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How To Create Lead Generation Quizzes That Convert More Leads

  • Matthew TurnerMatthew Turner

Without blood to carry all the elements of life your body needs, you couldn’t survive. You would reach a point where you’re no more.

In business, LEADS act as the lifeblood that carries the elements of success to each corner of your company. Without enough leads, your business will dry up and one day cease.

It’s not to say lead generation is the most important part of your business.

But without it, you wouldn’t have a sustainable business.

But you know this already… right? You know lead generation is important.

In fact, you may spend a lot of time thinking about it, worrying about it, and wondering what else you could do. There’s no shortage of options: social media, Facebook ads, YouTube channel, a podcast, content marketing, SEO, competitions, and email outreach to name a few.

The problem is, there are so many options. It’s hard to know what to focus on.

Every one seems to work, but in your experience they may not work for you.

I see it every day, the temptation to try this new tool, platform, or technique. There’s always something I could do to improve my situation. Maybe this new thing is “the” thing I need…

You’ve chased shiny objects like this, I’m sure. Most of it is white noise and a waste of time.

You don’t have the time to waste, but you also need to improve your lead generation because the cost is high. Not having enough leads (or the right leads) costs you in a literal sense and in opportunity lost.

But doing it wrong arguably costs more.

It’s enough to keep you awake at night, thinking about what you could do differently.

Because if those leads dry up, the work dries up. You lose out on money and your cash flow suffers. So, you have to hustle a little harder and chase new leads. You find them and then have to fulfill them, only for this cycle to begin again a few months down the line.

This feast or famine existence drains so many businesses.

It drains a business of success and the business owner of their sanity.

Marketing > Sales > Fulfillment > Repeat

As though you’re stuck on a hamster wheel, it’s easy to go around and around doing the same things month in, month out. Lead generation won’t fix all your problems, but it will help you step off this hamster wheel once and for all.

Although lead generation on its own isn’t enough.

It has to constantly deliver, and ideally run on autopilot.

This is the secret that frees up your time to build a team that fulfills your orders and keeps your customers happy. It empowers you to strategize, plan for tomorrow, and create scalable processes.

I mean, just imagine if you didn’t have to worry about lead generation. If you could:

  • predict how many leads would enter your funnel each week
  • measure your conversion rates and make small, continuous adjustments…
  • predictably know how much money you would make each month…
  • know how much money gathering these new leads costs…

And if you could do all this in just a few hours each week!

This is how powerful automatic lead generation is. The problem is…HOW? We seem to live in a world where many of the tried and tested methods no longer work (or are more expensive than ever).

  • Facebook ad costs are rising and often converting less.
  • Traditional advertising and marketing is less effective, largely because of the digital realm.
  • Organic social media is less effective as platforms push you toward paid ads.

What used to work no longer does; or at least, not as well as it used to. It’s had a huge effect on lead generation. And although there’s no simple solution, there is one that’s somewhat unique.

But rather than an innovative method that looks to the future, it’s one that requires you to look at the past.

Going Back To The 1990s When Lead Generation Quizzes Were The Norm

As someone who grew up in the nineties, I have fond memories of going to a shop and buying an actual physical magazine. I’d read them with friends, as we laughed, joked, and shared stories.

It didn’t seem to matter what the magazine was, they always shared one thing in common…QUIZZES.

  • Which Saved By The Bell Character Are You?
  • Does Your Best Friend Actually Like You?
  • What’s Your Perfect Pet?
  • Which Gallagher Brother Do You Hate The Most?

I grew up in the United Kingdom, but these magazine quizzes were universal. They captured the imagination of an entire generation and helped to sell millions of magazines, annuals, and newspapers.

We were teenagers back then.

Today…we’re all grown up and on Facebook.

Still attracted by quizzes that the likes of Buzzfeed share on a daily basis:

Be honest, you’ve taken a few lead generation quizzes like these before. As you scroll through Facebook, a little nostalgia hits you or a catchy title grabs your attention. “Hmmm, I wonder which Backstreet Boy actually is my soulmate…”

Lead quizzes like these are very different from the ones made famous in the 90s. Yet their appeal remains as high today as it was then. The difference today is that you, a business owner or marketer, have an opportunity to take advantage of this.

Because unlike the ones I took with my friends twenty-five years ago, a lead quiz today captures data like those in the past never could. For a business like yours…this is powerful.

The Power of Lead Generation Quizzes in 2020 and Beyond

If you’re a business owner or a marketer looking for an edge, lead quizzes may be the answer you’re looking for. Done correctly, they’re a powerful form of automated lead generation that has the power to go viral and capture thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of relevant leads in a short period of time.

But what’s great about lead quizzes is that you don’t only gather information on a new lead, but can pre-qualify them so you know who you’re speaking to and what content they need the most.

This allows you to create more effective funnels, videos, products, and sales copy.

Meaning you don’t only get more leads but make a lot more money on the back of them.

That’s what we’ll focus on now as we work through the rest of this article:

  • How To Plan For a Lead Quiz Ahead of Time
  • How To Create Your Lead Quizzes So They Capture Attention
  • How to Promote a Lead Quiz So it Goes Viral
  • 3 Amazing Lead Generation Quizzes That Show You How It’s Done

If you want to turn your lead generation on to autopilot, a lead quiz may be what you’re looking for. 

Yet you won’t find all the answers you need simply by reading this article.

  • Make notes!
  • Bookmark this page so you can revisit it later!
  • Take note of the examples we share (what they do, why, and how)!
  • THINK about how everything applies to you and your audience!

Let’s begin, starting with how to plan for your lead quiz ahead of time.

How to Plan For Your Lead Quizzes

When you take an online quiz, it may appear seamless but there’s a lot of work that goes into it. You need to consider what type of lead quiz you’ll create and who it’s for. You need to choose the right questions and create compelling content around these.

There’s a lot that goes into the title, the platform, the images, style, and so much more…

This all starts with a good plan, and this is where your journey begins.

1: The Different Types of Lead Generation Quizzes

There are two main types of an online lead quiz:

  1. The Personality Quiz
  2. The Knowledge Quiz

The personality quiz categories your leads into different segments based on their answers. 

Here’s an example:

By asking your audience specific questions, you’re able to associate them with a specific outcome. Whereas a knowledge quiz gauges their expertise in a particular area. Here’s an example:

A quiz like this preys on your audience’s competitive side, whereas a personality quiz attracts their curiosity. Both are powerful, and both could be relevant to you and your audience. It’s important to get clear on which lead quiz you’re building because everything that comes next (questions, messaging, outcomes) relies on this.

It’s also important at this stage to get clear on your core objective. Do you want:

  1. Lead Generation (simply gathering email addresses and other details)
  2. Lead Qualification (determining whether your lead is a relevant fit or not)
  3. Lead Segmentation (highlighting which funnel/product your lead is best suited for)

Your lead quiz may involve all three of these. This is fine. Be clear on what your objective is from the offset. Once you are, it makes the rest of the process easier.

2: What Kind of Questions You Should Ask

Once you’re clear on your lead quizzes’ core objective(s), it’s time to focus on the type of questions you’ll ask. The questions play a vital role in this whole process as they’re what make up the quiz. 

Yet what really matters is the topic you focus on.

  • What do your potential clients have trouble with? 
  • What are your potential clients’ biggest goals and what motivates them?
  • Which problems keep them awake at night (and what’s their biggest problem)?
  • How can you best help your potential clients?
  • How do your current clients get the most value from you?

Your quiz needs to help your new lead. Even if they’re initially attracted via humor or entertainment, you need to provide value because your end goal is to turn them into a customer. This is the core difference between the quizzes you see on Buzzfeed and those we’re creating here.

Those on Buzzfeed and that pop up on your Facebook feed’s sole focus is to gather attention and clicks.

Your focus likely goes deeper than this. You want attention, sure, but to also take your new leads on a specific journey that leads to a product or service. This means a Disney topic won’t suffice. It may attract attention, but is it relevant to what you offer as a service?

Provide value. This is the most important aspect of all.

You want your lead generation quizzes to be fun, but not at the expense of relevance and value.

How To Choose The “Right” Questions?

There’s an art to asking the right questions in a lead quiz.

“Because you don’t simply wish to entertain your audience, you need to ensure your quiz questions have a purpose. They need to help you understand your new lead better. You need to get to know them. You need to learn how you can best help them.”

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This is why it’s important to get clear on what your objective is (ie: to qualify and/or segment leads) and to also understand what topic will best serve your audience. 

Once you know this, you can ensure your questions serve both them and you.

We’ll share some examples of questions you can ask soon, but first, a few golden rules to consider:

  • Be Human: speak to your audience as though they’re sitting opposite you. Don’t bog your questions down with jargon. Don’t overcomplicate them. Keep your questions simple, speak like a human being, and engage them on an informal level. 
  • Keep it Entertaining: your questions should always be either fun or challenging. A challenging question is good, as it builds on their competitive nature (and helps keep them focused). As soon as it becomes too easy, too boring, or too redundant, you’ve lost them.
  • Use Images: one way to keep it fun and entertaining is to use images, gifs, and memes. Break up your text wherever possible. Make the entire journey a seamless one.
  • Keep it Simple (and short): your audience doesn’t have time to answer 25+ questions. That may help you but does it help them? You have to make it about them! Aim for 6 to 8 questions, as this will only take them 2 to 3 minutes to complete. Keep your questions short and quick. Keep the whole process a speedy one.
  • Make it About THEM: you have to focus your lead quizzes on THEM. Ensure it’s relevant and valuable, and align it to their needs, main problem, and the solution they need most. Every question you ask should focus on…THEM!

To do all this, you have to understand who your customer is. You need to know what makes them tick and be clear about how you can help them. So, if you’re still unsure on this it’s time to go back to the beginning and get clear on who will take this quiz. 

  • What do they need?
  • How can you help them?
  • What don’t they need?
  • Why would they take time out of their busy day to take your quiz?

Get clear on this and choosing the “right” questions becomes easier.

For a near-endless source of questions to ask in lead generation quizzes like these, visit the Conversation Staters World website. This single resource gives you everything you need to create the most effective and engaging questions.

3: What Kind of Content You Should Provide

This is where you set your lead generation quizzes apart from those Buzzfeed ones that offer nothing but escapism. With their quizzes, you answer questions and are told which Disney Princess you are. Entertaining maybe, but helpful…no.

Remember, you need to provide value (and lots of it). Whatever your quiz is and whoever it’s for, direct them to an outcome that offers a glimpse of the solution. And then reassure them more help is at hand if they need it.

Here’s an example:

Lewis Howes’ “Which Celebrity Entrepreneur Are You Most Like?” asks 10 questions and then directs you to the celebrity entrepreneur you’re most aligned with. I got paired with Tony Robbins, followed by a brief overview of my personality. They could have gone deeper, but instead directed me to download an additional resource.

This is a great example of the content you should share at this stage. It keeps everything short and to the point, while also giving your new lead the power to dive deeper if they choose.

Do not overload your audience with information at this stage. This is what your Quiz Funnel is for (more on this soon). You can deliver further help over email and even direct them to a guide, swipe file, or workbook. Yet the content you share on the back of your questions should remain short and sweet. 

It should:

  • Offer a glimpse into what comes next…
  • Provide further details if they decide to take action now…
  • Reassure them that they’re not alone and that a solution is possible…

If you offer too much too soon, you overwhelm them. This doesn’t help them, and it doesn’t help you. Because although you have a new lead, you don’t have an engaged one ready to take the next step.

Provide value, but not so much that you have nothing more to offer next.

4: How To Segment Your New Leads

We’ll focus on how you can implement all this next, and create your lead generation quizzes so they serve both you and them. But first, it’s important to think about how you wish to segment your new leads.

If you have a very specific avatar and only one product/service to offer, this may not be applicable.

Yet if you’re like most businesses, you’ll have 2 to 3 core avatars and a few products and/or services. One of the greatest benefits of a lead quiz is that you can segment your audience based on their answers. 

From here, you can deliver the most relevant and impactful content and products.

It’s important you think of this ahead of time, because it:

  • impacts the software and tools you use…
  • affects your welcome emails and quiz funnel(s)…
  • determines the journey you take them on next…

At this stage, you’ve laid the foundations for your lead generation quizzes and set them up for success. 

You’re now ready to start creating your lead quiz. 

This is what we look at next…

How To Create and Set Up Your Lead Quiz

Now that you’ve laid the foundations, you’re ready to set up your lead quiz. There are several platforms you can use, and depending on your objective, you can create an impactful Quiz Funnel that engages, nurtures, and turns your leads into customers

The first step is to choose the Lead Quiz Software you’ll use.

1: The Different Lead Quiz Software Options

There are many options, but here are some of the popular platforms you can use.


Considered the #1 online lead quiz platform, used by the likes of Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, and Samantha Skelly. It provides you with all the features you need to create lead generation quizzes, but it’s not the cheapest platform on the market (with plans starting at $37 per month).


This is a more affordable option (a single payment of $67), but it does require you to host it on your website. As a plugin, it doesn’t offer you all the features a platform like LeadQuizzes does. It does, however, offer you all you need to get started with your first lead quiz.


Another popular online quiz platform, offering you many of the features LeadQuizzes does. It’s a more affordable option, starting at $17 per month (and even has a free tier).


Riddle is a popular online quiz platform used by major companies like Red Bull and BBC. Still, it’s very affordable for small businesses as well. Their Basic plan lets you create an unlimited number of lead quizzes for just $29 per month.

There are more platforms, tools, and software you can use to create your lead generation quizzes. Many of them offer the same features.

What matters is how you use them, and how you integrate them with other elements of your business and marketing.

You’ll likely want to embed your lead quiz onto your own site, and also share it over social media. It’s important that other people can share your quiz, too, as this is what helps it go viral.

Finally, you’ll also want to ensure your lead quiz integrates with your email marketing platforms (ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, etc…). A platform like LeadQuizzes directly integrates with most other tools. Whereas something like Thrive Quiz Builder doesn’t.

Take this into account and make sure the platform/tool you use is what suits your core objectives.

Once you have your platform set up and everything integrated, it’s time to start building your quiz; starting with the most important element of all… the headline.

2: Create a Compelling Headline

It’s suggested you have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention online.

It doesn’t matter how good and valuable your lead quiz is if nobody takes it. So although your questions and content are important, the headline you choose (and other copy) is just as vital.

You need to create a compelling, striking, and curiosity-building headline!

You need to create a title that not only attracts attention but invites your audience to take your quiz. There’s an art to writing a great headline. Whether it’s for an email, blog post, or lead quiz…the same rules apply. A great resource to lean on comes from CoSchedule and its Headline Analyzer tool

The headline you choose depends on your audience, topic of your quiz, and the type of lead quiz it is (personality or knowledge-based). What’s clear is that you cannot come up with the best headline in a few minutes. 

  • Create a list of at least 5
  • Test them and measure their results using A/B split testing
  • Don’t be afraid to run a few variables of your quiz

This is your first impression. Make it count. This is especially important if you plan to share your quiz over social media like Facebook and Twitter. On platforms like these, you have less than 15 seconds. You have an instant to capture their attention, and your headline is the first element they see.

In addition to this:

  • Ensure you use visuals and a compelling design/thumbnail
  • Create a compelling description and copy (read these copywriting examples for inspiration)
  • Build curiosity with your copy, but also make it clear what your lead quiz is about
  • In other words…your copy needs substance as well as style!

This is the start of their journey with you, and it’s this journey that is the most important part of this whole process. That’s where we turn our attention next.

3: Design a Compelling Journey For Your Audience

Your headline and copy is what hooks your reader and entices them to take the quiz. The questions you ask are what keeps them around. Through both challenging and/or fun questions, you can lead them from the beginning to the end in just 2 to 3 minutes.

But then what?

Remember, your lead generation quizzes have to serve both you and them. They remain the most important part of the process. Yet you cannot forget about your objective…to gather leads.


Make sure you place your lead capture form between the questions and results. The example we shared earlier from Lewis Howes did this. After the final question, a form like this appeared.

If I want to see my results, I must add my email! 

Now, assuming your quiz is compelling enough, this is a no-brainer for the other person. After all, they’ve just spent 2 to 3 minutes engaging with you. Not adding their email would be a waste of their time.

Of course, make it easy for them. Don’t ask for too much information. Their name, their email, and maybe 1 to 2 other pieces of info (depending on your business, a number or address may be appropriate). 

Providing them with their results is often enough to capture their email. Yet you can always combine this with an incentive or gift. This is where you get to be creative and think about how you can create the most compelling journey possible for your audience. 

Think about how you can add value and create a memorable moment. Stand out for the right reasons.

4: Build an Impactful Quiz Funnel

The journey doesn’t end once they receive their results. Now that you have their email, you can nurture them and build a lasting relationship via a “Quiz Funnel”.

“This is an essential part of the process. If you wish to turn a new lead into an engaged one ready to become a customer, you need to build trust through their inbox.”

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We’ve written a separate article that covers how to create a compelling email funnel that nurtures here: 5 Email Sequence Templates for Building a Loyal Audience. We suggest you bookmark this article to read later, because it gives you everything you need to build an impactful Quiz Funnel.

At the very least, you need to incorporate a Welcome Email Sequence after your lead quiz. This sequence explains what their next steps are, introduces you and your story, and invites them to go deeper. Yet to stand out and build immense trust, you may like to integrate a Nurture Sequence like this:

If you try to sell to your new lead straight after the quiz, you’ll likely see poor results. Such tactics simply do not work anymore. There’s too much competition and far too many messages. Plus, this approach makes it about you. But remember, at all times it has to be about THEM!

So read this article and make your quiz funnel stand out for the right reasons.

Build Trust.

Create Rapport.

Become an Authority!

It’s during your Quiz Funnel that you accelerate this process. Don’t waste the opportunity by pushing them straight into a sale or launch.

How To Promote Your Lead Quiz (So It Goes Viral!)

It doesn’t matter how good your quiz is, it won’t become a lead generation machine unless you promote it.

This is true for almost all aspects of business: a new product, new launch, course, book, or anything else.

Once you’ve created your lead quiz, the real fun begins!

There are many ways you can promote your lead generation quizzes:

  • Organic Facebook Posts
  • Paid Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Inside Your Existing Email Funnels
  • Content Marketing (Blog Posts, Videos, etc…)
  • Promote Your Lead Quiz in Your Email Footer
  • Share with Your Friends/Network
  • Guest Post on Other Blogs/Publications
  • Appear on Podcasts and Video Shows
  • Promote Your Quiz in the Description of Relevant YouTube Videos You Record
  • Create Regular Posts on Instagram and Twitter
  • Answer Relevant Questions on Quora (and link to your quiz)
  • Have Your Quiz Part of Your Facebook Group’s Onboarding Process
  • Write Articles on LinkedIn and Medium and Link To Your Quiz
  • Share Your Quiz Among Existing Customers, Students, and Clients
  • Talk About Your Lead Quiz as Often as You Can!

The lead quizzes that see the greatest success are those that are used to drive further marketing efforts. 

  • Dedicate content around your quiz, its topic, and the questions you ask.
  • Write content that highlights the pain your audience feels.
  • Talk about how taking your quiz will guide them toward the right solution! 

If all you do is create an online quiz and expect it to go viral, you’ll likely not see the results you desire.

Whereas if you use your Lead Generation Quizzes as a primary method to gather new leads, you can quickly gather hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands in a short space of time.

Don’t believe me? Here are some successful examples that prove otherwise!


The Foundation’s “Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mind?” quiz generated 16,000+ new leads. The topic (and questions) geared towards the hardworking, up-and-coming professional who’s trying to make their way in the world. This is The Foundation’s target audience, so it became a very popular and “shareable” lead quiz.

What They Did Well:

They made it about their audience. The style, visuals, topic, and questions focused on…THEM. They understood, not only who their audience is, but what worries them. They reassured them that they can become a business owner, and they gave them a roadmap on what to do next.

What You Can Learn:

Know who your target audience is. Not just a little, but on a deep level! Unless you do this, your quiz will never become a home run.


In just 5 months, Dr Kellyann generated 40,000+ new leads through her quiz. This quiz sat alongside her upcoming book, which she used to create momentum and word-of-mouth advertising. 

What They Did Well:

Facebook become her primary source of traffic. It aligned perfectly with her audience, and due to the nature of the platform, went viral because it’s so easy to share and tag your friends.

What You Can Learn:

Be intentional about where you promote your lead quiz. Go where your audience already goes, and double down your efforts. The more people who see and take your quiz, the more likely their friends will see it and want to do the same.


As a company that specializes in online courses, Skilledup knows their audience love to learn and test themselves. They generated 7,000+ leads through this knowledge based quiz that struck a chord with those who consider themselves “skilled” with Excel (many found out that they have much to learn).

What They Did Well:

They created a lead quiz that acted as the perfect bridge between their audience and the products they offer. If you took this quiz and found out that you weren’t as good at Excel as you thought you were, and then someone gave you the solution you needed there and then…what would you do?

What You Can Learn:

Relevance. A good lead quiz isn’t about creating leads, but rather relevant leads that YOU can help. Through your content, products, and services, serve your audience and provide value. Your quiz is often the starting point to all this.

How To Get Started With Your First (or Next) Lead Quiz

It’s said that the average Lead Quiz gets shared 1,900 times. It’s a remarkable statistic that proves Lead Generation Quizzes are one of the best ways to not only generate new leads, but to do so in an organic and automated way.

After reading this article, you now know what it takes to plan, create, and promote your lead quizzes.

Lead generation remains one of the most problematic worries in business. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s the lifeblood of your business. Without leads, you have no way to grow and scale your company.

You remain stuck in that hamster wheel where you hustle hard to sell, and then hustle harder to fulfill your orders — only to find yourself back at square one a few weeks or months later. Instead of feeling like you own your business, you head to bed each evening thinking that it owns you.

Creating an automated lead generation system can solve this.

And although a Lead Quiz does take time to build, it can serve you well for years.

But that will only happen if you leave this article with the intention to ACT.

  1. Think about who your core avatar is.
  2. Consider what their biggest pain/problem is.
  3. Focus on a single topic that will capture their attention.
  4. And imagine the questions you can ask that will make them think.

This is where to begin. By spending some time thinking about these four steps, you’ll know whether a lead quiz is what you need. If it is, take action and plan your first (or next) lead quiz today.

And whether a lead quiz is or isn’t what you need, you may like to grab our free guide that shares 50 of the best lead generation tools and techniques available. Lead Quizzes are part of this, but by no means your only option. Download your free guide now and turn your lead generation on to auto-pilot.