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Create Your Online Course Content: Phase 3

In my previous article on creating an online course (Phase 2), you learned about building the conceptual design and learning path for your course. Your design ideas inform you about the: level of prior knowledge your students should have content you should create

Design Your Online Course

Design Your Online Training Course: Phase 2

In my previous article on creating an online course (Phase 1), you were asked questions to see whether you were ready to build and deliver an e-course. In Phase 1, I posit that teaching and learning online is not easy. And creating online courses (or any course) is an art form. Additionally, you were cautioned to create a course where students truly learn and get terrific results from it.

Steps to Create an Online Course

Think You’re Cut Out for Creating an Online Course? (Better Read This First!)

These days, it seems like everyone is selling an online course (or maybe they just secretly want to sell one). And, I suspect that you might want to do the same. Or – maybe you already have an online course, but you want to make it stellar – taking the wisdom from your head and laying it out in such a way that your students can use it to improve their lives or businesses in …

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5 Retention Strategies to Keep Your Students From Churning

Here’s an interesting statistic for you: 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, and it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one satisfied (source). This means that, as a course creator, you’ll want to focus more on keeping your existing customers happy versus constantly investing in marketing initiatives to attract new ones. If your current customers are happy, they will buy from you more …

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On Challenge, Failure, and the Diffusion of Innovation (4 Course Building Mega-Trends)

A menacing thought sits in the back of every course builder’s mind. For some, it lurks in the shadows and only rarely ventures to the forefront, where it sends shivers of doubt down their spines. And for others, it is powerful and ever-present. It paralyzes them and keeps them from ever finishing their course, let alone launching it. It taunts with questions that cut straight to the bone: “Why would anyone pay money for this …


We Put 200 Students through a Survivor-Style Bootcamp (And 124 Made It Through)

No less than 700 wanted to get in. After a stringent screening process, only 200 went through the doors. Every two weeks, those who didn’t deliver had to leave. It was a test of commitment, determination, and drive. But only the most steadfast could stay. When the dust settled, 124 were left standing. They survived. They won. It sounds like something straight out of a reality TV show. But, no, it wasn’t Survivor or The …

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Facebook Live: Molly Mahoney on How to Build Your Audience and Sell Your Online Courses

  “How will I sell my online course when I don’t have a mailing list?” This is one of the most common questions we get from aspiring and new online course creators alike. Even those who have an audience and mailing list eventually find themselves having to reach new prospects. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new and effective ways to help you, dear reader, to get more exposure and build your audience. …

Teaching Adult Learners: 6 Principles for Online Course Creators

Do you worry about the following when creating your course: You fear talking to your students in a condescending way; whereas, you are merely trying to teach them. You don’t know what they already understand and are concerned you might be talking beneath them. You aren’t sure of the age range of your students and how to best communicate with them (i.e. communicating with a 60-year-old is so different than a 25-year-old.) Then, you aren’t …

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How to Sell Your Online Course on a Sales Call (and Actually Enjoy It)

Editor’s Note: If you want to fill your online course, but you don’t have an existing audience, then the approach we recommend is for you to get on the phone (or a face-to-face) conversation with people in your network. In the video and transcript below, Mirasee Evangelist Diane Holmes shares her tips for carrying out a sales call—without feeling like a pushy salesperson. Diane shares: How to begin the call (to disarm every person’s natural …