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The Future and Opportunity of Online Education


Danny Iny, Mirasee’s founder and CEO, takes a break from writing the revised edition of his book, Teach and Grow Rich, to reflect on where online education is heading and how independent online course creators can start capturing their markets today, while the industry is wide open.

        • At 1:07 – How the world of online business is growing up 
        • At 6:42 – Why online education is like podcasting
        • At 10:35 – How most of today’s online courses are failing (and why that spells opportunity for those who know better) 
        • At 14:25 – What makes for a good educational experience
        • At 16:19 – Why the best way to create an online course is to go… analog
        • At 18:27  Why marketing matters when you first launch your course but becomes less important over time
        • At 25:14 – Exciting opportunities emerging through technology, and why you shouldn’t focus on them when you’re just getting started
        • At 27:10 – Danny’s advice for aspiring course creators 

future and opportunity of online courses

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