10 Marketing Psychological Studies for the DIY Entrepreneur

Have you ever stopped to consider what motivates your audience to click, share, favorite, and purchase from you? Ever since high school, I’ve been enamored with how we act and interact as humans. In time, I realized behavioral psychology is a key component of building a blogging empire and marketing yourself online.

No Hype Copywriting Tips for Quiet Brands

Quiet brands can have it rough. Many embrace their quiet side but aren’t sure how to strike the balance between being themselves—introspective and reflective—and promoting themselves, which can often feel like standing on a crate and shouting through a bullhorn in the middle of Times Square. If you’re a quiet brand, I’m sure you can relate to the following…

5 Brain Hacking Copywriting Secrets to Soar Conversions and Sales

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’re selling something: a coaching package, a service of some kind, or a product. You know that your sales and conversions could be better. But every time you go looking for a solution, your heart slips slowly back down your throat as you encounter the same advice: Replace verbs with adjectives. Use short sentences. Cram your copy with power words.

Are You Missing the Boat When It Comes to Increasing Your Online Sales?

It’s the day after your very successful launch. You’re feeling pretty good about how the launch went, and the number of sales that you made. Now, you’re looking at the numbers: how many came to your sales page? How many people arrived on your checkout page? How many people purchased? As you’re sorting through the numbers, you notice that there’s a difference between the number of people who arrived on your checkout page, and the …

Is This Easily Preventable Problem Destroying Your Revenue?

Picture this: you’ve just finished a launch, and it went great. Your new clients are really excited to get started, and all the work you did to market and create your product is finally paying off. It’s a good day! A week later, you wake up to an email from PayPal. One of your brand-new clients has issued a chargeback (a special type of refund request), and PayPal is requesting additional documentation from you.

If Honest Marketing is Possible, Why Are We Sucked Into Cookie-Cutter Copywriting?

Recently I came across several blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos talking about “being honest” and “finding you inner voice” in content creation and marketing communication. It’s actually refreshing to find posts like these, because many online marketers have a reputation for being sleazy, manipulative, and only after a quick buck.