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11 thoughts on The Ultimate About the Author Template: How to Write a Byline that Grows Your Business

Amar Kumar

Hello Qhubekani,

Now-a-days, almost all authors come with a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. In my opinion author biography must be matched with your personality, interests, skills and accomplishments.

Your brand identity is a major part of what makes your buyers trust in your overall work. Faceless bio is really very panic for your business due to its people didn’t show interest in you.

About author play crucial role when we talk about business graph, really need to wise here to drive more and more traffic.

Eventually, thanks for adding these valuable facts for us and these will very helpful and need to implement.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar

Tara Malone

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amar. We’re glad you found this post helpful!

Jacob McMillen

Solid insights! To add one more, bylines are a great place to link to a primary service page you are hoping to rank in search. It can be really challenging to rank service pages over blog posts, but including a back link to my main service page in every byline is one of the biggest reasons it’s ranking front page for 40+ keyphrases.

Again, great post, and thanks for including me!


Thank you Jacob for your genius tip of linking to a services page so as to rank higher for ones desired key phrases.

Pity you decided to share it with the whole world instead of whispering it to me first ?. Anyway, it shows what a generous human you are.


Hi Simon,
I appreciate your kind words.

Sorry the post was a bit late for you ?.

Knowing what you do now, how would you have tackled it? Why not rewrite your bio and come back here to show us the before and after.

Then you’ll have a new optimized one ready for your next guest post.

Aaron Orendorff

Lemme just echo what’s already been said: WOW, awesome, and (my own) … epic.

This is THE definitive resources I’ll be turning to and sending writers to from now on (and not just ’cause you were kind enough to include me).

Seriously good work! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next, QT.


I’m humbled by your remarks Aaron.

Hope the writers you send here get the help they need to maximize gains from their content. Writers work so hard crafting great content so they deserve better.

And, yes, there’s a lot of stuff simmering in my content pot 🙂


Wow! I have just graduated from the school of bio writing.

Thank you Qhubekani for this thorough and very educational piece. I, like many, used to treat my bio as an after thought to talk about myself. Little did I know that it’s such a valuable business asset.

I’ve got some bio homework to do. This time my bio will definitely pack a P.U.N.C.H!

Cheers and thanks again.


Glad you found the piece useful Kato.

Now go and do your homework ?


Glad you found the post useful Kato.

Now go and do your homework ?

Simon Zaku

Such an awesome post!

The goodies of nice bios are not really heard because most marketers ignore it or maybe don’t know it’s true importance.

Wished this post came in a few hours earlier LOL. Just last night, I submitted my first guest article for approval. Spent about 15 minutes in writing my bio. Was a bit overwhelming cus I was hurrying to beat the deadline.

Thanks for the article, Qhubekani!

Simon Zaku

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