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You Lost Your Big Client… Now What?

Your newly printed business cards have arrived, you have an invoice template, a colorful accounting spreadsheet in Excel, and company letterhead paper. But most importantly you have a regular income from your first big client. Whoop whoop! Crack open the champagne! After years of procrastinating and dreaming of being your own boss, you finally made the jump from working for someone else to being self-employed—the freedom, independence, flexibility! Then the worst happens, and it all …

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5 Easy Copywriting Tactics to Steal from Fundraising Pros

You’ve gotten them in the mail—envelopes with phrases like “You Can Save a Child’s Life Today,” or pictures of sad dogs with enormous eyes. Yes, I’m talking about the fundraising appeal letter. While you might be tempted to throw these letters away, you can actually learn some useful copywriting lessons from them. When you think about it, fundraising is not an easy task. Fundraisers must convince people to give up their money for virtually nothing …

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Want to be a Marketing Jedi? This IS the Post You’re Looking For

Feature image courtesy JD Hancock Another Star Wars post? Really? Given the buzz around Star Wars this week, it was bound to happen: tons of posts, all looking to take advantage of the huge number of people talking about the film. But how did we get here? How did a little movie in a notoriously unprofitable genre that nobody wanted to make become not just an instant hit but completely alter the entire movie-making universe? …

Smart Marketing for the “Esoteric” Business

Folks who provide services in the realm of “personal development” and the “woo-woo” or do “intuitive work” often have a hard time with the typical “marketing” trainings because it’s difficult to put a finger on “what they really sell.” They were told to talk about “specific” outcomes, like “get 10 clients” or “lose 20 pounds”, but the nature of their deep work creates transformations that vary widely according to the client’s circumstances. Many are afraid …


5 Awesome Ideas for Leveraging Autoresponders

I was always kind of on the fence with the standard idea of email marketing. I mean, why would you spend hours writing content—newsletter content—that you can only send out once? Isn’t there a better way? A way to send the same email multiple times and not look like a weirdo doing so? After all, email marketing on a one-off basis felt like a huge waste. For instance, the common open rates throughout the industries are …

9 Lessons From an Accidental Course Launch

Before I started working at Firepole Marketing, I was an ABM student. And like a good little student, I paid attention to just about everything Danny put out – including Course Builders Laboratory. I was very interested in taking the course, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me at the time. However, Danny gave out some amazing free content within the launch, and I gobbled it up. I was particularly interested in the …

10 Marketing Psychological Studies for the DIY Entrepreneur

Have you ever stopped to consider what motivates your audience to click, share, favorite, and purchase from you? Ever since high school, I’ve been enamored with how we act and interact as humans. In time, I realized behavioral psychology is a key component of building a blogging empire and marketing yourself online.

5 Brain Hacking Copywriting Secrets to Soar Conversions and Sales

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you’re selling something: a coaching package, a service of some kind, or a product. You know that your sales and conversions could be better. But every time you go looking for a solution, your heart slips slowly back down your throat as you encounter the same advice: Replace verbs with adjectives. Use short sentences. Cram your copy with power words.