of the campaign, we thought we’d share some of the details of this very launch with you!

There were some real ups and downs in the first few days of the campaign launch, and because of that we’ve learned a ton.

In this podcast, Danny and Megan discuss the business challenges that we faced during the first day of the launch, what made us stumble, and how we got back on the horse and turned the launch around.

If you’d like to get in on the Campaign Mastery Marketing Blueprints Club, there’s a link at the bottom of the post – and we’d love to have you on board to share in all of our secrets on how to run successful campaigns!

Now sit back and listen to the tale of a turbulent new product launch!

Distilled Wisdom

  • Campaign and launch are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. You can run a campaign for most anything, like getting more subscribers or getting more sales. A campaign is just a group of marketing materials that, in aggregate together, are meant to achieve a specific outcome, in a way that a singular thing couldn’t.
  • A campaign blue print is the idea of finding another campaign that is similar to what you’d like to be doing – in terms of its narrative arc, or customers or offer. Use this as a model for what it is you want to create. It’s about saving people a lot of time and trouble involved in finding a good blueprint.
  • We decided on a print campaign for the Campaign Mastery Marketing Blueprints Club because, while digital is more and more ubiquitous, it’s getting a bit saturated. We didn’t just want this club to be something you throw in a folder on your desktop and forget about. There is a different feeling of value to print, there is a physical, tangible reminder. Print is permanent, and it enforces a level of quality that can often be absent from the industry.
  • The campaign, over all, is looking pretty good but it did not go smoothly to begin with. Ironically, it’s because of the very need the project is supposed to address. Because we were figuring out how to launch a new (for us!) product, we had no blueprint on which to model it off and so we had to adjust and pivot as we went.
  • What you know is not necessarily what your customers know. With our launch, there was confusion over what IS a campaign and what exactly is a marketing blueprint and how can I use it to better my business?
  • Pivoting during a launch is incredibly difficult to do, even if you’re very well attuned to what your audience wants and you’re a good writer, it’s incredibly time consuming. In essence though, it’s not complicated. You just want to listen to your audience’s questions, find out what they are and aren’t understanding, and then analyzing what’s missing in your copy.
  • The very first Campaign Mastery issue is the deconstruction of our launch for the Naked Marketing manifesto, which was free, and got us over 3,000 tweets and 700 subscribers in just 9 days!
  • The biggest takeaway is that as hard as this launch was, it was easier than it was 6 or 12 months ago, there is a value and a weight to experience and it does get easier. Even when you stumble, it becomes easier to pick yourself up and do it better.

In the meanwhile – do YOU have any campaign launch secrets you want to share with us or other Marketing Insights Listeners? Let us know in the comments beneath the blog post.

About Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty is an alumnus of Mirasee and is passionate about online education, small business and making a difference in the world. You can find out what she's up to and how side-hustles will take over the world at Follow her on Twitter at @MeganTwoCents.

4 thoughts on “Marketing Blueprints, and a Debrief on Our Latest Launch (Marketing Insights Podcast)

  1. Well, Danny, I think when things bombed that I would just have come to the conclusion I was trying to sell the wrong product.
    It turned out you knew the value of what you were offering but failed to demonstrate that in your first sales letter. (I signed up on the last day of the special offer, by the way.) Lesson learned.
    As an aside, what Megan says is valuable – I do wish she’d say it slower. Not like slow motion slower, but as if she weren’t running for a train…

  2. It’s refreshing to see someone of your experience and talent … I was an early buyer, but recall some caveat emptor feelings as I signed up. But I have faith in you that grows with each Master Class Lesson. As I think I told you, I am taking copyblogger’s Authority courses simultaneously. What two better Mentors than you and Brian.

    There is a great deal of consistency and clarity in your messages, but you seem to be much more organized and thorough in your approach than copyblogger. They seem to have no perceptible “Roadmap” and one is left to assemble the content as you see fit. So I have been aligning The relevant Authority content to follow your lead. There was a bit of a bitch session about it after a rather new participant declared he was lost and experiencing what I would describe as “vertigo”. He was totally NOT getting the “build your Authority” message especially with Brian’s repeated comments that the best place to build Authority is on Google+. He is even strongly urging people to join his blog on Google+.

    I don’t mean this to be a hack job on Brian, but I have been in the software industry for decades that include over 7 mergers and acquisitions and something just does smell right … doesn’t pass the sniff test. I get the feeling his software business is failing … getting squeezed from too many directions, especially Google. I think a lot of people don’t see understand the value proposition of his software products. But Brian sure is a compelling writer and understands the business, so if he has decided to go be a big Authority for Google+, I bet he could make a killing in recycling his materials modified for Google Groups, Circles, Apps. etc.

    Not that you asked for it, keep an eye on As the dominant player in CRM they have a strong relationship with SAP’s dominant ERP software and they ( are pushing hard on email and other SM products to become a contender in the CMS market. Watch for Google, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft to buy them. Infact, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Facebook was interested as well, as that would accelerate their move into the commercial sector. Facebook rightfully fears Google+ pulling their social business away. Guy Kawasaki sure thinks so, and I think Seth Godin is right behind him.

    Good grief, it’s after 4:00 am! Anyway, you’re doing great with the Audience Business Masterclass and I will look forward to the Campaign campaign soon.

  3. Since you talk about in this audio a bit, I thought I’d share with you my main reason for not buying this product.

    Now, it looked very practical, useful and implementable…potentially.

    For me, it lacked the gritty, specific details with what was going to be contained in the package each month. (and the first month’s offering looked potentially in my wheelhouse)

    I needed some sort of visual, too, that would make it easier to understand what I was going to holding, digesting, processing and then taking action. Having an example of some of the material in that first package to give a sneak peak and tasting of, more than likely, would have taken me there. (just not enough of a tease, basically…)

    Plus, an objection that was not addressed: YET another continuity to add into the mix.

    While my revenues are low/mid six figures and it’s just me, there’s a lot of expenses and services/products I continually invest in, many of them being monthly bites. I have no problem with adding another but if I”m going to look at $97/month, I want to see more before committing.

    Sure there’s a guarantee but, personally, I don’t need that – nor do I want to trouble with it. If choose to add a commitment and investment in a product like this, I’m not doing it willy nilly and saying to myself, “Well, if sucks, I’ll ask for a refund.”. I’m not that haphazard w/ such expenditures so I need to better taken to the result and benefit and more clearly see that in the context of my business. (you really should have done a webinar w/ this offering…that’s a mistake that you did not mention, imho.)

    Frankly, there’s continuity fatigue for any established business with necessary(and sometimes, not as necessary as they should be, if one is not careful) – your copy did not sufficiently address WHY this offering was meritorious of my investment to add yet another continuity into the mix. I suspect there were many other similar businesses that viewed the offer in that context.

    Also, you should ponder offering each month’s package as a stand alone product. Yes, you can’t sell it for $97 this way w/o diminishing the current clients but $197 helps frame the value for the folks yr selling into the program better and offers a solid anchor in which to view and reference the value for signing up.

    Lost revenue. It’s essentially a cross-sell that potentially helps sell the main offer. Certainly, it’s a testable assumption. ;-P

    (w/ the proper visuals mentioned above by me, I would have purchased this option, btw…)

    Anyway, something to chew on. 🙂 Hope it helps…

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