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Danny Iny (@DannyIny) is the CEO and founder of Mirasee, host of the Business Reimagined podcast, and best-selling author of multiple books including Engagement from Scratch!, The Audience Revolution, and Teach and Grow Rich.

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How to Grow Market Size (4 Questions of Marketing)

Today’s post is a video, but with a very special treat!

Peter was home taking care of his family, so Danny asked his lovely wife to step in.

So for the first time on video on Firepole Marketing, Danny and his wife will teach you how to grow your market size with your marketing.

Click on the link to watch it:

Marketing Risk: How @Freshbooks Grew to 4.5 Million Users (Interview with Saul Colt, Freshbooks Head of Magic)

After their first year of operation, Freshbooks had a grand total of 6 customers. Less than a decade later, they’re servicing over 4.5 million happy customers. Want to know how they did it? So did I. That’s why I reached out to Saul Colt, their “Head of Magic” (that’s his real title!). Over the course of 25 minutes, Saul explained to me how the Freshbooks team created a game of -Marketing Risk- that they’ve used to take …

How Brian built @Copyblogger with only $1,000 for Design and Hosting (@Entreproducer)

If anyone knows how to launch a superstar blog on the cheap, it’s Brian Clark. He never took venture capital, or raised any kind of funds. In fact, the entire Copyblogger empire was started as a one-man-show with about a thousand bucks of design and hosting fees. He grew the audience, he listened to what they said, and when he launched his very first product, he went from “just a blog” to “six figures in …

The Strategy of Raising Prices (Interview with Phil Telio from Embrase)

Are you priced right? Are you charging the right amount? Is it as high as it should be? That’s a tricky question for a business to ask, and even trickier to answer. That’s why I got Phil Telio on the phone. Phil runs a consultancy called Embrase that advises major corporations around the world on their go-to-market strategy. And yes, pricing is part of it. 😉 Interview with Phil Telio from Embrase (33 minutes) Here …

Luxury Marketing: The Magical, Fantastical, Mystery… Pen? How Montblanc Saved the Pen from Obsolescence [CASE STUDY]

Ballpoint killed the fountain. Overseas manufacturing devalued the ballpoint. Typewriters – and then computers – supplanted handwriting. What a terrible climate if you’re selling pens! But what if you aren’t really selling pens? What if you’re selling class? Fame? The slow elegance of a simpler time? The unmistakeable cachet of a top-of-the-line writing instrument? Something that calls for luxury marketing? Well, then you’d raise your prices, and put them everywhere. And that’s exactly what Montblanc …

There are FOUR Ways that Marketing can Help You Make More Money…

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new feature here at Mirasee. The theme of the month is Four Questions of Marketing, which are the four different ways that marketing can help your business. It’s all based on the very simple fact that the purpose of marketing is to help your business make more money. How much money your business makes is a factor of two things: Profit per Sale, and Number …

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Productivity Interview: Erin Blaskie of BSETC.com and ErinBlaskieInc.com

A few years ago, when I started doing my entrepreneurial thing, I received a Facebook invitation to “like” this girl, Erin Blaskie, the owner of what seemed to be a VA (virutal assistance) firm. Her Facebook profile was interesting, her business was interesting, her website was well done — and she was kinda cute, so I did.

Fast-forward many years and I’ve watch this VA firm owner become an monster-implementer and dynamo. Every time I blinked she was launcing a new webinar, a new training program, a new community,or entering into a new JV. She was absoluutely fearless — she tried it all. Looking at her go made you wonder what the hell is stopping anyone, really?

Besides owning her VA firm Business Services Etc. and now an online presence consulting firm that serves everyone from solo-entrepreneurs to big name firms like Travelocity, Crystal Light, and Tassimo — just watching her is lesson in promotion. I’ve seen her speak at WordPress camps, she’s done  interviews everywhere, and she also guest blogs on some pretty big blogs like Lawyerist and MSN’s Business on the Main.

Come listen and we talk about how she manages to do it all, being a new Mom, and the ajustments she’s made to her business and her life, as well as her solution to make it work…