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10 Rules of

how to write a nonfiction book

How to Write Your Nonfiction Book from Scratch in Just Three Weeks

“I don’t have the time.” “I can’t motivate myself to write every day.” “I’m not inspired to write anything today.” Or how about: “I’m great at starting a book … it’s the finishing that’s the problem.” “How do I know finishing the book’s even worth it?” “I keep getting new writing ideas I’m more excited to work on than the last one.” I’m sure you’ve been there. … procrastinating on writing because emails have to …


REPLAY: BR36: Strategic Philanthropy with Tom Matzen

When you think of the term strategic philanthropy, one company comes to mind: Tom’s Shoes. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of them. For every pair of shoes someone buys from them, they send another pair to a developing country. That strategy, do good to make money, has made them incredibly successful. Today’s guest is Tom Matzen, and in this episode, he explains exactly what strategic philanthropy is, how your customers …

X engage students of online courses

6 Reasons Your Online Courses Are Turning Students Off

The global revenue earned from corporate online courses was expected to reach over $107 billion last year. This doesn’t even touch on distance learning outside the corporate training-sphere. Now, there is a right way and a wrong way to create online courses, and it’s clear that you want to do it the right way if you want a slice of the multi-billion dollar pie. If you’ve found yourself wanting to throw in the towel because …

customer service jay baer

Replay: Customer Service on the Social Stage with Jay Baer

In most of business history, customer service was viewed as a necessary evil that didn’t have a lot of repercussions if it was done poorly, or not at all. Realistically, how many people could a single person tell about their experience with you? Oh, how times have changed. In the world of the internet, customer service has become a spectator sport, according to today’s guest, Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters. All your interactions …

website ads

Website Ads: Easy Ways to Create a Better Ad Experience for Your Audience

“I switch on my ad blocker before I start surfing the internet.” Unfortunately for website owners, this sentiment has become increasingly common. Most people are fed up with ads, so they install ad blockers to skip over this annoyance. Research says ad blocking grew by 41% globally in the 12 months up to June 2015. Let’s face it: ad blockers mean reduced advertising income for website owners. If you monetize your websites through ads, then ad …

whale vomit kevin dubrosky

Being Whale Vomit with Kevin Dubrosky

Whale vomit is gross. But being unique, relevant, and scarce isn’t. In fact, to maximize profits, those are the three things you need. How do whale vomit and business tie together? Today’s guest, Kevin Dubrosky, reveals the secret behind success in business, and the key is to be like whale vomit: unique, relevant, and scarce. If you want to know why ‘whale vomit,’ you’ll just have to hear Kevin’s story. Discover: Why the richest of …

course creation mistakes

5 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Online Course Creation

What’s holding you back from creating your online course? Maybe you’ve been imagining all the many ways you might fail. Or maybe you’ve gotten burned when your “simple” course launch crashed. But what if you knew some of the potential pitfalls ahead of time? What if you could get your online course out of your head without any lingering fear? Before you allow your course creation dreams to fade away, read on. We’re about to …

how to write a title

How to Write A Mind-Blowing Title for Your Offer

How important is a title? Important enough to make or break a sale, according to E. Haldeman Julius, publisher of Little Blue Books and author of First Hundred Million: How to Skyrocket Your Book Sales with Slam Dunk Titles. By tweaking the titles of his books⎯the content, cover design, and promotions remained identical⎯he turned duds into hits. For example, Julius sold 6,000 copies of Theophile Gautier’s Fleece of Gold in 1925. When he changed the …

entrepreneur ash maurya

How to Build an Entrepreneur with Ash Maurya

  An entrepreneur isn’t an entrepreneur no matter how many businesses they try to build or how many startups they have a hand in. Entrepreneurs are built, too, and it’s a step too often skipped. Today’s guest, Ash Maurya, founder of LeanStack, knows all about entrepreneurship. He also knows from personal experience what happens when you don’t build that skillset first. He’ll also be the first to tell you that the tools available to help …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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