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17 Ways To Explosively Grow Your Audience Based Business Part 2: Boost Your Conversions

Editor’s Note: this is the second post in a series on how to explosively grow your audience-based business. Hassan had so much to say on the subject that we asked him to write 3 in-depth posts all about how to grow your business!

Do you ever feel like your audience based business isn’t living up to its potential?

Your fingers ache from creating killer content, you’re burnt out from all the networking you’re doing, and your brain is numb from thinking of new ways you can help your audience.

But you still feel as if your business could be better. You feel as if your audience could be bigger, your relationships stronger, and your profits higher…

The first step to living up to your business potential is to generate more leads. And thanks to the strategies in part one of this series, you’ve got loads more people viewing your website, product, or blog.

This alone will increase sales, but the next step towards exponentially exploding your business is to increase the percentage of people that buy from you. Now, it’s time to focus on conversions.

Growing Your Business Means Improving Conversion Rates

Conversions is an industry term that means “how many of the people who saw this thing took action about it?” Conversions can sound kind of boring, but they are absolutely essential to growing your audience-based business.

Here are 6 conversion tactics to do just that.

Conversion Tip #1: Boost Conversions 200% by Focusing on Benefits

Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? (Seriously, this is a huge copywriting mistake that I myself am guilty of.)

A feature is a fact, and a benefit is what your product will do for your client.Click To Tweet

A feature would be the fact that you’re “a web traffic & conversion consultant for hire.”

Translate the above into a benefit, and you have something along the lines of: “I can help you double traffic to your site within 60 days and boost conversions by at least 20%.”

See the difference here?

The feature feels boring, and doesn’t have any kind of hook to it. With the benefit, however, you’re spelling out what your services will do for the buyer, and that’s what will get his attention.

A real-life testament to the power of focusing on benefits is freelance writer Bamidele Onibalusi.

Bamidele changed the headline of his hire me page from “Hire me” to “Let Me Help You Get Results by Writing Quality Content and Guest Posts for You” and skyrocketed his conversions by 200%.

The first headline had a boring, “pitchy” feel. The second one clamps down on what the reader wants, grabs him by the collar and leaves him no option but to think about how you can make his life better. When you do that, your reader stops dismissing you as just another sales pitch.

Action Step

Think about how your service/product benefits your clients. What does it actually do? Do you rev up conversion rates and increase sales? Or maybe you guarantee double the amount of traffic in 60 days? Let your clients know!

Conversion Tip #2: Use A/B Split Tests for Pinpoint Accuracy

Remember the example of how Bamidele changed his hire me page headline that we talked about above?

Well, without split tests he wouldn’t have ever known his other headline was increasing conversions by 200%.

Split testing is when you send an equal amount of traffic to two different web pages and see which one performs better.

It’s an awesome weapon in your business-boosting arsenal, because it lets you test different appeals, designs and words. Then you can pinpoint what’s working and scrap what’s not to maximize results.

Brian Dean from Backlinko wasn’t happy with the conversions of an offer on his website, so he made a few simple changes to it and split tested it. The test revealed a jaw-dropping 785% increase in conversions.

Split testing allowed Brian to track down exactly what resonates with his audience, and then use that information to squeeze every last conversion out of his email opt-in. If he had never split tested, he would never have known which offer was most appealing to his audience.

The lesson here is obvious: start testing.

Action Step

Find a place on your website where you invite your audience to take action, like an email opt in or a buy now button. Create a duplicate page, and change something about the new page. Common things to test include the headline, color of the “buy now” button, and length of the text on the page. Check out this post for suggestions on which tools to use to track your split testing results.

Then keep tweaking and split testing your page. You’ll see quick spikes in conversions from a small amount of effort, and you’ll gain insights into what your audience responds to best.

Conversion Tip #3: Get Into Bed With Your Audience

What makes your audience’s eyes light up with passion? Do they wan t to move to a tropical location and work wherever they want, or do they want to spend more time with their kids?

What secret hopes and dreams make them spring out of bed every morning? Do they want to pack on 10 pounds of rock solid muscle and have the whole beach gawking? Or do they want to trim the beer belly and feel a little better?

What gut-wrenching fears prey on their minds every single night? Do they toss and turn, worrying how they’re going to pay their college fees? Or do they have nightmares about their evil boss and crushing 9-5 job?

Understanding these questions gives you a deeper insight into the hopes and dreams of your audience, allowing you to create services and products that will have a meteor-like impact on their lives.

For example, if your audience is made up of beginner freelancers who are having a tough time landing their first few clients, then your product on how to double your rates and systemize your freelancing business isn’t going to sell. It doesn’t help their immediate pain. They need clients first, and until they have some, they won’t be ready to buy your product or service.

Help them solve that pain. Teach them what they need right now, and your audience will throw money at you.

Action Step

Use surveys. Ask questions. Make phone calls. Send emails. Engage in your blog post comments – or the comments on other blogs. Do whatever it takes to find out what motivates your audience and what their immediate pains are.

Whatever you do, make sure you know who you’re talking to, because the stronger the value of your offer, the more sales you’re going to make.

Conversion Tip #4: Transform Ugly Writing Into Sexy Copy That Sells

Giving your copy a little makeover is an excellent way to soar your conversions without spending much time and effort.

Nev Medhora (owner of House of Rave) sold his entire inventory in two hours after tweaking the copy that he sent out in his emails.

Another testament to the power of tweaking copy was an A/B split test run by unbounce. They increased their CTR (click-through rate) by a mind-blowing 90% just by switching the word “you” to “my” in their call-to-action button.

Now, with all this talk of transforming copy, you’re probably wondering how to do it. Here are some “quick and dirty” tips to instantly transform bland writing into delicious copy that readers wolf down.

  • Use the power of the active voice to create hard-hitting sentences.
  • Include plenty of white space to help your readers’ eyes “breath.”
  • Use simple words to prevent over-stressing your readers’ brains.
  • Replace limp, filler adjectives with muscular verbs for a smooth read.
  • Engage your readers’ senses to make your writing come alive.

That’ll keep your readers satiated. And, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Action Step

This one is simple: go through your sales page or opt in page and replace any wimpy words with power words from this list by blogging master Jon Morrow. For more power word inspiration, check out this infographic from Andre Dubois.

Conversion Tip #5: Use Stories and Emotions to Shoot Your Value Up by 2,700%

Remember your school days? Remember how a lot of important lessons were disguised in stories?

The Hare and the TortoiseThe Boy Who Cried WolfPinocchio. Did you ever stop and wonder why?

Imagine if you were just told that slow and steady wins the race. Or that you shouldn’t trick other people for fun. Or that you shouldn’t lie.

Would the lesson behind the story still stick in your young brain?

Probably not.

And the same applies to marketing your business.

That’s because stories carry an emotional wallop that makes them a billion times more memorable than random statements and facts.

A recent experiment curated by journalist Rob Walker set out to test the emotional power of stories and see if they could increase any objects’ value, no matter how valueless it really was.

Rob hired a group of writers to create emotionally powerful stories about unwanted, cheap, abandoned thrift items. The thrift items were then listed on eBay, each with their own story. The results will blow your socks right off.

$128.74 worth of unwanted thrift items sold for a mind-blowing $3,612.51.That’s an overall value increase of over 2,700%!

Yes, they used powerful stories to literally sell junk.

Now imagine the difference a good story could make when it’s paired with your valuable service or product.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. A story about your business can spark unbelievable amounts of interest and skyrocket your conversions.

Action Step

Take a moment and think about your business. There’s always an attention-grabbing event somewhere. Were there any noticeable challenges you went through? Any failures that knocked you down? Any successes that blew your mind?

Tell your audience your story, and watch your conversions soar.

Conversion Tip #6: Develop a Killer Converting Unique Selling Proposition

In the early 1900’s, legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins blasted Schlitz beer from 8th rank in sales to no.1.

Here’s how.

At the time, all beer companies boasted about how pure their beers were. Every single one of them.

But Hopkins did something unique in the ad. In the ad that took Schlitz to the top, Hopkins described in detail how they purified their beer.

All the beer companies used the exact same purification process. But the Schlitz ad was the first to tell the audience how it was done.

The ad described how the beer was cooled in a special way that removed impurities. How impressive the expensive white pulp filters were. How every pipe was cleaned twice for purity, and how each bottle was sterilized four times before it was trusted to hold the pure Schlitz beer. The ad even talked about the 4,000-foot well that supplied the perfectly pure water, even though nearby Lake Michigan would have been an acceptable source.

Compare that ad with a simple statement: Our beer is pure.

Which one do you believe? Which would you buy?

That’s the power of a killer unique selling proposition (USP).

Action Step

Send out a survey to your audience asking why they like your content and what they like the most about it.Click To Tweet

This will tell you what your audience values and what can set you apart from others. Then, apply that to your business.

Keep Testing and Evolving

The world is always changing. Your audience’s tastes, opinions and desires are changing. The only way to keep up with these changes is to continuously test and learn new things.

Otherwise, all that great work you did to generate more leads from your audience won’t be very helpful to growing your business. Conversions are all about how you get those leads to click the “buy” button – and also about how effective you are at getting people onto your email list in the first place!

What have your experiences been with conversions? It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad – please tell me about them in the comments below! I won’t laugh (pinkie promise).

Next week, I’ll be covering the final piece to explosively growing your audience-based business. If you missed the first part on how to generate more leads from your audience, you can find that post here

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