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Ask the Readers: Finding Your Niche – Is Tarot + Marketing a Viable Niche?

Note from Danny: This is a different kind of guest post. Fiona emailed me with a question, and I thought it might work really well as a guest post where everybody had a chance to weigh in. So please read through it, and leave a comment, letting Fiona know what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me start by saying this is a different kind of blog post because I am not giving advice but asking for it.

I also hope to connect with people in the same boat, because I don’t think I’m alone.

They say that you can learn a lot from people’s bookshelves. The one in my office reflects my dilemma perfectly. Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan props up The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. Margrit Coates’ Hands On Healing for Pets lies next to Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail. Marketing on the Internet is wedged between Putting the Tarot to Work and Horse Boy by Rupert Isaacson.

You can see the problem: I am a Multi Niche Person in search of solutions…

Focusing on the Problem

Thanks to studying my internet heroes like Jon Morrow, Derek Halpern and Seth Godin I have taken on board the need to understand your followers’ behavior, to be authentic and to bow down before the mighty King Content. I totally get that you need to be passionate about your topic. I know all about keywords and on and off-page SEO.

But then something stops me in my tracks: Being successful in cyberspace demands that you laser focus your niche and then some.

How do you choose when you have eclectic tastes and varied interests which encompass groups that are normally poles apart? Can the gap be bridged? Should it be bridged at all? Maybe there’s a gap there for a reason!

The internet is amazing because you find everything and everyone on it. No hobby is too weird, no topic too bizarre. But strange and unlikely subject matter has a downside: small audience numbers. It’s a vicious circle, you are preaching to the converted and unlikely to reach beyond your small and happy band of followers because no-one knows about you.

What do you do if you are no longer content to be a small scale on the dragon’s long tail but want to be up there sitting on its head and leaping in and out of its fiery mouth with the big brave boys and girls instead?

Pick a niche, but make sure it’s a big one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Internet Marketing Rules (Oh Yeah)

Despite the pioneering nature of the internet I think it’s also quite conventional. Stereotypes abound as they do in the real world. Internet marketers follow the rules which, from what I have gleaned when not reading the tarot cards or trying to communicate telepathically with my dog, go as follows:

  1. Find your niche, write sparkling content that positively shimmers with authenticity and passion and is sprinkled with keywords painstakingly researched to uncover the gems that someone else has missed.
  2. Write in 16 pt font or larger, have lots of white space.
  3. Offer an e-book or e-course.
  4. Make sure it costs $19.97 or $97 anything ending with a 7 actually and has a very long sales letter. Add some frightening time constraints.
  5. Build a mailing list.
  6. Learn how to make a video to get up close and personal with your audience and put it on YouTube.

Because you have to have an audience, right?

Without an audience you might as well be writing a secret Five Year Diary in purple biro and locking it away in a drawer marked “For My Eyes Only.” So work that social network through Linked In and Digg, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

(Subtly though, you’re there to make friends first and then people will think you are a Very Helpful Person and give you lots of work.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

And so it goes, exhaustingly, on.

Embrace Your True Self (As Long As You’re Famous)

Of course, once you have made it in the blogosphere (or anywhere else) you can get as weird as you want. This is known as “being authentic”. You are allowed to be authentic – as long as people know youย  for something else first. So follow the rules, make your name and then feel free talk about how you are a reincarnation of Shakespeare and write iambic pentameter in your pajamas.

Actor, singer, bodyguard and former professional American football player Rosey Grier could publish his groundbreaking Needlepoint for Men because he was – well – Rosey Grier.

British media mogul Simon Cowell is dotty about dogs and almost passed out with excitement when anย  irresistible hairy hound and his teenage owner won this year’s Britain’s Got Talent show. (Pudsey and Ashleigh if you are interested!) But we are interested in the juxtaposition of soppy animal lover and hard-nosed businessman because it’s Simon Cowell, not our next door neighbor.

Which brings me back to my dilemma.ย And probably a dilemma I share with at least some of you reading this.

I need your help because I’m not famous, I think I am sane and sensible, but with my ragbag of interests I feel odd and alone and need clever solutions and opinions which I know you can supply in spades.

Mad, Bad or Totally Cool?

I have an idea. A fledgling idea.

I want to combine business and marketing and tarot. I want to be hard-nosed with a soft center. I want to show the tarot world how to market online. But I also want to show the online marketers how using rather unconventional tools like tarot and visualization can help business.

I want to do this without being classed as a total halfwit. I want to bridge the gap with a sparkly wand and a briefcase.

So there. How’s that for authentic?

I should add that I use the tarot in a very practical way and there is no woo woo involved. (Well, not much.) In fact, to show you how practical it is, I drew six tarot cards to help me plan this post and am following said plan to the letter!

Anyway, I want to reach out to fellow sufferers who are not laser focused on one thing or a few related subjects but are more da Vinci types with eclectic interests. Who bounce from topic to topic faster than a pinball machine on speed. Who accept focusing on one subject at a time as readily as an octopus takes to a straitjacket.

Long ago, Renaissance men (and women) were admired for the breadth of their interests and the vast scope of their skills. In today’s Internet world it’s all about finding your niche and focus.

What are we to do? Cave in and accept the artificial left brain/right brain, arts/science, entrepreneur /spiritual seeker divisions or fight back?

I need your advice. Am I mad or inspired? Am I alone?

About Fiona Tankard

Fiona Tankard is a British writer, trainer and tarot professional who has lived in Italy since 1997. Her working life changed with the arrival of the Internet, which she totally adores. Her sitesย Spidery Writing,ย Tarot Can Helpย andย Pets In Italyย reflect her eclectic interests. She tries hard to put as many internet marketing techniques into practice as she can but still has some way to go. She has not gone cross niche. Yet...

151 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Finding Your Niche – Is Tarot + Marketing a Viable Niche?

  1. Fiona, thank you so much for this article. As a copywriter and marketing consultant who also offers tarot readings (on the same site…*gasp*), I fully support your explorations. Like I often say on my blog “Let your woo flag fly high!” Now is the time for change, tomorrow’s too late ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Fiona,

    This is interesting indeed. As Danny will remember, I had a site called (still do but it’s kind of abandoned) called and I remember in one of my very first posts I was inviting “all eBook publishers, authors, writers, marketers and readers” to become part of the community and “I’ll review your books for you and write a post on it FREE of charge!”. Can you imagine the ambition and inexperience I had back then? LOL

    After following many people’s advice, including Danny, Jon Morrow and the likes, I was willingly forced to narrow down or to choose a more focused niche and start from scratch.

    Well, after many months of planning and thinking, I managed to do just that and now I have recently been able to launch my new site, offering domain management services. “Focused you say Ruan? Really?”. Domain Management involves probably quite a number of micro niches in itself, so yes, I might still be in that “bad area of insane ambition and interest” but I just can’t seem to NARROW down enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your experiences; I’ll be following the comments and hear what others come up with ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ruan

      Your comment really made me smile – I love the ambition of deciding to review all books in every niche! It reminds me of the famous jam experiment I suppose, much-quoted in marketing circles where people were asked to choose from just six types of jam and hundreds. The people with the limited choice acted and bought, the ones with too big a choice didn’t. I just wish people didn’t conform to the damn stereotypes all the time, sometimes I just want to shake Mr and Ms Typical internet Visitor!

      But it’s the Long Tail thing too, isn’t it, that maybe it’s possible to focus on a small but active group of like minded people who ‘get ‘ you rather than throw ideas at all kinds who don’t understand/care or want to experiment.

      I agree it will be interesting to see what other comments come up on this!

    • i’ve heard that too yes, but isn’t an audience made up of individuals who each have a range of likes and idiosyncracies? That’s what I was trying to get at in the post, that it is so easy to generalise about “artists’, ‘scientists, ‘people who read tarot cards’, ‘internet marketers’, when I’m sure there a lot of people whose interests spread across different niches that are often thought to be conflicting. I’m not saying throw everything you like doing in there, but combining a couple of your interests might be possible…

      But I know you’ve got to love your audience!

      • I agree Fiona. That’s why I have decided that although many would probably still argue that I haven’t really narrowed down enough to their liking, I refuse simply because I feel this works for me, with all due respect.

        As you’ve rightfully mentioned, I am sure there are like-minded individuals who also explore and experiment a little more than the average blog reader and if that means they will be my target audience; I can happily live with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fiona, I can see how this might seem like a conundrum. My thoughts on this, inspired by the amazing Fabeku Fatunmise, is:

    Embrace your woo-woo and let go of your worry.

    We want you without the formula. k?

    Hugs and butterflies,

    • Thank you Teresa and I think the formula is going to be booted out of the door at this rate!

      I am so amazed at the encouragement on here and also at meeting yet another person who is so creative and clever with words, everyone on here is a veritable genius!

      Hugs and butterflies to you too and thank you.

  4. What a refreshing read! and brave to come out the closet – (and I’m pinching the term woo flag! ) I think we all have multiple interest and sides to us, and DaVinci is one hell of a role model.
    My woo flag is Shamanism.
    I’m afraid I can’t answer your question, I love the idea of a briefcase and sparkly wand- but then I have a big woo flag and am learning to wave it at the world, – but maybe, just maybe us with the woo flags and ‘get you’ and your DaVinci-esq desires are your niche??

  5. So far I haven’t read anything that remotely answers your question. Maybe that is a sign in itself. Do enough people know what you are talking about? Who would your target market be for business advice from tarot card readings? Gypsy entrepreneurs/ Just kidding. No offense.

    Seriously, there are many business owners getting Feng Shui consultations. However,the tarot card reading is even more esoteric. You would need to be finding and targeting a very specific group of people. They do exist – my own sister does this and makes a small living at it in a rural area of the midwest.

    Do a reading for yourself to help locate those esoterically inclined business owners!

    • Hi Thomas

      Sorry for not replying immediately – time difference US and Italy! I agree that maybe my target audience is quite small but does exist. Could you tell me more about your sister and what she does?

      I will definitely do a reading for myself on this too – thank you.

  6. I think this is a great idea. Lots of people would be interested.

    It reminds me a bit about Steve Kamb’s blog, Nerd Fitness. He uses computer games to talk about fitness; you use tarot to talk about marketing.

    It’s all about thinking out the box. Seeing how you can find a way into an already busy industry. I think this is what you have done.

    I used to use tarot cards. I believe in them, only because of what I’ve seen.

    I too and in a niche you might call “different,” but I use it to speak about a lot of other things. I’ve only started so don’t know how it will turn out, but I think you should give it a try.

    • That’s encouraging Jamie, thank you. Tarot is definitely thinking out of the box. There is a guy – Mark McElroy who uses it to deal with business and has written a book Putting the Tarot to Work and I think he has even designed his own deck because the whole tarot thing was putting some people off. But he uses it for brainstorming, marketing planning, career, all kinds of things.

      What is your ‘different’ niche, I’m intrigued!

        • Jamie I have just been on your site – beautiful simple design, which I know is your whole philosophy, fantastic domain name and extremely interesting material. I used to keep a dream journal but stopped, however you have inspired me to try again. (btw did you draw the handstand picture – if so you’re a really good artist too!)

          Is this your main business?

          • Thank you, Fiona. Unfortunately not. My pictures are the silly little paint drawings.

            Good luck with the journal ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you lucid dream before, or just remember your dreams? It’s not my main business at the moment. It’s something I’m aiming for in the future.

          • i dream very clearly – sometimes – but have only dreamed lucidly a few times, including the classic flying dream (so cool). I am definitely going to try it now following the advice on your site.

            Maybe we should all join a network so we can recommend each other to clients? I would certainly like to tell people about you and some of the other great people I have met on here.

        • Jamie,

          Lucid dreaming might seem “different” for people who are very mainstream minded, but it’s actually a huge niche with a high demand for a quality information and great earning potential, so definitely keep going with it!

          Do you know Rebecca from The World Of Lucid Dreaming?

          She’s doing really well for herself with her website (financially and otherwise) as far as I remember, check her out:


          P.S. I actually had a very long lucid dream tonight.. I didn’t do very well with trying to pull some dream magic stunts, though.. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Hi Agoto,

            Yes, I know Rebecca. Her blog is great.

            I’m going to be promoting her product to beginners and trying to go in with my own one eventually, targeting the people who are already lucid dreamers. I don’t know exactly what it will be yet, but I’m just currently hard at work experimenting and finding new and exciting ways to do things.

            That’s great you had a long one. Do you lucid dream intentionally, or only when it happens spontaneously? Remember it’s all in the mind and you can do anything ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I was obsessed with lucid dreaming when I was somewhere around 17-18 (22 now), kept dream journals and all of that, but then somehow abandoned in it for quite a while, although still have some skills left, such as a decent dream recall.

            I’m getting back to lucid dreaming again now, so lucid moments become more and more often now, which is great.

            Yeah, I know, I have to work on my dream magic skills.. It’s hard for me to do it when I try intentionally, but I can pull stunts much easier when I’m scared, like tonight I panicked and threw a fireball at someone.. ๐Ÿ˜€

            Getting back to business, I always thought that a video product for lucid dreamers should do really well. Honestly, most of us probably won’t be able to compete with Stephen LaBerge in terms of writing a lucid dreaming guide soon, but video seems to be an unexplored medium and I think someone could really cash in on a video product (I think the guy from lucidipedia had great videos on youtube including ones where he pretends that he’s in a dream and shows teleportation techniques or something, I mean something like this, but high quality and really thorough).

            P.S. I set up my own lucid dreaming site when I was 20, but decided not to go with it, here’s where video product idea is coming from.. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Hope you can see this. I couldn’t reply to the actual message.

            That’s great you’re getting back into it. Have you thought about starting a blog? I’ve always been surprised that there aren’t many about. I’ve always thought there was room for loads, each with our own experiments.

            Good luck with your magic skills ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the best one I ever tried was when I was trying to get people away from me and I pushed a huge wind away from my hands. Something like you’d see in a hollywood film. The whole town starting blowing down. It was very cool to watch. Just now I’m experimenting with a lot of extreme stuff, adrenaline junkie type of things.

            I’ve thought about video. When I start making money I want to hire someone to make videos for me and little cartoon animations from stuff I’ve been experimenting with in a dream. It all depends on profits though. I’m just going to add it to Youtube, not a product.

            I’m going to just write a book of some kind with interesting stuff. I think people who are interested in lucid dreaming wouldn’t mind paying $10 or something for it. Maybe more advanced things like meditation for LD plus some ways to tackle WILDs, and a few other stuff I want to experiment with.

            I like Stephen LaBerge’s book but it’s very basic and doesn’t go into much. Neither does most stuff about LD tbh. Most of it hasn’t changed since the 70’s, at least the stuff you read about.

            You should definitely start writing about it. I’d love to hear what kind of things you do.

          • That’s a good point that LaBerge’s book is pretty basic, but what I meant is..

            The problem I see in lucid dreaming niche is that many people are trying to write all kinds of introductory e-books for beginners, and really, when it comes to getting down the basics, most people won’t be able to outdo LaBerge on that.. Or at least I haven’t seen any better introduction to lucid dreaming yet..

            It’s a great idea to write more advanced stuff for experienced lucid dreamers, because there’s a serious lack of information when it comes to that, so you should do really well if you will write up something interesting.. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Nah, I won’t start a blog on that, but I probably might write a book on that sometime in the distant future.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            P.S. I’ll keep an eye on your lucid dreaming blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • In that case I totally agree with your point ๐Ÿ™‚

            Every single person who comes into the niche starts a blog aimed at the newbie market. Every other blog I try and find seems like a 2 year old forgotten wasteland with the basic posts on reality checks, dream journals etc.

            Obviously that stuffs important, but your right, there isn’t a place for people who can already lucid dream to go and learn anything new apart from Rebecca’s blog and a few forums.

  7. I definitely think there’s a market for you, Fiona. There are millions of entrepreneurs who also classify themselves as new age/spiritual. Many will need to come out of the “closet,” but trust me…they’re there. Just be sure to define clearly your perspective — maybe even write a manifesto. People don’t buy what you do — they buy WHY you do it.

  8. The words, “You’ll never know it works until you try” keep whirling around in my head and I can wholeheartedly identify with your struggle about the niche blog dilemma.

    I was super excited to get my new blog idea into cyberspace, but was told that “It was already being done” and that my idea would never work no matter what I did. Instead of giving up, I just changed the direction of my guns when I discovered (thanks to my blog savvy husband) guest blogging. Jon Morrow teaches a course (of which I’m taking right now) that has enlightened me to the concept that I can connect 2 seemingly polar opposite audiences through the thread of a guest post. I find solace in the fact that my inner octopus can now embrace the warm embraceable goodness of a straight jacket and come out smiling on the other side. I’m just quirky that way and that’s what makes me (and my soon to be launched blog) unique ๐Ÿ˜€

    So I say all of that to tell encourage you to flat out GO FOR IT! I also agree with Tea that I suspect there are a lot of “closet” spiritrepeneurs that would be drawn to your blog. By golly, it’s the internet. Nothing is out of bounds or taboo in this day and time.

    • What a great photo you have Colleen and always food to connect with a fellow octopus, we would have a complicated hug!

      I think guest blogging is a very good idea (I’m certainly happy I decided to contact Danny!) and also writing as that is the ‘day job’, so perhaps articles in magazines that are more business oriented than tarot.

      I agree with the idea that you can connect two separate strands because we all have so many strands and some of them are bound to intertwine.

      What is your own blog idea? I think it’s good not to reinvent the wheel even if someone else is doing it, you can always do new things with the wheel, like use it as a flying saucer!

  9. I, for one, think your idea is awesome. As a tarot lover from way back (who also ran a business for many years – although it was a a new age one that sold tarot cards…), I definitely believe that hard nosed business can benefit from a little woo woo. And from tapping into the archetypal truths. And these days more and more ‘conventional’ types are opening up to alternative wisdom and ways to get it. Those ‘closet’ spirtrepreneurs as they were so well described.

    Giggled at your description of how to get ahead on the internet (Internet Marketing Rules) so true!

    • Sarah thank you – I think your ‘holistic hot sauce’ name is insoired and kind of describes what I am trying to do in a bottle LOL! Take all the ingredients and shake them up and create something amazing.

      Thanks for the encouragement and for telling me about spiritpreneurs, I hadn’t heard that before. Love it!

  10. Yes, tarot+marketing is a viable niche. I remember, several people around me were interested in Taro when they were young and unconcerned with family/children/work affairs. When they grew up, this hobby went to the backyard, because they didnโ€™t know how to pull out any practical use of it, and their household took it as a waste of time and criticized. Ok, I admit. I was in the same position, not only my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ If there would be a passion person able to develop the idea of the business aspect of Taro โ€“ I would be the first to join. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Olga

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, I think it’s fantastic you have taken time to respond. I do already have a tarot site and often blog about using tarot for practical things like solving computer problems and getting business ideas, but wanted to go a bit more mainstream. So you have definitely given me food for thought and if I can help you, let me know! (And anyone else out there!)

  11. Let me suggest that you do a deep analysis of your ideal target client: you. Why would you buy from you? Why would you not buy from you?

    It’s all well and good to go looking for these people, but it could take you the rest of your life to find them. In these cases, the fastest route to success is to write to yourself. Convince yourself that you are the one you’re looking for. The rest will follow you like you were a magnet.

    This is also a double-edged sword. By truly being yourself in all your “freak-flagginess” you will repel those who are not right for your business, which will, we must admit, at least initially, be quite a lot of people.

    But again, by declaring yourself you will more readily find those folks who get what you do and will be happy to pay for your services, if, and only if, you can make that urgency argument to yourself first.

    This is a strategy that often pays huge dividends to people who have eclectic interests.

    Good luck, Fiona!

    • Hi Steven

      Very sensible advice, thank you. i think I already have in mind my target client, but there are the types who go looking for tarot an psychic advice (the “will my boyfriend leave me” /”will I win the lottery” types) and then there are people who are interested for deeper stuff but may be a bit put off by all the detritus that can get dragged along. I’m going to have to work out a way of reaching people who are intelligent and open minded and may be a bit hesitant about using a tool with so much baggage. Thanks very much for your cool-headed and frank advice!

  12. I had to laugh about the 6 point to-do list which is what you can read about pretty much everywhere. For myself the interests are also wide apart: programming and gardening. Combining Tarot and marketing is interesting, but as you say there is really nothing unusual anymore. My sister did fascinating things with Tarot some years ago, but she lost interest which I always thought a pity.

    • Hi Beatrix

      programming and gardening – wow – how do you combine those?

      Apart from writing and animals, tarot / metaphysics is the only thing that has really held my interest long term, but it took me a long time to tell people because it is hard to give up the respect which comes from being an academic (I used to be a teacher trainer).

      Thanks again for replying.

  13. Interesting post which highlights the difficulty so many of us have with finding a niche. All these comments suggest there is a niche out there for you, Fiona. But step back a minute and think of this from the end result. If you combine the briefcase and the wand, what does that mean – what “problem” or “pain” does it respond to, what results would someone get?
    Now ask yourself, who are these “someones” with that problem or pain? Where are they? How many of them are there? Is there enough interest to establish a business around this niche?
    Quite frankly, I’m not interested in what you want to do and how you can combine your various interests ๐Ÿ™‚ …. but I am intrigued about how Tarot cards could help me in my business, but I don’t know enough and don’t know what you really mean (oh yes, and the woo. woo stuff scares me off!)
    Draft up a couple of articles (or an ebook or guest posts etc) that outline the results you could get for folk, invite comment and you’ll soon find out if there is a niche that fits.
    I hope that helps a little. Good luck, I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

    • Helen, you are absolutely right. I have a gazillion ideas on how to help business people using “alternative” means including tarot, i just need to reach them and I guess that is part of the reason for this post – suggestions for how to reach people like you who are put off by the woo woo that even the word “tarot” has.

      Your advice has helped more than a little believe me. Thank you again.

  14. Combining tarot and marketing! Just amazing, but then this is what Danny always says indirectly that the power to create great audience is if you supply whats needed. This is an insightful post.

  15. Hi Fiona,
    Came here because I subscribe to firepole marketing, I loved reading your article and dam I wish I had the skill to write like that and be able to draw my readers in to the story, great stuff


  16. You’ve started on a great note ma’am.

    With the help of people like Freddy errr Danny, you are going to go a long way.

    My advice is this, stop saying ‘I want’ start using ‘I WILL’ because there is power in words.


  17. I can definitely relate to what you write, as I am also interested in the computer and marketing aspect as well as in something seemingly completely unrelated: animals, yoga and shamanic journeying, as I help grieving pet owners and their pets using both my experience with shamanic journeying, my research and experience in living with animals. And I’m finding out that I can also help some pet owners and pet loss professionals with some of the more computer/marketing things too – fx Pinterest. I’m also working on finding out how to stay authentic while helping people with their problems where they are at. I keep reminding myself that it’s not really about me but about what people want or need and how I can help them using what I know.

  18. Very thought provoking Marianne. It sounds like you are finding your way already. I think “animal people” also tend to be very spiritual and compassionate and open to receiving and giving help in all kinds of ways.

    You are 100 percent right about focussing on how you can serve others rather than focussing on yourself.

    Thanks again,

  19. Fiona,

    Keep it up! If you believe it work, it work!

    There are market for Tarot and Marketing.
    And if you combine it, you will discover a very interesting niches for both of them.
    How big? Depend on you position yourself in the market.

    All niches can give you financial rewards, just do something you passionate about.

    Personally, I use tarot in a simple way during my emotion healing practice. I also use Tarot for career and business planning.

    Tarot is a powerful tool.
    I still remember during one of my career move, I pick the same card for 3 times!!! (out of 78 cards).

    Hope this will give you some boost! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Horace thank you so much. I totally believe tarot is a very powerful and adaptable tool and it sounds as if you are using it in a different but equally creative way in your emotional healing practice.

      I feel very boosted!

  20. Fiona,

    I LOVE THIS! I’m a therapist, embarking on the world of online and eCounseling and can I think that anyway people can tap into spiritual energy is a GOOD thing. I’m sappy like that, I can see how that would make a more formal, business minded person a little uncomfortable, but as I read your out line of the the internet marketing rules, I wanted to gag because it’s so true. I want different. I want a little wacky. I want to be guided spiritually. So for me, your idea makes total sense and I’d sign up in a heartbeat.


    • Hi Kami

      Well, that’s so good to hear. I know the marketing “rules” work but to me it’s just too formulaic and like you said, you want different and a little wacky – maybe human too, we mustn’t all get sucked into the internet marketing pattern machine!

      Anyway, you are welcome to contact me via PM or my site and see what happens!

  21. Hi Fiona,
    So many marketers out there are still trying to find their true niche. You’ve obviously found yours, and your passion for your subject will surely carry you through. All niches are subject to marketing and by combining tarot with marketing, you are presenting yourself as being unique. Being different is what will make you stand out from all other marketing strategies.

    • Carolyn, I think you are so right. I’m sure I heard an internet guru say that just because you get good at internet marketing and are interested in it it doesn’t then mean you should become an internet marketing guru too, but use what you have learned and apply it to what you DO know. So your comment has reminded me of that, thank you!

  22. Fiona,

    You are not alone and there are a lot of people in the same boat, and more. With a large number of Baby Boomers retiring and starting to look elsewhere they are going to be asking the same questions you are.

    You mention “Da Vinci” types. Have you looked at the website? (it is not mine)

    To answer your question from a business point of view check out Tom Asacker.
    Specifically his book, “Opportunity Screams”. Here is a quote,
    “If you believe deeply in the value of what you do, if you truly feel that you can help improve people’s lives (even a few people), then get up your courage and do something fascinating. You’re robbing your fellow human beings if you don’t do everything you can to yank them off their well-worn paths and move them towards your idea.”

    You’re also short changing your life. You have a responsibility to be a steward of the unique gifts you were given.

    Hope that helps.

    • John, that more than helps, I am going to print out that quotation and I love your comment about being a steward of gifts, we can all learn from that. Thanks also for the da Vinci link, I have taken a look at the site and it looks just up my street. I am also aware that there is a temptation to just keep studying, learning and reading book after book and that the real power is in taking action though.

      • Hi Fiona,

        I have to apologize i did not include the quotation marks. This sentence, is also from Tom’s book. “Youโ€™re also short changing your life. You have a responsibility to be a steward of the unique gifts you were given.”

        All the best,

  23. Fiona,

    I hope you get enough encouragement here to go on! As you’ve started with the two consecutive posts on our two blogs about the work load ad ! Great!

    I’ve just found a quote from and old I-Ching reading of mine. I feel it has meaning for you:
    “Be reminded that progress is achieved most effortlessly when right action is taken without concern for immediate reward, and when the path of the weaker elements aligns with the strong.”

  24. Thanks for posting this up and everybody for helping move it along.

    Your not alone. I hope this comment can help you reach more people and give your web of ideas some support.

    It is important to take your interests to the next level. If you dont, all you have is a hobby.
    There are people out there who need the real you because only you can solve their problems.

    Fiona once you’ve read this comment through to the end – come back to here and reconsider:
    Learning more about the people in your niche, what they want.
    Discovering what is different about you within the niche.
    Finding more niche hot spots and studying them.
    Every week give a free reading on youtube, say, 10 minutes, which gradually builds an audience.
    This gives a way for people to see what you can do and links back to your website.
    This way you can learn more about your target market, and of course, giving will come back to you.
    1 on 1 Coaching
    Turning 1 on 1 coaching into audio CD’s
    Create your Own Tarot Course, and much more.

    That’s a very lean way to create active and passive revenue allowing you plenty of time for continual professional development.

    To answer the questions: It depends how you look at Tarot and Marketing.

    With a passionate creativity and strong foundations to existing literature you could use the Tarot structure, Cups, Wands, etc as personality traits for customers. This can guide the way you do things.

    We are living in times of serious change and people want something solid to refer to. I think the interpretations of tarot, while valuable, are not solid, it is intuitive and based on feeling. But the actual system of tarot, the nuts and bolts of what it is based on is as old as the hills and represents the very core foundations that make up everything.

    The Greeks, for a long long time, only saw Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

    Tarot is a large subject and I am not referring to the major or minor aracana. For this message I am speaking simply of the four suits which correspond with the four elements.

    Cups – Water
    Wands – Fire
    Pentacles – Earth
    Swords – Air

    North, East, South, West.

    So the niche of tarot really links into many other dimensions. But I would say for it to be solid and tangible it needs more foundation and support from existing literature as follows.

    In differentiate or die, a best selling marketing book on differentiating your business, one form of marketing includes an awareness of the four types of psychological modalities which match the archaic four elements and thus the four tarot suits. This shows that the idea of 4 primary elements, or 4 house suits in tarot, is important in the marketing and business Domain to some people and used in successful companies.

    Further, they can represent different types of customer’s. Different problems for customers. Ways to speak with customers
    In Homeopathy and Alchemy, you can also heal people with the elemental remedies. You can approach that organically with organs (as we know the different organs correspond with different elements and plants or remedies). They can also correspond to the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras in energy healing and meditation.

    Thus tarot can can help you solve people’s problems because you know the modality and wavelength to approach with.

    Dont forget the analytical Psychologist Carl Jung, well studied in Astrology, created the theory of the Sensate, Feeling, Thinking, Intuitive, introvert and extrovert. This became the widely used Myer’s Briggs Typology Indicator.

    Although widely used, I thought it was an inappropriate measure. This is because it has an overly analytical approach to personality and quite a closed approach to who we are. When Jung used the four modalities this had a view of the individual as being dynamic. The myers briggs typology indicator adds alot of detail but it loses the spiritual and dynamic aspect of who we are and how we are connected with other people.

    So to summarize this has been about some ancient correspondance of tarot, its connection in business literature, healing and Psychology.
    I do not think the other aspects of tarot are not worthwhile, I am simply bridging in strong foundations for it. The interpretative aspect can find functions after the foundations have been generated.
    This post has been valuable in discovering a little more of myself, and couldnt have been better timed with my current studies.

    The challenge is making a living from doing something you love. The proper integration of tarot into existing structures is worthwhile.
    Here is one possible route to follow:

    Fire/Wands/Passion : What is your passion and direction? How can you build any business if you are not passionate about it? Forget the website, if you dont know what your doing or what you love, or what you are gift’s are, where are you really going? What is the source of your energy, and how do you add fuel to keep you going and becoming better at what you love?

    Water/Cups/Marketing: Who is your customer or target audience? Are they willing to spend money on your passion? You have many passions, make sure your passions are aligned with problems you can solve for others or what are you doing? What relationships are you building, and how do you maintain them?

    Earth/Penatcles/Business systems: What is your Business model and do you have ways to out source tasks like taxation or other time consuming tasks? Does your Business model and activities correspond with what you are capable of? Does your business model affilate with other people in your field and go beyond a simple supplier and buyer relationship or something more?

    Air/Swords/Strategy: How do you approach the numerous tasks that are before you, and in what order? What step by step action do you take, and what direction does your system impact and focus on tasks?

    Ether/Love/Balance : How do work your own energy and take time to reflect and grow. How do you manage your own balance which impacts every other aspect of the field. Whether its personal development, spiritual practice or transformation, what are you continually doing which works on the most essential aspect of your business : You.

    Alexander is an Energy healer combining healing systems with business systems to increase health, wealth and happiness.
    He recommend’s Steve Washer’s video marketing course as a journey to self-discovery and personal mastery in expression via video production, and enjoys FPM with it’s diverse range of posts and some like this that you just cant ignore!

    You can stay in touch via

  25. Alexander, I read your post three times, just to make sure I got it all in my head (which is currently spinning, by the way, thanks to all the encouragement!) You have clearly got a very solid grounding in a number of areas and I am very grateful for the way you have pulled it all together so comprehensively – the world needs great teachers like you!

    I am going to re-read what you have written once this has died down a bit and think about it all. (But not too much as it is too easy to spend more time analysing than doing!)

    I think you are spot on when you say people need concrete foundations and not airy fairy stuff, especially in these challenging times. You have gone very deep here and your comment has a lot of hidden gems in it that stem from substantial understanding and study.

    i think the post has taken on a life of its own and I know that people are being helped by reading the comments. (Never mind the Ghost in the Machine, how about the Ghost in the Blogpost!)

    I already have a tarot business and a list of clients but I need to plan a strategy to reach out to those who may feel alienated by tarot but need concrete help. Using the minor arcana suits to help identify clients is extremely clever, so thank you. i also like the way of using the suits for strategy.

    And I agree that the business has to also help me transform and learn. For anyone with a business, if it doesn’t move you forward as a person then it isn’t worth doing.

    Thank you very much, i’ve learned a lot.

  26. Can I ask everyone some more advice? My current site is Do you think I need another site too or will that one do as a base for the new business idea? And do you think I need a facebook page too? I am afraid of getting distracted by creating something else and not focussing on what I’ve got.

  27. Great idea, Fiona and interesting post. I too am a big fan of Tarot…use it alot in my own decision making especially when things are stuck. I am a coach and I use my client’s natal astrological chart to give them (and me) information about themselves.

    I believe it is time we brought these old methods that have been hidden away for years back in the open where they used to be.

      • Fiona, I coach women who have been battered and bruised by their life experiences (literally and figuratively). When I begin with a client I use NLP tools such as having them determine their representative systems & values. I use the four quadrant system and of course their natal chart (unless they are totally against it). I find that these tools truly give an indiviual a view of themselves that they do not receive in our world today. When people have an understanding of why they are the way they are I find that they are much more open to looking at themselves and their experiences in a different light. The changes and “light bulb” moments are so exciting for them and fulfilling for me.

        • That sounds a very deep and gentle way of coaching and you’re right, many people have no idea of the value of these extra pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. I had an astrological reading the other day – the first I have evr had and she said one thing that I had never ever considered and which made many aspects of my life fall into place.

          Thanks again for commenting.

  28. Hi Fiona.

    Your very welcome. Thank you for your kind words.
    “Ghost in the post, magic in the web, dwelling and weaving, reaching A to Z”

    Can you add more onto what you mean about a strategy to reach those who feel alienated?

  29. I have a great deal of sympathy for your point of view Fiona. I have very eclectic interests myself, from running my own business consultancy ( to proof reading and copy editing ( to performance mesmerism ( but none of them apart from the proof reading seem to be really going in the direction I want.

    I have, however, created something new. . . well, sort of new and I am very keen for it to succeed. Its a brand new way to use a very old oracle. It’s called Astrogem Geomancy. Now I THINK there is a market for it because there are obviously related fields into which I might plug (Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, etc) – and my book is out at the printers as we speak. But why I think that all this relates to you is in two directions related to the word ‘niche’.

    I think a couple of replies on here have been quite good at hinting that it’s not what you want to do, but what other people will buy. I think it is very easy for people to forget that what they are NOT looking for is a niche! What they are actually looking for is a niche MARKET!

    Now looking at that from another direction, (that is the direction of the market), you have to think what they want in terms of a solution to their problems. You said you want to offer them Tarot. But they might not want Tarot. But you actually said something very interesting in your original post: “I want to show the tarot world how to market online. But I also want to show the online marketers how using rather unconventional tools like tarot and visualization can help business.”

    In that first sentence you suggest that you want to sell Tarot readers how to market themselves. I would guess there is a market for this, but most readers are doing it more for the love than the money. What would, in my opinion, be a much bigger market for you would be the second sentence – someone selling solutions through unconventional means. I can see the business world getting behind that (especially creative advertisers/design companies/graphics people, etc.). If you look at somebody like Art Roesengarten ( he is a clinical psychiatrist using Tarot as a way into people’s inner world. But it doesn’t have to be the Tarot – he could have used ink-blot tests (as many of them do) or some other means of personality assessment.

    I think your market also needs to feel secure. While well wishers (like me) can sympathise with you wanting to follow your dream, we also have to live in the real world and think what the market will buy. I am finding that it has to be something they can pigeon-hole and understand in their terms. I have experienced people who think mere Palmistry is the work of Satan, let alone Tarot cards! Specialising in unusual methods will still allow you to do what you love, but do it in a more market friendly way. It does mean that you will have to become rather good at OTHER unusual things, too, however.

    I wish you all the best with it however!

    • Les I really hope the astrogem geomancy is a huge success, are you allowed to say a bit more about what it is?

      Thanks very much for your suggestions about the market too. I think the message to get across is that all you are doing is accessing a different source of knowledge, a different set of tools.

      • Hi again, Fiona. Yes, I think that is a good balance. I also commend you for being selective in whose advice you listen to, too. From all these answers find what works for you. Everybody on here is giving you support and advice and, with the best will in the world, about what THEY would do, rather than what YOU should do. They don’t know you or your circumstances (Tarot readers and astrologers may be an exception). :-))

        I guess that many companies may be a little chary of using something like Tarot these days because they don’t want to seem TOO avant garde or, more likely, to risk anybody’s political correct stance or any suggestion of religious intolerance – plus many companies (if that is your market) can be quite conservative. That was my thinking behind packaging your offering in a way shorn of ‘other baggage’, as it were. Selling the creative stimulus/input from an unusual source may thus be a surer shot.

        As for Astrogem Geomancy, I’d love to say more! It is a way of giving readings (long or short) using gemstones to represent both astrological planets and geomantic figures. I always found geomancy boring, mainly due to the brevity of meanings associated with the figures, but I have found a way to allow people to derive the meanings simply and quickly. It’s an ancient oracle, deserving of revival and something new to offer clients. . . oops, better not take too much of a liberty plugging. :-)) You can find more information here: Thanks for the interest and good luck again!


        • I am definitely going to take a look Les. Your comment about being selective is very accurate (!) as I went to bed last night feeling a bit confused, but all seems clearer today. The answer is in all these comments and guidance, I know that.

          Thanks again and Good luck with the astrogeomancy.

  30. Definitely seems like an idea with potential! You’ll have your work cut out for you, getting those sites out of the sparkly gif era.

    I think that finding combinations of passions is really the only realistic way for those of us who have multiple passions. Though I’ll be honest, my journey is still unfolding in that regard.

  31. Hi, Fiona, I just downloaded your ebook. I would love to see one about Tarot!

    Has Tarot helped you in your life and marketing your business? If it has, then definitely write about it, tell us how you used it and teach others, too. You even have cards made that adapt the cards from medieval or ancient or angels to business.

  32. I understand where you’re coming from Fiona. As a bellydancer/jewelry designer trying to start a blog it’s hard to find a good balance. I’m lucky in that most bellydancers are very much the renaissance type of people who all enjoy creating their own costumes or jewelry in addition to dancing, but there are many who don’t as well. So I’m currently working on finding the balance and providing value to both sides of the fence ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you do the same!

  33. Fiona, Thank you for opening up this meaningful dialogue about how to combine business with passions profitably! I am re-reading Alexander’s comments to help me further refine my own strategy. Danny obviously has gathered together a thoughtful, enterprising community. I am glad that your post brought us all together.

    • Thanks Heidi, I am really amazed by the extremely helpful and thoughtful advice. And your comment has allowed me to thank Danny without whom this wouldn’t be possible, so thnks again Danny!

  34. Hey, Fiona!

    I’ll break my comment into two, since I have this tendency to write novella-length comments.

    – “Being successful in cyberspace demands that you laser focus your niche and then some.” –

    I think this is a false assumption.

    I mean, really, take a look at people who are wildly successful online, do THEY look laser focused to you?

    Tim Ferris writes about anything from language learning to weight loss to business.

    Chris Guillebeau writes about travelling one day, about writing another day and about launching a small business the third day.

    Ramit Sethi wrote about automating finances, about freelancing, about landing a dream job, and even about gender and money, who knows what he’s going to write about next?

    No, seriously, where’s this LASER LIKE FOCUS so many online marketers are telling us about?

    I think narrow focus might be useful in the very beginning if you want to take advantage of the halo effect. You can become an expert in one niche and then carry that “expert” credibility to another niche, for example CopyBlogger started out focusing on copywriting for bloggers, but now it’s range of focus is much much wider than that. To give credit where credit is due, I think it’s Derek Halpern’s idea which I first heard of on Danny’s webinar. I hope my memory isn’t deceiving me now.

    Personally, I’m not going to bother with that ( I’m setting up my website now), since I’m aiming to build a personal brand.

    Experts tell us to focus on a very specific target audience, but really, people with a single problem or a single interest don’t exist, and it’s probably wiser to aim at a group which is similar to yourself and then try to tie your interests under one underlying idea.

    For Tim Ferris, it’s “Experiments In Lifestyle Design”. It’s very likely that people who are interested in designing a life less ordinary will also be interested in running a location independent business, travelling and language learning (..and majority of people are interested in efficient weight lose or six packs anyway..).

    For Chris Guillebeau, it’s Art Of Non-Conformity. Again, it’s very likely that non-conformists will be interested in setting up a small business, getting cheap plane tickets, and writing something.

    For Ramit Sethi, it’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and he often emphasizes that “rich life” is not only about money. He has built a great audience of intelligent young people who want to automate their finances, pay off debt, earn more and land a great job. It all ties in together perfectly.

    You probably can’t write about ALL your interests in one blog in a way that would make sense, but you can always focus on your main interests that somehow overlap, and target people who are similar to you.

    Really, I’m just not buying the whole “you have to focus on a very small niche in order to be successful in blogosphere” thing, mainly because, well, successful people don’t seem that focused themselves.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’ll see how my unfocused attitude will work out for me.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Agota

      My goodness you do write novella length comments don’t you, but very smart ones! I think my laser focus comment was a bit tongue in cheek (like the marketing rules!) but I do touch on the need to focus when you start rather than when you’re established, hence the Needlepoint for Men reference. I’m not sure if the gurus you mention started with a wide brief. I have Tim Ferris’ book- although I can’t imagine only working a few hours a week as being a goal as I love working. But as far as I know it was the Four Hour Work Week that made his name and then he widened his blog to incorporate other stuff. But I do take the point you’re making, so thank you!

      • They’re good examples on how to incorporate many interests of yours into a single blog and still do very well.

        I think what scares many multipassionate people is that they think that they have to focus on one particular topic and stay with it for the rest of their lives (or until when are famous), which obviously sounds really scary for us.

        It’s a completely different thing once you realize that you can focus on one thing for a while, build some credibility around it, then expand, then rinse and repeat.

        I think Ramit is very good example of this, since he started out writing on personal finance, then moved to earning more via freelancing, then moved to landing a dream job, I’m interested to see what his next step will be.

        You can focus on a very specific thing for 3-6 months and then move on and focus on somewhat related, yet different thing, which will allow you to attract a lot of new people to your audience.

        I’m not mocking you, I hope it didn’t come off this way, I’m mocking the advice of laser like focus that online marketers give so often, because they only give one side of it and therefore loads of multipassionate people end up being paralysed by it.

        Most people who give this advice forget to mention the “focus for a certain period of time, then move on and focus on something else” part, which is why it’s so confusing.

        I think this attitude of focusing on something for some period of time (not a day, 3 months, 6 monhts, a year, etc.) and then moving on is useful for multipassionate people not only when it comes to blogging, but when it comes to life as well, at least it made life easier for me.

        P.S. As I said I’m planning to use something a bit different, but these are my thoughts as far as focus in blogosphere go.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi again – yes, Ok totally get what you are saying. Absolutely no offence either! In fact the original title of my article was Renaissance Genius or Jack of All Trades and Master of None? and I think that reflects the fear that if you jump around too much people will think you are a bit of a flibbertygibbet. but moving via one topic to a related one makes sense.

          I’m still not sure about an unknown doing that though. People may get quite hacked off if they know you for one thing and then you veer off into another. Anyway, we shall see!

  35. Okay, so my second comments..

    Honestly, I don’t really get what exactly your idea is (..which might be simply because I’m blond, since everyone else seems to get it..)?

    “I want to combine business and marketing and tarot. I want to be hard-nosed with a soft center. I want to show the tarot world how to market online. But I also want to show the online marketers how using rather unconventional tools like tarot and visualization can help business.

    I want to do this without being classed as a total halfwit. I want to bridge the gap with a sparkly wand and a briefcase.”

    So is it “online marketing for tarot readers (or psychics in general)” or is it “unconventional tools (like tarot )for online marketers”?

    I think these two are very different ideas and you should decide which way you want to go, really.

    In case it’s online marketing for psychics, I think you’d be much better off creating a website for your consulting services, doing some guest posts on big marketing blogs for “As seen on:” badges and then approaching potential clients (tarot readers, psychics, etc.) directly. I don’t see much potential for a blog in this.

    In case it’s unconventional methods for online marketers.. Hm.. Honestly, I I’m a bit skeptical about it (not the tarot stuff, but whether you’d find a big enough audience for that..), but..

    I think this let’s say “The Spiritual Marketer” or something idea where you have both wand and a briefcase has potential..

    People who are interested in online marketing are often interested in personal development -> people who are interested in personal development often dabbled with some sort of psychic stuff -> Does that mean that there are enough people who are interested in both online marketing and psychic stuff?

    That is the question.

    I know that I’m a lot more skeptical about this than most people here, but if you’re thinking about starting a business, not just a hobby website, you have to answer some serious questions for yourself.

    I think that you might benefit from contacting Melody Fletcher and asking her what she thinks about your idea.

    Melody runs a successful LoA blog now, but she ran a management site a while ago, and here’s an excerpt from an interview where she talks about that:

    “I trained managers, really good ones (with Law of Attraction principles, as it turns out, although I didnโ€™t use those words then) and I wanted to share the knowledge Iโ€™d gained from doing that with others. But my focus was too narrow. I didnโ€™t want to talk JUST about management. I also didnโ€™t think that I could fully be myself. I assumed that no one would take a quirky, funny, spiritual site about management seriously (I no longer think so. People would totally love it). So, after a year, I shut it down. ”

    Here’s a link to her blog:

    I hope that was somewhat helpful.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Oh, and there will definitely be people who will look down on you or judge because you’re out of the closet with your beliefs.. I mean, Erin Pavlina runs a very successful psychic business and she still gets e-mails from people who think she will go to hell for that.. Really, accept haters as an unavoidable consequence of success, especially if you’re going anywhere near psychic stuff and learn to ignore them.. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potatoe.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi again Agota

      Thanks very much for the link to Melody’s blog which I didn’t know about. I will check it out, as I’m sur e a lot of people will!

      Re the idea, well I think you have hit the nail on the head actually! I wrote the post not really sure what I wanted to do with tarot and business. Helping spiritual based businesses with marketing is, as you rightly point out, one end, while opening a new sparkly toolbox to slightly more skeptical types is another. But to be honest, although I know a lot about marketing I would really prefer to help people use the tools than tell like minded people how to market. I’m a teacher originally and I feel that is where all this is leading back to full circle…

      Thanks again for a VERY thought provoking comment.

  36. Fiona, so is this about changing people into Tarot believers?
    Do you think it would give them a peace of mind, an answer to their problems?

    Which problems though? And how many people share that problem.

    I like painting models, infact, I love it. But I cannot convince or persuade everything out there to like it the same as I do.

    It would not serve me well to go out and work very hard trying to convince somebody to like something that they dont like. You have your passion and message, and people who resonate and believe you can solve their problems will be naturally attracted.

    If I did work so hard on persuading people all that would happen is I would get tired, and I would then be *selling* something, which they dont really want, and which is really not about service. People dont like to be *sold too* because you think it’s cool, but people like to buy.

    Essentially Fiona everyone resonating here is part of your target Market. Thats a part of you. Do you know what problems we share? What would we take our wallets out for?

    The post began about Tarot and Marketing but what is that?
    Tarot is about a reading. Marketing is about relationships. Here’s some ideas:

    Reading Relationships, a way to solve relationship problems.
    Or Relationship secrets, the secret way to have excellent relationships with people.

    That has appeal to a larger niche than *just* tarot, and t’s not converting people, it’s solving their problems, giving benefits and you still get to use the tools you want, but is has a broader appeal.

    In both cases it’s solving problems, that has value to people. If it isnt making people happier, increasing their wealth, making life easier, or solving their problems, it’s probably not going to help people.

    • It has evolved as we have gone on I think, my feelings and ideas are developing at warp factor speed as I read the comments!

      I definitely don’t think that persuading people who don’t already have a natural curiosity is worthwhile or time usefuly spent. But I do believe there are quite a number of people on the borderline who are open to the power of the mind, the subconscious – and perhaps someting more -and would like to include it in more of their lives than just one (perhaps hidden) area.

      I feel every business is about relationships actually and a good communicator can work across many disciplines, people are people. But that has given me even more food for thought, so thank you – I think!

  37. Fiona, I think I said most of what I wanted to say at the end of the Tarot card description – and looking at the huge number of comments on this page I reckon I’ll leave it at that as it seems you have attracted the world and all its pets and foibles here – well done and what great idea to help those of us living in a mind sea of wondering where to sail and who will care when we get there ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michael, thank you. There is a great cross section here, but you know what has surprised me, no-one has been nasty or negative at all and it sems to have allowed some people to believe that maybe their ideas would work too, which is absolutely wonderful.

      As a bit of a left brainer myself I have a very high skepticism filter and that has made it hard to talk and write about this stuff, but if it has served as a catalyst for others then it has definitely been worth it!

      Thank you for commenting and I have another brillaint phrase to add to the gems on here: navigating the mind sea… inspired!

  38. What I receive from this message overall is: Liberate yourself and you automatically begin to liberate others.

    To share something that also resonates from a book I am reading called Business Nightmares : When Enterpreneurs hit crisis point by Rachel Enlaugh

    Choose a Business that you have a passion for rather than picking up a sector just because it will make money. Your going to end up spending 24/7 working on your business, so the biggest gift you can give yourself is to indulge yourself in a hobby or passion that you love. Plus, businesses always work better when they are run with passion, from the heart.

    By all means look at what your competitors are doing, but the successful small business’s which really break through big time are te ones that capture the customers attention by being bold enough to do things in a dramatically different way to the status quo. So dont copy – innovate.

    The common ground in most sectors is already taken by the big players, that means you need to work around the smaller, more niche edges.

  39. Fiona, supporting you all the way!

    I am a Tarot professional and run the popular website I have used authentic internet marketing and SEO techniques to create what I believe is a very valuable and helpful website with Tarot card meanings, tutorials, guides, readings and more.

    There is most definitely a market here. And it’s up for the taking. I think the Tarot world would most definitely benefit from a bit of business / marketing advice. And vice versa. Why not bring Tarot into the marketing world?!

    You might also want to connect in with Theresa Reed at as she offers business coaching to Tarot professionals.

    Warm regards, Brigit

  40. Hi Brigit

    Thank you so much for your support. You are absolutely the epitome of blending tarot and marketing as your site is top ranked in Google and is very helpful indeed!

    I know of Teresa Reid too, another very internet marketing savvy lady.

    Thanks again!

  41. Going full circle and back to integration of tarot into existing structures, I wanted to expand and refine on the strategic system which integrates Tarot to the four elements and Business. Thank you for staying with us if you have come this far. With all the enthusiasm and sharing which really comes, we’ve gone from what if’s to somewhere inspired.

    The integration of Tarot with Business so far has some strong connections, but it is only a draft. In the same way an artist creates a rough outline with a large brush first, he then works by adding colour, depth and shade to this, and finally the details. Now that a foundation is down on the ground level lets look at building it up.

    In this message for today I am looking at expanding and refining on the integration with a closer look at the best selling Book : Differentiate or die and it’s relevance to Tarot and Business with regards to Marketing.

    With roots in Greek Philosophy, Astrology and the Four Seasons, the analytical Psychologist Carl Jung suggested four primary Psychological functions people lead their decision making process with. Connecting this back with Tarot we find:

    Ether will come later.

    So remember the book is called differentiate or die which implies it is not a case of speaking with one modality to everybody.
    Intuitive people want to hear what come’s next, and we need to match them on that level to help them move from their problems.
    It may not help the intuitive person to only come across the a thinking approach, it may be *too airy*.

    This means we as Business people need to work to make sure that we are’nt isolating potential prospects who need our help.
    Let’s look deeper at these functions from the point of view of selling and matching their individual needs differently.

    Differntiating with intuitives/Wands people:
    People who use intuition concentrate on the possibilities,
    They avoid details and look at the big picture, the *What’s coming next* and new product line.
    You might market a Tarot product for them by writing *Tarot for the next generation*.
    You could tailor your message for a wand’s person like:

    *Advanced Tarot for the next stage of your business*
    *Advanced Tarot for wealth generation*
    *Advanced Tarot for attracting more clients*
    This differentiates you for the *Wand’s* Crowd.

    Differentiating with thinkers/Swords people:
    These are people who are analytical, precise and logical.
    They avoid feeling and may appear uncaring.
    They are communicated to best with logical arguments and facts about a product.
    You could tailor a message for the sword’s people like

    *The ultimate insight into your financial problems*
    *Profitable perceptions*
    *Distinquishing Decisions for Business development*
    This differentiates you for the *Swords* crowd.

    Differentiating with feelers:

    Note that Swords/Air and Wands/Fire are upward moving energies. You dont neccessary feel it in your bones, it is more out and up there.
    Cups/Water and Pentacles/Earth is a downwards moving energies. It is more concerned with the past, substance and what already exists.

    Feelers are interested in the feelings of others. They do not like analysis, they follow like’s and dislikes.
    They like video’s from experts who look and sound real.
    Seeing someone surrounded with flowers or children, and people who connect their feelings and passions and talk from the heart with experience.
    They want to see thing’s flow and see that a business is nurtured.
    You could tailor a message for Tarot with the *Cups* crowd like

    *Service Secrets, Expert Readings*
    *Courageous Clarity, Expert Insight*
    *Clarified choices for your business*

    Differentiating with Sensors:

    Sensor’s see thing’s as they are and are spoken to best with facts.
    They are interested in details. They want to know the most down to earth,
    basic and tangible aspects of your message.
    Ways you could tailor your message for Tarot and Business with the Pentacles people wculd be:

    *Common sense clarifcations*
    *Stuck with choice? Find clarity here.*
    *Ideal insights for an ideal future*


    Everybody is a combination of these Psychological modalities. Intuitives and feeling dislike too much detail, Thinkers and Sensors work with more information. One way or another all are looking to make decision to buy. Ether is about balancing, coming back to yourself and seeing where your message can improve, or area’s within yourself you can bring into greater balance.
    For example, if you struggle connecting with one of these modalities that is an area where you may be missing opportunities. Or it may just be your so *in the energy* like a goldfish in the water that you cant see the water it’s always in! Ether is about increasing awareness at the centre of gravity, which is you.
    If you are not sure or need insight into these energies, I’d love to show you.

    In this Summary we have moved from an Earth/Pentacles/Business foundation with Tarot, Business and Marketing into an approach suited for direct application in your Water/Cups/Marketing Message. Marketing is about relationships and how to maintain them. This enables a flow between channels from your now, individually tailored value proposition into customer relationships via sales channels. This has brought together Tarot, Marketing and proven principles for a unique selling proposition which cares for of individual differences of your target market.

    The next stage would move from this Pentacle/Earth and Cups/Water foundation, which is overflowing with ideas, up and into the Wands/Fire/Passion and Swords/Air/Strategy sections. From there on it is a case of rebalancing in the ether and then going back down to the earth and repeating the cycle with a refined technique.

    Differetiate or die, second edition: Chapter 3 *Whatever happened to the selling Proposition* – Jack Trout
    Memories, Dreams and Reflections – Carl Jung
    Business model generation: Business Artist Canvas Page 22-28 – Alexander Osterwalder
    Astrology, Psychology and the four elements – Stephen Arroyo
    Posters: Chakra, Miasmatic, Homeopathic, Astrological, Planetary, Remedy, Flower essence map 2011 Katie Hanson

    Thankyou Heidi and Fiona for noticing this system.

    • I read this very carefully Alexander, although I think to be honest it may be a little bit overwhelming for some people, even though I think you have got some very very sound advice in there.

      My own approach is a little less esoteric but I like the way you are slowly narrowing the focus!

      The problem is that if you define your market too tightly – eg using Myers Briggs or through elements, or even using educational learning styles like visual/auditory/ kinesthetic etc then you may end up having too many different products, don’t you think? Or are you talking about taking the same basic “product” and changing the way you market it?

      I see a problem there, because if you are using the internet, how can you identify the preferred learning style/ element/ personality type of your audience? It works for personal sales or any situation where you communicate directly, but online that often doesn’t happen. So I’m not quite sure how practical it is?

      Or maybe I am totally missing the point?

  42. Based on knowledge gained from James Roche, expert Marketer and Rachel Enlaugh, who has run Million pound companies. Based on this knowledge, and my own findings, you must have a clear idea of your market.

    I can clearly see it is overwhelming for people who are not familiar with the literature. But why would I not be myself and dilute my own energy because of that? That kind of feeling is very Carcinogenic, the *Self in relation to others principle* and trying to fit in. I’ve really begun to clear myself of that energy block the last year, to the point where, yes, I do come out with my true feelings and I cant keep up the appearance of being nice to everyone anymore because it is not true to myself. I’ve lost and removed friends because of it and have become significantly more vibrant and attracted the right connections for me because of it.

    See how your saying – you’ve got sound advice in there BUT *What about everybody else*. No, just keep with the sound part! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That also links to the Buddhist hindrance and principle of self doubt and lack of conviction. The major theme of that is learning to take care of ones own needs instead of worrying about everyone else’s needs. Resonating yet?

    That message is clearly an extension and written for people who resonated with my first message.

    If you read carefully you will see this is not how you define your market, as you have written. I used words like *speak* not define and *message*.

    For example on we find * achieving goals with words*
    On you find *Helping you master the entrepreneurs path*

    These are short, brief, and quite fixed messages with a tight idea.

    These are elements which guide your message. Your message, and understanding your market – are two different things, although they obviously overlap.

    Its true, if you have not read all those books, including the excellent book by Danny – Engaging with your target audience from scratch. If you havent read it and understand it all, it may be overwhelming. If you read that book you will be able to find ways to acknowledge peoples styles.

    One of the successful bloggers in that posts writes about having a very clear idea of your audience, their age, demographics, etc. The elements and so on, this is simply one element but it is important because it is the bigger picture.

    Here we are – Page 79
    Anita Campbell: Engaged Community, from Scratch: Online communities revolve around shared interest; know who your audience is, andwhat they want.
    ” โ€œMy ideal community member is a man aged 24-44, located in the United
    States, with at least some college and an income over $75,000, who works as an
    advanced professional such as a CPA or lawyer”

    What I am writing is not advice either, it is simple concurrence between overlapping systems. This is now new, only the connections between things are new. For myself you sound a bit in self-doubt, but I appreciate you can admit maybe if you have missed the point and I can see that there is a part in you that gets it.

    The messages I am writing, if there is an audience I will continue. There’s obviously something in there I am passionate about, and it’s only the very tip of the ice berg. I had in mind a 12 step system, and this was a draft of step 2.

    With pictures and proper communication and zig- zagging the way to success maybe the message will appear clearer when its ready!

    • Hi again Alexander

      I agree about knowing and defining your market, but you kno what? The world needs more people like you, original thinkers who are true to themselves. That is the most important message for me in your post. Please keep writing, I enjoy people who make me think!

      • Fiona,

        I believe what need to be said had been said.

        I saw many Tarot Reader having their 2nd job for their housing loan or not happy being recognized as Tarotist. (You can read it from their face.) Or some of them really read card by the book which really killing their business.

        One of the question I always like to ask anyone in fortune telling/astrology business when they seek my help is
        Assuming you know nothing about the Tarot (fill in the blank), how will you interpreted it with your own experience?

        Just do it, we never what will turn up at the end of the tunnel. The world need your helps. Follow the advice in Naked Marketing will help you a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

        In my journey for wellness industry especially on mental health and emotion healing, I had been advice, recommend to do various things due to my success.
        I started with Fortune Telling with Chinese Astrology, follow by Tarot, then relationship coaching, marriage coaching…….. It is proven with results. They got their first love, some even got married.
        After year of discovery and learning, I decided to focus on emotion healing for services professional and business owner. PERIOD. (Giving up all the shiny objects and be laser focus)

        Anyone who like to keep in touch, can connect with me via G+, FB or my facebook group specially for Services Professional.

        • Thanks Horace, I loved your comment about giving up shiny objects and I agree that everything that needed to be said probably has. I have been very inspired by everyone and will keep going!

    • Alexander,

      Your thoughts are inspiring for many peoples.

      Your market and my target market are very similar.
      And it take me more than a year to refine my market until I can align to the ideal client I like to work with. The main difference will be this is my 2nd passion beside my love with technology.

      I just visited your website and it is interesting. (Your site is not accessible in China as I reading this blog post last week in China.)

      I do similar design and simulation in business. The possibilities and potentials are endless. By just combining 3-9 elements from ancient knowledge with advanced sciences, we able to simulate more than thousands of business model.

      One day, we should meet up….. The universe will tell us when…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Fiona, Thankyou for your kind words! It’s a huge inspiration to what has been said.
    I am glad you received that part of the message message, and I think it goes for all us.

    It has been really important to receive your messages. I am currently focused on painting these ideas onto canvas for an upcoming meeting, so I will resume with writing soon. But everything I am doing comes back to these central idea’s. I am also enjoying the exercise of thinking in terms of tarot, or traditionally, the four elements.

    It is important work because, these central aspects overlap many people’s lives and systems, without them knowing it.

    Everything I’ve been writing about has been made better by the feedback here, because it take’s a specific environment for that to occur. Thankyou again.

    Everything has not been said. I did say a 12 step system. However, creating that 12 step system, or, the draft of it really runs parallel to my studies of Marketing. I’ve been painting elements here onto Canvas for a talk tommorow, so been busy with that. It’s a continuation of the vast connections and integrations, but on a real canvas, I’ll make a video shortly and I shall put them online on Thursday or shortly after a little refinement.

    So thing’s have been brewing, and all has not been said.

    Please keep up the reponses, it’s keeping the fire burning, which indeed, is the next element about the self.

    Earth/Penatcles – Business models/Systems/Evidence/Structure (The first message which created a base is around this element)

    Water/Cups – Marketing/relationships – (The message about being sensitive to the specifics of your message, with examples)

    The next one is Wands/Fire

    Self is about working on yourself, and the importance it has for your Business.

    We will then have covered Earth/Water/Fire level 1 draft

    • You are very welcome and I’m pleased this has given so many people a chance to connect (you and Horace seem a match made in heaven LOL!) and to express their very interesting views.

      i’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say next!

  44. Hello Horace, thankyou for your reply. I am pleased that our target markets are similar.

    So tarot is your second passion and technology is your first passion?

    It is interesting that you read this from China because central to a Business model system I am making is the Traditional Chinese 5 elements. I have been inspired to do this by the book Business model generation by Alexandero Sterwalder.

    I would like to see

    I am inter-grating his holistic business model with the universal principles of healing models and of course, Tarot can help this too.

    The benefit’s of integration are that:
    It can guide a business model to be naturally holistic, the possibilities are endless. I thought earlier this can also guide the food and nutrition we eat (Because of Yin and Yang), and also guide this within a business model.

    The five element system also can help tell us the remedies to help the persons organs, which is crucial as a business is made of many key areas, like the organs of a body.
    What happens if the organs in our own bodies are not healthy? So really this integration is as important for our own business as it is for our health.

    I saw that you are in the Malaysia area! This is very close to Thailand where I was born.

    I would like to see your simulations of business models, where did you create this?
    Yes certainly we should meet, and I will have some painted Canvas up soon for you to see with pictures for these system integrations.

    • Alexander,

      I’m very passionate on how technology can help business to growth to next level when the business understanding the important roles peoples/process play in any technology initiative.
      I will be having a major shift in September when I back to IT consulting line. You will able to notice how I will use social media to promote the business. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I had been studying strategy since school times. From War Strategy, Chess Strategy, Technology Strategy, Economic Growth……. I observed and discovered the model/patterns, duplicate it and apply to another business environment.

      Tarot is one of my shiny object before but I decide to put it in primary focus related to emotion healing. I had been a coach/counselor since school times.
      Tarot is a tool I use in Emotion Healing when the client permit it.
      I used it for various purpose to bring the client to next level and toward their goals.
      Primary use it to allow the client discover their primary/hidden intention of their issues. And give a sneak preview of the underneath issue in their life. (Mind sync)
      I use different tools in my emotion healing, ranging from Tarot, Zodiac, Numerology, DISC/LAB/enneagram/VLI Profiling, NLP, Hypnosis, Story Telling, Aromatheraphy etc.

      Back to your question on modelling. I use Business Model Canvas as well to start discussion on business strategy. It is a great tool especially they have an Ipad application.

      Let me share my basic model here. The details model will confuse a lot of people. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Holistic Business Model
      Alignment between Company, Market and Trend
      Company = Competency + Leadership -> Sustain
      Market = Niche + Solution -> Profit
      Trend = Opportunities + Innovation -> Growth
      Imagine there are 3 circles touching each other.
      The ideal case is Company, Market and Trend are fully align (touch each other).
      Company touch Market only -> Profit focus, can it growth to next level in 3-5 years?
      Company touch Trend only -> Growth focus, can it have sufficient resources to survive without making money?
      Market touch Trend, Company out of touch point? Better revamp the whole organization to connect/align again with market needs.

      Here how the 5 elements come into picture to show the dynamic force of the 5 patterns.
      Earth (Stabilizing) – 3 circle touch each others. -> Sustainable and Profitable Growth.
      Fire (Ascending) – Company touch Market, not trend -> Profit focus.
      Wood (Expand) – Company touch trend, not market -> Growth Focus
      Metal (Contracting) – 3 circle not touching each other. -> Why this business exist?
      Water (Descending)- Market and Trend touch each other, but company is away. -> What next?

      When Yin/Yang (Energy) start to move, where are you moving your business/dream/career/life/relationship?

      My motto of life:- Feel Happy Enjoying Life!
      In Business:- Humanizing Business, Simplifying Technology!
      In Emotion Healing:- Escape the maze, Be Happy and Be Loved again!

      I had spent more than 10,000 hours reading/learning/observing various subjects in life.
      I continues create things/ideas/models to inspire people to act and feel happy in their life!


  45. Hi Fiona.
    I think what happens when you are really clear on the energy you put out – that’s what you attract back. It resonate’s and vibrates through the internet.

    I am eager to get on with the self part. I can see that this is going to need to be somehow connected to a word press development scheme as alot of people dont seem to have word press knowledge. I’ll link it to copy blogger and how to use their themes.

    But the self come’s before the website.

    Horace that is a very impressive array of knowledge and it is nice to know we are so similar!

    I would like to see your holistic business model on a diagram, is that possible?

  46. After so much talk here, I coudnโ€™t resist temptation to try it on practice. I asked Fiona, and she did Tarot reading on my question about a possible new website project. It was like getting a business plan! With all my predilection to esoteric methods, I was amazed how perfectly Tarot were applied to marketing. There was a view on the whole conception, and key detailes, and unexpected turnabouts. Fiona is a genuine master, and at the end of this experience I can only confirm, that Tarot+Marketing is a positively viable idea and is worth of further developing.

  47. Hi Fiona. I began working on that next part today. I came to a stop and just waiting on a reply before I continue.

    Yes, the way we conceptualize the internet, our terminology and definitions of “what we know”is going to change. Because of the way energy works, and the internet works.

    It’s very spiritual. I went to a meetup and saw this too. Literally, the power of sound, frequency and quantum science. Its magic for the new millennium, my challenge is integrating it with how we already do thing’s to empower people and help business’s reach people.

  48. Dear Horace, thankyou for making the strategy pictures. My deep apologies for taking so long to get back. I need time to muse over this. I would like to learn more knowledge and fact’s about this.

    Would it be worthwhile connecting this holistic business model with the conventional western business model concepts? For example, the symbol’s of the business model canvas.
    These are widely accepted symbols and aspects of a western business.

    I feel this may help the archetypal/energetic and principled focus of your holistic business model to connect with the conventional symbols. This can enable greater understanding of your connections, and open the door to more people to join and contribute to your facebook group

    • Alex,

      Agree with you. Yes, the complete framework has incorporate the BM Canvas as one of the toolkit. I’m developing a new website in next 6-12 months to populate all the concept and model that I have within the framework. (My current focus are in Enterprise Solution related Business/Technology Strategy and Mental Health/Life Coaching) I will cover the DNA, System, Engine in more details. When the system, patterns, DNA, system, engine being put in a picture, the dynamics/changes/opportunities/potentials will be too much for most people. (including me). Maybe I should do something like Danny, invite everyone to participate on the website. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Using the Dynamic Patterns, BM Canvas fit well to analysis the VP link.

      The basic simulation model already able to generate 3000-5000 possibilities. If I incorporate BM Canvas, Five Force Analysis, PESTE (Global, Region, Country, City), and Industry Trend/Characteristics. The model need to be run in a powerful computer.

      Is this important to my clients? Maybe not unless there are in consulting/analytics/coaching business. We as coach/consultant/strategist, we need to be as flexible as possible. And I’m using this model to train my flexibility.

      Have fun!

  49. I say go for it! And not in a detached pep-talk kind of way. I really believe that your new “niche” has a market. I feel the people who could use your help the most are the “woo woos” out there who are all into healing, spirituality, Tarot, and manifesting (guilty as charged ๐Ÿ˜‰ but who don’t have the skills to market and haven’t the foggiest clue about the “rules” you just laid out.

    Tough luck trying to get hard-nosed business people into Tarot. There is an abundance of people offering hard-nosed advise for them. The Tarot folks need more business help and it sounds like your their man.

  50. Hi Gabriel

    Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I think you are right, my niche market is probably the woo woo group you describe rather than the other way around, Why waste energy trying to persuade people who are not really into it?

    Thanks again!

  51. We’re on the same team! If you go out there and niche for the Woo Woo crowed you and I could be friends. I work with holistic practitioners and coaches to promote their business through speaking. You can check out my website here at Speaking of websites nice video on My only suggestion is that you tweak the header photo so it doesn’t look stretched. I can do this (with photoshop) no problem or charge, just send the file to and I can make it right.

    Warmth and blessings on your success and impact – Gabriel

  52. Well now Gabriel (and haven’t you got an appropriate name), I feel like we are friends already after watching your video. I have never seen someone communicate so authentically, talk about practising what you preach!

    I will be in touch by email and thank you so much for the offer of unstretching my header as I have no idea how to do that.

    If anyone is reading this then check out Gabriel’s site as it is bursting with all good things. I’m going back to get another fix right now!

    un abbraccio

  53. What a truly awesome and inspiring stream of comments, from an equally awesome and inspiring group of people.

    I also have a ‘secret passion’…. ‘crystal healing’….

    I do love Gabriel’s perspective… and it really does sum up (everyone elses input) as well as the next level of even the most hard-nosed corporate approaches to business…. What does your tarot tell you about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

    As time goes on I believe the principles of ‘sensitivity’ will become more and more important in the ‘growth and success’ of our businesses, communities and humanity as a whole.

    Your niche is perfect for providing a guiding light to soooo many as we move forward, and I applaud you.

    “Build it and they will come!!!!”

    Courage, Creativity,
    Passion & Inspiration,

  54. Pablo I think one of the most gratifying things to come out of posting here has been the supportive comments from great people.

    I haven’t done a reading on the Age of Aquarius actually and your comment has inspired me to try, sio we will see what comes up and I will post it on my blog.

    Your niche – crystal healing – is a fascinating one – who doesn’t love crystals. Do you have a website?

  55. Recently there’s been some buzz about “no new ideas in blogging” and “blogging being dead”.

    Count on firepole to have TONS of freshness just waiting for ppl to bother clicking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Fiona!

  56. Blogging may not only be dead. We have moved into a new paradigm. The old rules and systems dont work anymore. Hence investing energy into the old ways of doing things is a poor investment.
    It is time to come clean with that.
    This is not going to change. It is like trying to get an old relationship to start up, when really an entirely new approach is needed all together. …
    What is real to you now? What is really real and what really speaks, that is all that matters.
    We are all important and came here for this. You may not be awake for it yet, but you surely will.
    It looks like one will need to step on the gear to help people over this transition.

    Something to add, the language of the audience here:
    Appreciated, Freshness, Love, Inspired, Creativity, Spirituality, Incorporated, Archetype, Similar, Sciences, Brewing, Innovate, World, Navigate, Original, unconventional, credibility, passions, balance, value, dream, magic, skills, experiment, Meta-phorical, I ching, Foundations, weave, magic, shamanic, journey, authentic, reaffirmed, unique gifts, fulfilling, powerful, adaptable, tool, dream, lucid, encouraging, industry, Philosophy, art, drawings, thinking outside the box, explore, ambition, experiences , power, focus, combining, story, perspective, lucid, esoteric, ambition interest, experience

    Market Ninja 2.0

  57. “Make sure it costs $19.97 or $97 anything ending with a 7 actually and has a very long sales letter. Add some frightening time constraints.”

    Can you elaborate why to write a figure ending with 7?

  58. Well now, although my comment is tongue in cheek, there is actually quite a lot of marketing hype around the number 7 in pricing, but little cold hard research.

    All kinds of ideas abound regarding its use, from the idea that 7 is most people’s lucky number, to the thought that ‘7 may be the new 9’. This is based on the concept that something ending with a 9, for example $9.99, feels psychologically a lot cheaper than $10. The thinking goes that people are now wise to that trick and ‘7’ is the solution. (Can’t say I have noticed this, to be honest!)

    There is even talk of 7 being the best converting number and 3 the worst, although I can’t find the source of the research.

    I think the current theory is that for cheaper items there is no difference. So $29.97 may as well be $29.99. However, for more expensive things it may convert better. So if you are pricing your mansion or your Maserati, the magical ‘7’ may just tip things in your favour.

    Then again, it may not!

  59. Dear Fiona,

    I’ve been following Firepole for sometime but just encountered your post and LOVE it! I’m emailing you as well as the post-dialogue seemed to have happened some time ago.

    I too am a very multi-dimensional person and I call myself the connective tissue rather than the bone. I’m just coming to a place where I feel I can even name what I do as I find myself interested and connected to so much — and have a capacity to make connection between seemingly disparate elements.

    I find myself and my clients rebelling against the single silo trajectory that marketing currently finds itself in. Obviously taking a cue from how SEO works and how overloaded our brains when it comes to digesting info. Sometimes I wonder, especially after reading Seth Godin’s Icarus Deception where he speaks to the world needing this multi-genred, multi-faceted approach whether the way search engines work will at some point transform into an logarithm that can accommodate the irregularity of multi-thinking.

    I am an artist, although currently not actively working in this arena, then I became a graphic/book designer, then moved into marketing and lately find myself doing writing, platform building for writers/speakers as well as have being drawn to coaching and facilitation in the realm of capacity building. I am about to launch 2 websites, one for my business and one for my art photography as well as a blog. I’m playing with the title “the relationship between” for my blog because I find it’s no so much the “thing” I am interested in as much as the relationships of how ideas/people/etc. interact with each other.

    What colors my work is inquiry around feminine leadership, biomimicry, the context of sufficiency, and a passion for nuance and mystery in conjunction with the more “type A” thinking of planning/intentions/lists etc. I find that it’s both. Perhaps that’s what you are doing bringing the Tarot into Marketing. It’s the mystery with the strategy. I’ll email this to you as well, as I’d like to learn more about your Tarot for business offerings to make use of as I progress on this inquiry.

    Thanks so much for having the courage to ask these questions out loud!


  60. Hi Judy

    This was a brilliant post and thread and I am so pleased someone has picked it up.
    My names Alexander and I added energy to the thread, but it was a year ago.

    Done alot of clearing since then and feel now it is time to “synergize” everything.

    According to the hayhouse author summit one spiritual thinker said, the future is about a synthesis, theres so much information now, it needs to be brought together and consolidated into easy 1,2,3,4 steps.

    I’d love to hear more about what you do, mail me over at and leave your site I can learn about you


    Alexander Arune

  61. Hi Judy

    Thank you very much for your comment. I’m still getting emails about this post, which shows the interest out there for the da Vinci approach! I love the sound of your blog and the way you approach things. You have a great way with words! I do feel this modern categorization of talents and skills is totally artificial and there is no reason why people shouldn’t embrace any methods available to get inspiration and be creative.

    I’ll email you privately, but anyone can reach me for a business reading via the tarotcanhelp website.

    Alex, great to hear from you again. You somehow manage to draw disparate threads together in a totally unique way!

  62. Hi Fiona,

    How are you?

    I feel this thread bump is coming at a great time. Lots of people are becoming awake now, so I feel this kind of information and discussion is going to be important to help people find themselves.

    Fiona are you still writing? I remember I received an interesting blog post from you directly to my email one time.



  63. Dear Fiona,

    Thanks for your response — I agree that this modern characterization of skills and talents is artificial. I am finding more and more agile multi-threaded and talented peers and look forward to all of us expressing and being appreciated for all of ourselves. Your Tarot site looks great — and I look forward to knowing more about it, and specifically the ways you are weaving that talent with your writing and marketing self! Wonderful to know that you will be receiving this in Tuscany, a place I am very fond of!


    Thanks for your response too. I love hearing about the synthesis, and am curious what is meant by a simple 1-2-3-4. I’ll be in touch directly as well.

    Warm Regards to both of you,


  64. I love your post, Fiona. Perhaps because I’m in a similar situation. So many interests, so many skills. I am just coming out of my occult closet and am so happy to see many occultists out there bravely waving their woo flags. The world needs us, and our time is right now, so combine your Tarot and marketing bravely and boldly. I’m certainly going to use my Tarot skills for my writing, as you do. Thanks for this post and for your blog, as well. It’s bookmarked, and I’ll be following. By the way, my occult practice is numerology, and I have an e-book that shows people how to find their life purpose using Chaldean numerology. Thanks to you and to Firepole, I’m more inspired than ever.

    • Thank you so much, I have had such great comments on this post even more than a year later.

      Firepole is a great site and I’m sure you’ll find loads to inspire and challenge you.

      Numerology is fascinating and I am going to head over to your site and take a look!

  65. Hello Fiona, this thread is still up and coming at a good time. I feel it is even more accurate now, today. Times are rough and many people try to find themselves via introspection. Go on and do your good work.

    • Hi Arth, thank you so much for your very positive and encouraging response. To tell you the truth, I have just closed down my tarot site and stopped doing tarot readings. I was not doing the kind of deep work I like (too many “does my boyfriend love me? will I win the lottery?” questions) and felt I should stop and focus on my writing. But I still want to write about “magical” things, as life is so much more mysterious than many people realise.

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