10 Lessons

how to get more subscribers

On Ferraris in Singapore and How To Get More Subscribers

For many people, owning a Ferrari is a dream. However, if you lived in Singapore, certain restrictions make owning a Ferrari a horrible luxury. For instance: The national speed limit is only 90 kph. There are few straight roads. Worst of all, it’s expensive. Owning a Ferrari is 4 times more expensive in Singapore than in the US or UK. From a logical standpoint, who on earth would want one? The funny thing is, despite …

camera shy

“Help, I’m Camera Shy!”

I used to be camera shy, and I got over it by accident. The kids I worked with were not improving enough by only attending speech therapy sessions. Home practice was a battle. Teachers and friends couldn’t understand what the kids said. So I spent an entire summer learning how to create and appear in videos. The kids were enticed to practice speech by taking turns talking with my virtual video persona. The impact was …

guest blogging

Danny Iny’s Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Who would’ve expected guest blogging to get so controversial? Once, it was all the rage in online marketing. And then, bloggers began claiming that it doesn’t work, it’s not worth the effort, and we should all do something else. They even have numbers and charts to prove their point. As always, we at Mirasee don’t get easily swayed by fads. Things are rarely black and white. And often, the answer to a question isn’t a simple …

how to start a side business

How to Start a Side Business When You’re Fully Employed

Would you like to start a side business, but you don’t know where to begin? Are you fully employed and think you don’t have enough time? Too many family obligations? Not enough financial means? If you answered positively to any of these questions, you’re not the only one. Many people, just like you, dream of leaving the rat race but have family responsibilities that put demands on your time. And you might be short on …

build your email list

12 Case Studies Show How to Build Your Email List—Without Guest Blogging

So you want to build your email list… but you absolutely don’t want to do any guest blogging. I get it. Maybe you’re one of those people who hate to write. (I don’t understand how anybody could hate writing, but I won’t judge you.) Maybe you’re a terrible writer. And you can’t afford to hire a ghostwriter. Or maybe you’re a terrific writer, and you love to write (yay, you!), but you just don’t have the …

if this then that recipes

If This Then That Recipes: A Starter Guide For Bloggers

Geometry was a tough course for me. It was all those “proofs” and trying to remember the proofs that came before that could then be used for the next one. One of the recurring phrases was “If this, then that.” For example, IF two parallel lines are intersected by another line, THEN the opposite angles are equal.” Now, there’s something I’ve used so many times since. But all sarcasm aside, I now use a different kind …

copywriting lessons

6 Copywriting Lessons from Home TV Shopping

Two months ago, I faced bankruptcy. Creative bankruptcy, that is. My creative juices became stagnant. My hands were resting on the keyboard, but my fingers could not move. I looked for inspiration everywhere. I binged on TV shows on Netflix, read books, devoured blogs about copywriting, asked my copywriter friends for advice. Nothing seemed to work. So, I stayed on my couch watching TV when I came across a home TV shopping program. Suddenly, my …

how to write a free report

How to Write a Free Report that Sells Your Online Course

You’ve probably heard the advice to create a free report to give away in exchange for people’s contact information. That’s excellent advice, especially for online course creators. Aside from helping you attract “hot” prospects who are interested in your course, a free report comes in handy for many other purposes: Give it as a bonus to your students. It will provide useful information and reinforce the reasons they enrolled in your course (this method may …

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