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new beginning

Terrified, Funny, Suck-Loving Humans and a Heartfelt Goodbye

About 6 years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad to become a marketer’s assistant. In doing so, although I didn’t know it at the time, I took the biggest, most audacious step of my life to date, and it meant more change, more personal growth, and more opportunity than I ever imagined. And I’m about to take another one. After many long and wonderful years working with Danny and the team at Mirasee, it’s time …

New team members

Meet and Greet Our Newest Newbies

It’s that time again. We love when new people join the team. And we love even more giving them the chance to introduce themselves to our community! So without further ado, please meet our newbies and read about their first impressions as new Mirasee-ers. Hanna Woodside Where do I even begin describing my experience since joining the Mirasee team? Well… I guess with the team! I know it has been said a million times over …

Spreading ideas

Inside Mirasee: A Team Reimagined

A couple weeks ago, we asked you, our community, what you thought about our new look and name. And we got many wonderful answers ranging from “I love it!” to “I don’t get it, and I don’t like it.” But change is like that, yes? Some people are immediately on board and some people… not so much. As Danny explained in the Business Reimagined podcast, we outgrew the Firepole name with what we were already …

new Mirasee team members

NKOTB: Inside Mirasee Style

Well we went and did it again. Along with launching a product in September and unveiling our rebrand in October, we added more people to the team. As we’ve done with the last few batches of new kids on the Mirasee block (NKOTB 😉 ), we wanted to give them the floor to share their first impressions of joining the team. Alexis Rodrigo “I thought of it as an adventure, and that’s what it turned …


We Love Mirasee – How About You?

Hello everyone, and welcome again to Mirasee: reimagine business! We’re so excited to unveil our new name and site to the Firepole Marketing community. The decision to rebrand was not taken lightly, but if you read Danny’s emails and listened to the podcast, you know it was the right decision. Growing into Mirasee has been exciting and a little scary for us as a team. From finding out the new name, getting to see the …


Inside Mirasee: Meet the Team, “Ask Me Anything” Edition

Back in January at our annual company retreat, the Editorial team decided that, in order to stay true to one of our core values, “Openness and Transparency”, we wanted to open the curtain on the company to give you a chance to see how things really work behind the scenes – hence the “Inside Firepole” series. When we were trying to decide what to feature this time around, we bounced a few ideas back and …

Large Group of Diverse Multiethnic Cheerful People

Inside Mirasee: First Impressions and Joining a Growing Team

Starting a new job. For some, it’s an exciting new adventure. For others, it’s fraught with scary what ifs. So many things come into play at the beginning of a new journey, and we newbies here at Mirasee have something to say about it! As Mirasee grows and evolves, so does the team. We wanted to give everyone an insider look (in our own words) at what it’s like to come on board as a new team …

Changes Ahead , Road Warning Sign , 3d render

Project ABC: Changes Across the Board

Happy Spring, Beacons! I’ve got some interesting news. Actually, I have a lot of interesting news! A personal change. A Project ABC change. And a change to the team at Mirasee. I’ll start with the update you’ve been expecting. 🙂 In the last Project ABC update I expressed how prioritizing was a challenge for me – and you all gave me some exceptional advice about how to make more time for Paying for Life. I …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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