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The State of Online Courses 2018 Report

What’s it like to be an online course creator? That’s the question we wanted to answer when we did the first State of Online Courses survey in 2015. In the span of 3 surveys, we’re already seeing some shifts among course creators. Here’s what we found in our latest survey of 707 online entrepreneurs: Tl;dr (Too Long; Didn’t Read) 1. More respondents than ever before are creating online courses, and they’re becoming more mature: Fewer are …

Want to Stop Trading Time for Money? Avoid This #1 Mistake!

“Stop trading time for money.” Thanks to the Tim Ferrisses of the world, that has become the rallying cry of people who are stuck in a job they don’t like and who want to create the freedom to quit and do something different. They say it with pride, confident they are making the smart, strategic choice their corporate colleagues don’t have the guts or foresight to make. It makes perfect sense, of course. After all, …

Business Owner Titles

Business Owners: Give Yourself A Job Title that Attracts Clients

One of the best perks of being a business owner is you get to craft your own job title. You can replace “CEO” with anything else you want and stand out from your competitors. Having read similar advice in Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid, I created my own job title and description. It’s a simple process but not necessarily easy. Using my experience as a guide, here’s some advice for creating your own job title and …

The Product Marketing Strategies of Best Selling Toys Can Make You Money (Sooner Than You Think!)

The toy industry is no child’s play. Aside from being a multi-billion dollar industry, it delivers some of the most innovative products year in and year out. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the bestselling toys for kids, and what their product marketing strategies can tell us about creating a product that’s perfect for your customers. We’ve picked these toys because each of them illustrates a valuable marketing lesson. These products …

Create online course content

Create Your Online Course Content: Phase 3

In my previous article on creating an online course (Phase 2), you learned about building the conceptual design and learning path for your course. Your design ideas inform you about the: level of prior knowledge your students should have content you should create

Design Your Online Course

Design Your Online Training Course: Phase 2

In my previous article on creating an online course (Phase 1), you were asked questions to see whether you were ready to build and deliver an e-course. In Phase 1, I posit that teaching and learning online is not easy. And creating online courses (or any course) is an art form. Additionally, you were cautioned to create a course where students truly learn and get terrific results from it.

Steps to Create an Online Course

Think You’re Cut Out for Creating an Online Course? (Better Read This First!)

These days, it seems like everyone is selling an online course (or maybe they just secretly want to sell one). And, I suspect that you might want to do the same. Or – maybe you already have an online course, but you want to make it stellar – taking the wisdom from your head and laying it out in such a way that your students can use it to improve their lives or businesses in …

How to Get 100+ Subscribers from EACH and EVERY ONE of Your Guest Posts

This post was updated by Lexi Rodrigo on February 20, 2018. Many marketing experts urge you to use guest blogging as a way to grow your email list (Danny and I included). But it can be just a huge waste of time if you don’t get results-especially if writing each post takes you more than a couple of hours. A few months ago, I surveyed my list about how many subscribers they expect to get …

2018 Marketing Trends

10 Hottest Marketing Trends in 2018 (And What They Mean for Your Business)

“Alexa, what’s the temperature outside?” I say as I juggle my daughter and son into their clothes for daycare. Five years ago, I didn’t think I’d end up asking a little round gizmo to give me information. Especially since I already had a mini-computer in my pocket—my phone. But here I am talking to a machine… and getting a response back! That’s how quickly our world is changing. Artificial intelligence, voice-based search, augmented reality…. Those …