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how to make money from blogging

Blogger Money Maps: How To Make Money From Blogging

Figuring out how to make money from blogging is hard. There are a few reasons for that. The first reason is that, if you have to figure it out, then you’ve never done it before. And there’s a lot of information that you don’t have. The second reason is there isn’t one right answer to that question—but there are a lot of wrong ones! The third reason is the real clincher: if you pay careful …

copywriting tactics

5 Easy Copywriting Tactics to Steal from Fundraising Pros

You’ve gotten them in the mail—envelopes with phrases like “You Can Save a Child’s Life Today,” or pictures of sad dogs with enormous eyes. Yes, I’m talking about the fundraising appeal letter. While you might be tempted to throw these letters away, you can actually learn some useful copywriting lessons from them. When you think about it, fundraising is not an easy task. Fundraisers must convince people to give up their money for virtually nothing …

standing out

Leveling the Playing Field and Standing Out with Dorie Clark

Imagine a place where everyone was on the same playing field when it comes to marketing skills and know-how. In this place, ideas would be standing out based on their own merit. It’s a fantastic idea we can get behind, and today’s guest, Dorie Clark, is making it her mission to teach people who have great ideas how to put them out into the world. Dorie can’t stand the thought of ideas that can truly …

what is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Surprise! It’s Just Marketing

I hate to break up the party and congratulatory celebration of “digital” and “content” marketing royalty. After all, they seem to love wearing their Cheshire Cat grins with hints of sparkling tiaras shining through here and there. They’re enjoying their pats on the back and bubbling champagne toasts while the crowd swells, and the bandwagon keeps growing. But when PepsiCo’s global beverage group president, Brad Jakeman spoke at a recent conference and said, “There is …

mobile website checklist

Easy 10 Point Checklist for Your Mobile Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Remember back in April of 2015 when Google updated their algorithm? Again. Just in case, let me quickly remind you. (They do a lot of these updates so it’s easy to get them confused.) In what some referred to as “Mobilegeddon,” if your site wasn’t mobile responsive, you could expect a mobile-(not-so)-friendly hit. In other words, you lost your spot in the search rankings on mobile device searches. “Oh, mobile searches?” you say. “No big …

content marketing

Dominate in 2016 With These Top 7 Content Marketing Trends

In 2015, almost 30% of marketers expected content marketing to be their most important tactic. And expect the same for 2016 because, as they say, content is king. In fact, every type of business employs content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy be it through blogs, guest posts, newsletters, ebooks, live presentations, native ads, etc. And yes, content is king, but as the internet matures so does its audience. How your readers consume …

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Predictions for 2016 with Danny Iny

How many predictions have you heard yet for 2016? And how many of them are actionable and sustainable, rather than shiny things that will end up distracting you? My guess is not many. Today, Danny Iny gives his own set of predictions for the year, based around ethical practices, audience engagement, and, most importantly, getting the right message to the right person at the right time. What does that mean? Segmentation. Advances in technology are …

online marketing trends 2016

3 Online Marketing Trends You Need to Know for Success in 2016

It’s a new year. And as new years often are, it’s brimming with the excitement of new plans, new hopes, and the possibility of making your business dreams a reality. But a new year also ushers in a touch of trepidation to go with all that excitement. The online marketing landscape changes so fast it can make your head spin. (Not to mention the many shady and annoying marketing tactics we’re bombarded with every day.) …

Weekend Warrior: How to Write an Elevator Pitch

Editor’s note: Welcome back to our new, ongoing Weekend Warrior series where we give you something short and sweet to accomplish in a weekend. Enjoy! So… What do you do?” Ah… that most dreaded, yet inescapable question of networking. Sometimes it’s a conversational crutch you can turn into a joke without fear of making a bad impression (“I tickle penguins semi-professionally”). Other times, it’s a master key for unlocking valuable business opportunities, strategic partnerships, and …

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10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)