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The Future and Opportunity of Online Education

  • Lexi RodrigoLexi Rodrigo

Danny Iny, Mirasee’s founder and CEO, takes a break from writing the revised edition of his book, Teach and Grow Rich, to reflect on where online education is heading and how independent online course creators can start capturing their markets today, while the industry is wide open.

        • At 1:07 – How the world of online business is growing up 
        • At 6:42 – Why online education is like podcasting
        • At 10:35 – How most of today’s online courses are failing (and why that spells opportunity for those who know better) 
        • At 14:25 – What makes for a good educational experience
        • At 16:19 – Why the best way to create an online course is to go… analog
        • At 18:27  Why marketing matters when you first launch your course but becomes less important over time
        • At 25:14 – Exciting opportunities emerging through technology, and why you shouldn’t focus on them when you’re just getting started
        • At 27:10 – Danny’s advice for aspiring course creators 

future and opportunity of online courses

5 thoughts on The Future and Opportunity of Online Education

Catherine Faure

Good God,

That got me thinking, lots of questions came up about that course creation; the need for me to do more research on it; and especially to get more in depth information than this podcast has given us.

But, it did wake me up, and I will certainly work on getting answers. And yes, I have registered for Danny’s upcoming Summit. So, thank you.

P.S. it isn’t often that I write such a short comment–tells you how little I know about what is happening and what’s new about course creation.

Johnny Kim

Good morning Hello world lady Gentlemen’s I’m a newbie in this marketing system I like to Learning how to marketing but it’s hard because I don’t know how to create the content and I am had no experience to be a writer and about page so I’m hoping some one be kind and generous to show how to do it, hopefully this message though somebody else will give me a hint little bit how to do it thank you much hello world See Ya!

Amar kumar

Hey Lexi,

Glad to read your wonderful post. Now-a-days, online business growing day by day and taking huge shape in world of business. Today, most people are taking education through online courses so we can say clearly it will definitely provide us a good opportunity to earn decent money. But it needs high promotion strategies through different platform to have massive impact. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

With best wishes,

Amar kumar

Gary Lau

I read the PDF transcript. Great insights into the current and future world of online course. My takeaway: the landscape of online courses will look very different five to ten years from now. Therefore, now is a great opportunity to get your course out there before the market becomes saturated.

Lexi Rodrigo

@Gary Lau – Thanks for sharing your insight. We feel the same way! Isn’t it exciting to see how the industry develops in just a few years?

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