10 Lessons

Customer Profile Template: Finding Your ONE Person

Post updated by Lexi Rodrigo How would you like to know EXACTLY what to say in your marketing messaging? To know EXACTLY what sort of blog post to write to generate lots of comments? To know EXACTLY what brand identity you need to have in order to inspire a large group of people and turn them into raving fans? These are exactly the kinds of things you’ll know when you clearly understand your ideal customer. …

Writing a Book Without Writing with Tucker Max

What if you could write a book without writing it? We’re not talking about ghost writing or word mills. This would be your voice, your expertise, and exactly what you would have written if you had the time to sit down and write it. Think it’s too good to be true? Today’s guest, Tucker Max, has developed a process he calls Book In A Box, and he’s had incredible success helping busy entrepreneurs and thought …

copywriting mistakes

3 Copywriting Mistakes, and How To Fix Them

You’re sitting on a pile of copywriting templates, checklists and trainings, yet your copy is still not making the sales and getting the clients “as advertised.” That sucks. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re driving… if your copy doesn’t convert, you’re not getting the ROI. The most frustrating thing is that sometimes those templates and checklists work, and sometimes they don’t. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. You put in the work …

Boost Your Productivity with These 7 Apps

Imagine working for hours on end and accomplishing nothing. All the emails or social media responses you made? Those don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The important tasks that require doing are still there, waiting for you. *Cue the frustrated scream. Could it be that you have a time management problem? The internet is a double-edged sword after all. On one hand, you can use it to communicate with business partners and clients …

business coach mastermind group

The Life-Changing Magic of the Business Coach/Mastermind Group Combo

Business coaches… what and who are they? What support and benefit can a business coach truly provide to increase the success of your business? How could one help you develop as an entrepreneur and person? Why even bother to hire a coach? I answer these questions by sharing my experience of having a business coach combined within a mastermind group. My story unpacks the layered services, events, benefits, and results of a business coach to …

Creating the Perfect Day with Craig Ballantyne

Have you ever had that ‘perfect day’ you wish you could replicate over and over again? You were firing on all cylinders, knocking out tasks, and every single one of them brought you a step closer to your big life goals? How would you like every day to be a perfect day? Today’s guest, Craig Ballantyne, author of Perfect Day, can help you do just that. In fact, he says that it’s structure that leads …

small blog big sales

How Small Blogs Can Earn Big Affiliate Sales (Without Being Sleazy)

Many new bloggers think affiliate sales are the magical answer to earning online. They grab some random offers off ClickBank or slather their blog with automated ad banners, dream of making a fortune… and then wonder why they’re earning $1.50 a month. I recently reviewed more than 100 startup blogs and saw this over and over. I also know about the failed affiliate sales problem from firsthand experience—I put up an Amazon book cart widget …

productive blogger

The 4 Steps to Becoming a Powerfully Productive Blogger

You love the thought of growing a successful business and an audience that craves your content. You look at top players in the field and think, “I’m going to be like them.” All sorts of ideas are floating around in your head, and you can’t wait to see your dreams come to fruition. You walk towards your desk, turn on your computer, and then… pop! The bubble has burst. Ten minutes later, you’re laughing at …

list building

What Can Animal Behavior Teach You About List Building? A Lot

Four months ago, I had no idea that a huge responsive email list was considered the most important asset in the online marketing world. In my fledgling online business awareness, I naively thought that my assets were knowledge of my topic, my teaching skills, and my charisma. Since then, I’ve had a pretty steep learning curve, and my brain kicked into overdrive integrating all the new information on A/B split testing, opt-in bribes, and setting …

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