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3 Live Video Broadcasting Formats That Will Captivate Customers and Make You More Money in 2013

  • Tommy WalkerTommy Walker

The following post was an entry by one of our spectacular finalists in our Awesome Engagement Strategies Contest. Finalists showcased their ideas, and whoever got the most traction (i.e. comments and social shares) within five days of publication was crowned the winner. Check out this post for the complete list of Engagement Strategies Contest finalists!

live-broadcastSo it’s 2013.

My plan for engagement is to incorporate Live video broadcasting into my content strategy, like, A LOT.

Bandwidth is cheap. 62% of american adults have access to high-speed internet.

Webcams are cheap. Decent audio, also cheap.

The argument for broadcasting video live from my webcam is fairly simple. To grow my own reach and deepen my engagement, I could either

A.) Spend 20 hours researching a blog’s audience, pitching the publisher, then take another 15 hours to write a guest post, hoping it’ll get some comments. or…

B.) Spend the same time researching the audience and working with that blogger to do something live for an hour, offering viewers one on one, real time interaction.

With option B.) I’m still doing research and preparation, but the content creation lasts as long as you’re broadcasting.

Also, viewers don’t “scan” a live stream. There’s no “skipping to the good parts” they’re either there, or they’re not…

All of this makes for a more captive audience that chooses to participate. That captivation is even stronger when there’s a structure what’s being presented.

If for no other reason, we’re all wishing for moments like this (watch Jimmy Fallon)

This year, I’m incorporating Live Streaming to deepen engagement, provide loads more value, and open up additional revenue streams.

Here are three ways I plan on doing it…

If at any point an idea inspires you, jot down how you could use it, then share your thoughts in the comments. It’s fascinating how people use this technology, and I’d love to learn from what you’re doing too.

Pen ready? Ok, here we go…

Expert Panels – Live Q&A, Google+ Hangouts: On Air

Back in December, Nate Wright of Small Biz Triage approached me about merging our networks in a fun and informative way.

My network = Online Marketing/Blogging

His network = Hollywood filmmaker/writers.

This discussion quickly turned into us realizing we could organize a panel with Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Doug Pray, director of Art & Copy (and several Google commercials), and John Jacobson, director of The Film School.

Seeing that success in both marketing and filmmaking rely heavily on storytelling, we wondered just what kind of debates would arise when copywriters and screenwriters discussed what makes a story good.

Now if this were a few short years ago, a panel like this could only happen if everyone were at the same conference at the same time. However, all we had to do was make sure everyone was on Google+ hangouts at 7pm. This format also allowed us to open up Q&A for viewers, which normally, these panelists aren’t available for so publicly.

A few emails later, we confirmed everyone’s schedule and set a date.

Of course, when we realized just how easy that was, we created a google doc, listed our contacts and their proficiencies so we could start mashing up more panels.

The plan now is to establish a following & seek sponsorship. This opens up an additional revenue stream and the only real overhead involved is the time it takes to get it all together.

Any business could do this.

All it requires is:

  • Taking inventory of who is in your network
  • Email to confirm schedules
  • A webcam
  • and a Google+ account.

For Example: Let’s say you’re a real estate professional.

You could regularly host panels with top financial advisors, credit repair specialists, and loan officers to discuss the ways to prepare for homeownership.

The audience could be targeted towards renters in their mid 20s to late 30s with children.

The idea is by extending the top of your marketing funnel and helping renters transition into being responsible homeowners, it would keep you top of mind when they’re in the position to buy.

The bonus is if the panelists think these sessions are valuable to their customers, they’ll share it, putting you in front of the people in their network.

And in case you’re wondering how you can figure out where the overlaps with yours and other’s niches, try the exercise in this video.

Live Video Broadcasting Access To Set

For this to make sense, you have to know I host an online show, “Inside The Mind.”

Now we haven’t started filming Season 2 yet, but when we do, our new producer Shay will be running all the technical stuff that’ll make me look good. What’s exciting about Shay is that he’s run production for major television networks, directed music videos, and now he’s working with me!

That being said, it would be selfish to keep his production knowledge all to myself.

Which is why we’ll be creating a membership site that gives viewers live streaming access to everything that happens on the front end production of the show.

In real time, we’ll explain different light setups, how camera rigs improve the look of a video, how to build said camera rigs, how to build a teleprompter, and answer any questions viewers might have at the time.

We’ll also be Live streaming music video shoots, action sequences, “on set” segments, and various sketches, so viewers know what it’s like shooting under various conditions & we’ll be answering questions along the way.

To keep things interesting, we’ll stream multiple cameras and use a switching program to cover multiple angles at once.

Translation: it’ll be like watching a live reality show but without Snookie and with really useful information.

Members will also be an influential part of the show’s comedic segments. The plan is to incorporate “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” improv style prompts, taking cues from the audience that could lead to potentially ridiculous situations.

This is WAY more involved than the “Hangouts” Q&A, it’s not impossible for the “Membership” premise to be adapted to other kinds of businesses.

For Example:

  • Independent bands could create a membership area to Live stream rehearsals & concerts, charging members for a “season pass”.
  • Music teachers could teach lessons virtually.
  • Public speakers could create a membership site for you to “follow” their live speaking events around the world.
  • Conferences could include “live stream” as an attendance option.
  • Decorators can live stream when they’re decorating a room.

The rule of thumb with this style of live streaming is that when there’s an audience, and a way to capture the action with a webcam, you can probably turn it into a live stream based membership site.

With a membership site too, it’s important to realize the live streaming is only one part of the experience. Give members exclusive resources like worksheets & audio recordings, and a way to network with each other too. That network will put you at the center of an experience that’s for more valuable than anything you could provide 100% alone.

Live Streaming Video Editing

Let’s be real, not all action takes place in real life.

Frequently, much of the action happens on this screen. The very screen you’re reading this on now is used to edit documents, make digital music, and even cut video.

This is a fairly straightforward, low budget use of live streaming technology.

For Example: Shay has cut shows for Discovery Channel and Travel Network and will be showing members live how he edits every episode.

This’ll cover things like creating titles, inserting visual effects into a shot, color correction, finding music, best methods for rendering how to overall make a better videos.

Of course, while the stream is happening, members can ask questions, give creative input, and even work on parts of the show if they so desire.

Other applications could be:

Did I mention it’s also ideal for people who are afraid to have their face on camera?

Using the membership model, a copy editor could live stream while they’re editing, walking members through their thought process as they hack away at unnecessary words.

Imagine watching a well known blogger’s screen as they write? Would you pay to watch as they wrote sales emails, promoted blog posts, or write landing pages?

How valuable would it be to watch a Google Adwords pro’s screen and ask questions while they were creating and targeting their ad sets?

Really, the possibilities are wide open and I look forward to embracing them.

There are so many valuable lessons that can come from watching someone’s computer screen, and with live streaming technology, you can share that with the world.

To me, nothing will beat real one on one interaction, and now that the technology is accessible enough to make almost as real as being there, I say bring it on.

BONUS: Most services record your live streams so all the best stuff can be weaved back into your content strategy for long lasting value.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the community, and the referrals that can come from it.

Ok, enough about how I plan on using this, I hope you’ve been taking notes because I’m about to turn it over to you.

How do you think you could incorporate live streams into your business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and there are no wrong answers, (heck steal mine if you want).

If you can’t think of a way, then share what you do online. I will personally look at your web presence and we’ll brainstorm some killer ideas for you to use.

One lucky commenter with the best idea will get a Logitech HD webcam, on me.

28 thoughts on 3 Live Video Broadcasting Formats That Will Captivate Customers and Make You More Money in 2013


“Translation: it’ll be like watching a live reality show but without Snookie and with really useful information.”

This sentence made me LOL. It also made my day. To your success, Tommy! Your humor is what keeps me engaged, no matter the platform.

Unfortunately, I have nothing of real value to say right now. But sometimes you just have to celebrate humor, right?


Such a creative idea! I love it because it also reminds me of a book I’m reading called “Brandscaping”, which is what you’re doing here, where you incorporate two or more different brands to gain access to more audiences and collaborate in a win-win situation to create engaging content.

And you’re right. It’s different than the normal Q&A google hangouts, and much more creatively executed. It reminds me somewhat of the teleseminar/webinar but different enough that it creates a new spin to things.

Earlier today, I had the idea to create a membership graphic design/web design tutorial site which could even include psd templates, etc. Adding a livestream dimension to it would be interesting as people could login to get on the spot lessons. Another thing would be livestreaming with clients one on one so they can have instant access to the revision process and feel a stronger collaboration while they give direct input and I give direct changes. I know it’s been done before with other designers, but it’s not very common, and I think I like working that way!

Tommy Walker

First, I love the name “Brandscaping” !

Second, I think adding a livestream element to your graphic design/web design tutorial site would add a whole extra layer that would rip the roof off of it.

The cool part would be if your student sent you something, you could literally open it up and use your mouse to point out the different areas that you would do differently. It’s like being in art class all over again!

If you really set the example with it, and people like the way you teach, you could have a REAL unique selling proposition within the GD field, and that’s never ever a bad thing 🙂 Keep it up!

Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

Tommy, I am a psychotherapist in private practice who has plenty of face-to-face clients, but I am also trying to set up multiple streams of income in ways that help others who are not in my vicinity or cannot afford a private session. I’ve thought of membership sites for agoraphobics, or webinars, telewebinars to teach DBT skills to groups, have handouts and workbooks, etc. I have also thought of video-taping segments for my professional website..kind of comedic sketches. But I live in a small town in Montana and the web is my only source of info. It’s all so overwhelming. I’ve learned a lot about social media and engagement. Now I want to learn about video, audio, Google + hangouts and all the other things you mention. Help!

Tommy walker

There is definitely a “rabbit hole” effect when it comes to putting all of this together.

I love your idea, because it is legitimately useful. I think if more people in the mental health field were on the same wavelength as you, we’d be able to head off some of the tragedys we’ve encountered recently.

Obviously, there is to cover in a comment, but feel free to email me at tommyisastrategist @ gmail . Com and we can chat further 😉

Tommy walker

Back in November, I raised just under $4k via indiegogo, so yes, I am very familiar and fresh off the crowd funding process.

I really like your idea, and I think if you scout your prospects very carefully, you’re going to have a lot more success than most out there because it cuts through the crap that we put ourselves through when it comes to having an online presence.

My question is, from a consulting standpoint, if you find this successful why would you even want a website?

I love this idea. Don’t have your email address, but I’d you go over to my website, you should be able to getatmycontact details 🙂

Allen Resha

I have been working for the past week to put together a business I came up with. I have been dibbling and dabbing in things and this year I REALLY want to get serious. I am about to do something, that for me IS REALLY HARD!

Have you heard of (probably not 😀 ) or (still shaking my head)? Well I am taking an IDEA and before I get to create my idea I am creating something that will HELP OTHER’s OUT!

What Do I Want?
To create a business incubator.

What AM I DOING First?
Creating something to help others first which will act as a launch pad for the incubator.

Now I know that I started this comment way, way off topic. (Now I pull it in…) I was listening to music when I got the email about this. At first I skimmed. Then I decided to read the whole thing.

It got me thinking what I am embarking on, which is FACE TO FACE marketing. I am going to talk to TOTAL strangers and ask them for HELP with something. Now I am doing the Face to Face to build trust because I don’t want to build the website just YET.

I have been toying ALL NIGHT with TO BUILD OR NOT. Then I thought of “The Lean Startup” and building a Minimum Viable Product. All I really need is people who are willing to give to my cause. (Can’t speak of it yet 😀 )

Now once I reach a certain goal which I am hashing out now (SUBCONSCIOUSLY while I type), then I will launch my site. At this point I will have gathered at least 100 people on my “List”. I mean come on, if they gave me $$ for something without a website they are surely going to find out if it was real or not? They are going to check out the website and cause they helped build? The answer is PROBABLY YES! Some may forget or some may not read the email I send to follow up. But MOST WILL.

At this point when I go from OFFLINE to ONLINE I can TOTALLY use this to help out my cause. See my goal is to generate $10,000 QUICKLY. So if I can get a minimum of $1000 then CREATE a really great website to…

1. Showcase the Cause
2. Thank People For Their Help
3. Tell My Story + Invite Others to Join the Story
4. Tell People What I am Doing, Why They Should Help, and What I am Getting Out of All This
5. Show People How IN THE END them helping me will HELP SO MANY OTHERS!

Now add all of that with the Live Streaming/TV Show/Google + Stuff I can really EXPLODE THIS! I can get most, if not all of the people who I met FACE TO FACE to join. I can get some of their friends. I can get NEW PEOPLE! All this without having to scheme of plot or spending ANY of the BUDGET from the funds raised for the cause.

OK, NOW I AM GLAD I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT! This post TOTALLY added something to what I have been working really hard to create! I know it was choppy, I know this comment was a little scattered, but I had an AH HA moment!

Thanks so much Tommy! Can you shoot me an email? Please and Thanks.

Also Thank You so much Danny!!! You ROCK!

Tom Southern

Tommy, your enthusiasm for your idea infects!

It also gets to the heart of how teaching is a powerful sales platform, especially when it’s entwined with storytelling.

This idea gets to the core of this. What a great engagement tool. Of course, your audience isn’t just in America and, the rest of the world isn’t as connected online. (I only got internet access at home in June 2011! It’s been a steep climb getting to the know-how I have now & plenty more needed).

Would you have recordings available for those in other time zones, or would it all be live, in a dip-in, dip-out way?

Perhaps the most engaging thing Live-streaming would bring is getting to know you and other bloggers better. Actually seeing and hearing you live would bring you more into the (business) lives of their audiences. This would help you sell by (as Johnny B Truant talks about) becoming a “character” in their readers’ stories.

Rooting for you!

Tommy walker

Hey Tom,

Chances are, we’ll havea schedule for live broadcast for the instructional live streams in studio, but we’ll also have a number of location shoots which puts us at the mercy of the location, so no matter where you are in the world, you’ll probably be able to catch us live. But yes, there will also be recordings for ongoing learning purposes.

The “getting to know me better” part is probably the most terrifying part about this. I can be really silly, and kind of a nerd when I record. But further, I’m a wicked perfectionest. I hope I don’t end up scaring people :-p

But yes, ultimately it is about becoming a character in someone else’s life story, and taking that relationship to a deeper level. Because we’re all character’sin each others story, and if you become my customer you influence my life just as much as I influence yours.

Tom Southern

You’ve given me the missing link to my theory here, Tommy! Creating an opportunity for your customers to become characters in your business’s story. Business is an interactive story, like David Risley talks about. If customers could connect with us and our business (blogs) it would create real community participation. How’s that for engagement?

Brandscaping! Yeah, I like that too. How about Brandcasting?

Colleen Conger

Tommy, not only does your idea have legs, it could run 3 gazillion marathons. The possibilities of using video to get your message out AND giving people the “behind the scenes” access is brilliant.

Being someone who has learned EVERYTHING about graphic design, website development and photo retouching/restoration from the internet, I’ve come to rely almost exclusively to watching video tutorials instead of reading instructions on a website. I think a person can pick up so much more and follow along so much easier when they can use both their eyes (visual) and ears (audio.) I think using both senses can also result in better and longer retention.

The first time I recorded video of myself was for my audition to Prosperity’s Kitchen. I think I did everything right for a newbie, but I know it could be sooooo much better. Now that I’ve become 1 of the 15 contestants and have navigated the waters of my first live video conference via AnyMeeting, I’m REALLY feeling the heat to ramp up my video knowledge and apply more professional touches.

Tommy walker

That is pretty awesome what you guys are doing with the format, and I’ll be honest even though cooking is not normally my thing, I’m going to be sure to tune in. Probably going to be using it as a case study within season 2 (if of course that’s alright with you Tea?)

I think you’re right. Video is a lot more accessible to more people, and because of that the format itself will dominate. But also, there’s a visual language we’re accustomed to seeing, that’s been established by over 100 years of cinema and television. We’re starting to see more of that emerge in online video, so it’s super important to stay ahead of the wave before it breaks.

Right now you probably have 600 channels on your tv, but realistically how many of them can you name, or do you care to watch? That’s about to explode, and you’re going to put a higher premium on you attention in the next 2 years, you’ll have to or your mind will be ripped apart by all of the shiny things trying to grab your eyes in clever ways.

Anyhow, there are tools such as hangout toolbox that will allow you to add traditional live broadcast elements like lower thirds, that’ll really help you stand out now and get ahead of the wave before it crashes and consumes us all.

Tea Silvestre

LOL – the cooking theme is just a metaphor, Tommy. It’s really all about marketing for the solo entrepreneur. And yes, we’d love to be case study.

Tommy walker

It’s all making sense now ;-p

Curious, how’d you go about approaching sponsorship? What you’re doing seems pretty fresh.

What’s the value proposition? How’d you position it?

Tea Silvestre

That’s a long story (too long for a comment). My plan is to write a book about this whole thing when I’m done. Kind of a “How-To” guide. The sponsorship thing would be at least a whole chapter, maybe two.

Tommy Walker

Thanks Tea!

Jessica Rainville

I am reading this article from the stand point of the potential customer, not the business. One of the biggest things I took from this article is the fact that you have incorporated bringing back human interaction, but by using social media. With email, texting, Facebook and Twitter, most people don’t physically interact anymore. While this isn’t still literal physical interaction, it allows a business to provide a more personal reach to far away customers. That’s something important to me.

I can’t offer any suggestions from the standpoint of a business owner, but I can tell you I feel like the most important thing to a customer is to feel like they have a personal connection. I want to feel like my questions matter and I can get a response. I don’t want to pour through a “FAQ” to get an answer and generic YouTube videos don’t always provide information for your specific needs. I feel like I could really see myself using this service, especially because I host a radio program and pod cast my shows. I’d love to learn more about editing audio to make it sound professional and how to record voice overs with the most effective techniques for my voice. This would be the perfect way to do that.

I think the best way for any business to start doing something like this would be to offer a voucher for the first couple sessions to see how it works. I think customer’s would be upset if they paid for a session and it didn’t go as well as planned. We all know that the first time you do something, there are bound to be errors and glitches no matter how well prepared you are. This would be a good way to get people hooked, too and people are more forgiving if the first stream isn’t smooth if they didn’t have to pay for it.

Tommy walker

Jess, thank you so much for adding the customer perspective here, because that often isn’t something that comes forward so easily!

Yes, the whole idea here is to bring people “closer”.

Once upon a time I had a client that was a Christmas decorator, and we hosted a live stream with them doing live demonstrations on things like tying a bow, wrapping presents, decorating the mantle… Real simple stuff, but because they were professionals, and this was live, there were people literally taking time off from work to make the stream. First time doing it and we had like 70 people and the only promo was a Facebook update.

Anyways’ long story short, they (not surprisingly) sold more of the products they demonstrated.

It’s like a super dedicated qvc for the Internet!

I say this because it’s a demonstration of another way to use the tech. I think the voucher model is a good idea for the info product space If the person hasn’t already established themselves as a pro, or that’s a part of their pitch media. Great suggestion!


Hey there Tommy,

Sounds like you have a great project idea. I have seen many a success with live streaming… but not many with a membership model. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places?

I am curious… how much would your membership be for what you have mentioned? And why not go the sponsor route? Seems like it would be better to open to a wider audience? Fees could hurt in the end. Or maybe work with someone like Revision 3?

Chris Pirillo does a great job live streaming. Sometimes annoying, but man does he have an audience… and a hell of a lot of sponsors.

Then there is, pretty inventive idea. Model has changed over the last couple of years, but he’s making a good living.

Anyway… I like the idea of Hangouts a lot. I also like UStream. They have some very cool on the fly editing features.

As for work… we have been toying with the idea of having a hangout after a webinar. Kind of like a back stage pass, or an after show. We would not want to do it as the primary lead gen though… nor have it live during the actual webinar itself. But it is in the mind baking.

Having some off the cuff hangouts is something we want to do as well.

Personally, I really want to get into the video game more. Want to keep extending my personal reach and personal brand… and one of the best ways is video! (also looking at podcasting… that came back out of nowhere)

Anyway, really excited to see what you have in store… and for season 2!

Keep up the great work Tommy!


Tommy walker

Now why good sir would you box me into only one monetization strategy? :-p

We are actually seeking sponsorship for the main show. Where the behind the scenes stuff is more detailed and technical oriented that’s why it’s the charge for membership. Essentially it will be a “how to make Gooder videos” as taught by a video guy and an online marketer. don’t have a price on it yet, but similar programs usually charge between $29-59 monthly’ so we’ll probably be around there.

As an offshoot of the main product (the show) we can teach things like how to get sponsors and product placement, but also how to light and shoot scenes and make awesome web videos that are beyond just a head in front of a webcam. It’s a pretty grand vision, but I think it will tie together nicely.

People like prillo are grandfathered in really, because I don’t honestly believe someone using prillos format could cut it today. He got in when it was impressive to do what he does and has built a very loyal following, and they’ll always be his following. Someone just starting out probably could not get away with that. Personally, I don’t get the appeal, but plenty others do, so what I think is neither here nor there.

Looking forward to seeing you do more video, and if you want to podcast too, what a lot of people are doing now (first that coes to mind is Johnny truant) is ding the live hangout and simulcasting the audio. Two media formats for the price of one!

Anyhow, the future is exciting, and I very much look forward to leveraging this tech as much as possible 🙂


Haha… Tommy, did not mean to make it sound like boxing you in. =)

Agree about Pirillo… I rarely watch him. But he has done some cool stuff with his GnomeDex events. I am sure that is a decent money maker. All about multiple streams of income. =)

Keep on kicking ass man! I gotta say, your passion and drive is kind of reigniting mine.


Tommy walker

Doc, I won’t be satisfied until it’s a full blown fire under your…

…well you get the idea 😉

Andrea Vahl

Hi Tommy – Great article as usual! I love Google Hangouts on Air and I’m starting to use it for a lot of interviews. The quality ends up being usually better than Skype which can be glitchy and you get the benefit of being able to live stream it. The other tool I like is for a live stream Facebook chat. It’s very easy to use and has the ability to have anyone able to pop in as a speaker (but that can also be risky 🙂 Looking forward to more of your Inside the Mind episodes.

Tommy Walker

Thanks Andrea! You should rsvp for the live chat with Brian, Doug and John 🙂

Never heard of Linqto, but that sounds like a lot of fun! I’m a fan of but I’m always interested in new cool tech.

I’m doing as much in my power right now to ramp up the audience for Inside The Mind before we start filming Season 2.

What I learned from the crowdfunding project was that even though we converted at 5.3% we just didn’t have a big enough reach. So I’m working on expanding my reach and building that list before we get into season 2. But trust me when I say, season 2 is going to be E P I C.


Glad to see you being innovative as ever. @Tea has a great concept.

As for me, we’ve totally revamped for 2013 and are working on helping local businesses with an emphasis on reputation marketing and related tasks.

I’ve been remiss about using hangouts but actually just committed to private one this week. Our ReputationARK might be a draw for a show but I also don’t want to get too far away from my brand since we are pulling everything underneath it (a daunting process as you are well aware).

The main challenge we see in some of the local marketings is the lag in using technology to help growth in their businesses. With the changes that took place in June 2012, it is more important than ever to make sure offline connects with online.

Most are sadly uninformed and reticent about taking advantage of technology which could lead to extinction…failure to prepare and drowning in the flood instead of getting onboard and taking action.

Any specific thoughts Mr. Strategist?

Tommy Walker

Ooooh…. that’s a tough one.

A lot of the “local” owners I know are resistant to the tech, because they don’t understand it. It scares them. From what I’ve seen, it’s a generational gap problem, as well as a “I don’t want to be on screen” problem.

What I would do as a possible work around is to get friendly with local community theater types, right?

These are people who aren’t afraid to be on screen. IF you’re able to have a network of people you could tap into that way, when you pitch a business on the wonders of new tech, you could also say “if this is something that SOUNDS good to you, but you’re hesitant to get on screen, don’t let that hold you back, I work with… ”

Then you can offer the solution, while taking away the pain 😉

Tea Silvestre

Love your ideas here, Tommy. Mostly because I, too am planning a live stream project that I hope will engage a much larger audience than I’m already reaching. It’s called “Prosperity’s Kitchen” and will take place every Monday fir 13 weeks beginning Jan. 21st. Think reality TV meets biz education. We’ve got 15 contestants and 14 special guest mentors with the goal to tackle a weekly “mission quest” around marketing. The winner takes home a $10k prize pkg and everybody gets to learn how to market themselves online. It’s being underwritten by sponsors and our Play-at-home members (who are also competing for prizes). We’ll be using Google hangouts live on air and the recordings will live forever on YouTube. Since this is our premiere season I’m understandably a little nervous about all the moving parts. What are your best recommendations for dealing with tech glitches in a live environment?

Tommy Walker

Thanks Tea!

“Prosperity’s Kitchen” sounds pretty awesome too. Something like what the Google+ hangouts team would want to showcase… hmm.

My recommendation for dealing with tech glitches is keep a calm head, and a “producer” in house to help with any issues that may be happening on your side. Something I realized from the first live stream I did was that I really need to remain focused on my hosting duties. It’s your job to keep people engaged, so if there is some wonky tech error happening, try to have someone else on hand to handle it, and you focus on keeping people watching.

Awesome to see that you’re doing something so cool, even if it makes you a little nervous!

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