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Let the Great Online Scavenger Hunt Begin!

  • Megan DoughertyMegan Dougherty

(The Scavenger Hunt is over – but you can check out the results right here! – This post still has the list and rules, so if you’re interested in how the whole thing worked – read on!)

Come one, come all – because the Great Online Scavenger Hunt is about to begin!

I know you want to get going right now – but you must bear with me for a few moments at least – because I’m going to tell you how it’s all going to work, what you could win, and who the wonderful people who are making it all possible are.

But first, a little reminder: what’s going on here?

This will be a five week event with over 100 challenges to complete for points, skills and glory. We’ll be taking you through the paces of networking and guest posting, mastering the social web, multi-media, writing, researching and maybe even stepping away from the computer and into the real world once in a while.

If you start and stick it through, by the end of the hunt – even if you don’t win a prize – you will have expanded your reach online, made new connections, deepened existing relationships, learned new skills and generally levelled up your business.

Does that sound okay?

Good, let’s get going!

What’s at Stake?

We mentioned before that this was going to be the biggest, most impressive prize package we’ve ever put together – and that was no joke. Check out the prizes:

First Place

  • 1 Web Copy Coaching Package from Tea Silvestre ($500 value)
  • 3 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions with The Numbers Whisperer ($600 value)
  • 3 Borrow-my-Brain Sessions with Danny Iny ($1041 value)
  • 3 Blog Post Reviews with Megan Dougherty ($150 value)
  • 1 Podcast set-up and content consultation with Lindsey Rainwater ($190 value)
  • 1 Blog Strategy Review ($397 Value)
  • 1 Copy of How to Be a Finance Rockstar , signed by the author ($20 Value)
  • Dinner with the Mirasee Team (You’ve got to get to Montreal – but dinner is on us!)

Second Place

  • 2 Borrow-my-Brain Sessions with Danny Iny ($694 value)
  • 2 Blog Post Reviews with Megan Dougherty ($100 value)
  • 1 Podcast set-up and content consultation with Lindsey Rainwater ($190 value)
  •  1 Blog Strategy Review ($397 Value)
  • 1 Copy of How to Be a Finance Rockstar, signed by the author. ($20 value)

Third Place

  • $250 cash
  • 1 Borrow-my-Brain Session with Danny Iny ($347 Value)
  • 1 Blog Post Review with Megan Dougherty ($50 Value)
  • Access to all training materials from Lindsey Rainwater ($120 Value)
  • 1 Blog Strategy Review ($397 Value)
  • 1 Copy of How to Be a Finance Rockstar, signed by the author.  ($20 value)

The Killer Beginner Prize

This is a special award for the player who accumulates the most points, completes the most challenges and shows the best effort – even though they don’t have a website up and running yet. We know it’s going to be harder for you to complete some of the challenges, and we respect that you’re going for this anyway. Thanks to Tea from Prosperity’s Kitchen, we have for you a complete Basic WordPress Site Set-up/Install ($750 value): includes home page + 4 other pages + basic starter plugins + 1 hour customized training. If you think you qualify for this prize – send us a note.

The Above and Beyond Prizes

We want to encourage excellence in the challenges – and so we’re going to be picking two contestants each week who go above and beyond with the challenges – who use creativity, skill and enthusiasm to really knock our socks off. We’ll be giving them each $100.

Who’s making this possible?

Our Glorious Gold Sponsors

We’ve got Tea Silvestre from the ever popular Prosperity’s Kitchen. You may remember her as the winner of last month’s Awesome Engagement Strategies Contest – so you know she’s got the good stuff for you.

Nicole Fende, otherwise known as the Numbers Whisperer takes the fear out of finance and even make it fun – for anyone!

Our Stunning Silver Sponsor

Lindsey Rainwater, a finalist in the Awesome Engagement Strategies Contest, is ready to help the winners get creative with their audio content in no time flat.

And let me not forget the GamesMasters. These are the few, the brave, the possibly crazy who are going to be keeping track of all you players!

  • Megan Dougherty of Mirasee
  • Amanda Durepos of Mirasee
  • Robyn Crump of Mirasee
  • Mary Alice Murphy of Grant County Beat

GamesMasters have the authority to hand out bonus points, correct point tallies and decide if provided “proof” is acceptable.

Talk Rules to Me

Okay – are you ready for the rules?

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt
Ancient and Honorable Rules

1. All items on the list, except those in the section “Mandatory Challenges” are optional. You do not HAVE to do anything (except those challenges labeled  mandatory) but you are ENCOURAGED to do as many as you can.

2. Playing Name. You must decide on one name to be used throughout the game. This will be the title of your Tumblr (more on this in a moment), who your points will be attributed to, and how you will be referred to in the OFFICIAL TALLY LIST, and OFFICIAL QUESTIONS GOOGLEDOC. You are welcome to use your real name, your business name, or a made up name. For example, Megan might decide that her playing name is “Megan from Mirasee”. Alternatively, Megan could call herself: “Grand Empress of All That is Good and Kittens”. Totally up to you. 😉 Yes – you can link it back to your blog!

3. GoogleDocs. There are a couple of different Googledocs you need to be aware of.

a. Official Questions GoogleDoc. This is where you submit any questions – and answer any too!

b. Official Tally List. This is where you enter the scores for the people you’re keeping track of – and check your own! This list will be made available on Monday – we’ll email you the link.

4. Play Nice! No cheating. No mis-reporting. No sabotage. No name-calling. No backtalk on decisions made by the GamesMasters. (Of course, this doesn’t really need to be said – we’re all grown-ups and here to have a good time, and learn a bunch of new stuff!)

5. Questions are all to be submitted through the OFFICIAL QUESTIONS GOOGLEDOC. We’re not going to be able to respond to questions about the scavenger hunt, because there are hundreds of players – and every question in the Googledoc will be able to help many people at once. If you see a question in the OFFICIAL QUESTIONS GOOGLEDOC that has no answer – and you know how to fix the problem – go for it! If you see that an answer is incorrectly answered, alert Megan, Robyn or Amanda through email.

6. Earning Points. You earn points for every challenge you complete. The point value of each task is included on the Official Challenge list. In order to earn the points for each challenge – you must post the “proof” to your Tumblr. Proof could be a picture, a screenshot, video, audio or text.

7. Label Everything. Label every submission you make, question you ask or email you send with:

a. Your Player Name

b. The Challenge List Category and Number. (ie: Social Media Mastery #6)

c. For emails – Put the Label in the subject line. On your Tumblr, use the label as either the title, or the caption of the post. So an email subject might look like this: “Megan from Mirasee General #5.” And a post on the Tumblr may look like this: “Megan from Mirasee, In Real Life #4.”

d. Unlabeled challenges will not be counted for points.

8. Mandatory Challenges. There are a few challenges that we absolutely, 100% need you to do ASAP in order to be able to effectively run the game. If we notice that a week or two goes by and you have not completed the mandatory challenges – we will be booting you out. No hard feelings. The mandatory challenges are:

a. Create a Tumblr titled with your playing name. (This takes about 5 minutes)All of your “proof” will be posted here. The GamesMasters will periodically be going through your Tumblr, choosing excellent challenges and posting them on the Mirasee Tumblr. GamesMasters and your co-contestants will be checking your proof there.

b. Submit your playing name and the link to your Tumblr.

c. Screenshots or it didn’t happen. Screenshots will be your proof of pretty much everything. Emails sent (with names blurred for privacy! Use and image editor) Twitter shares, Facebook likes, comments you left – everything must be captured via screenshot and posted to your Tumblr or it will not be counted.

d. Scorekeeping for 3 co-contestants. Yep, this is a little extra work – but there are some good reasons for it:

i. You’ll get to follow some of your competitors really closely – and that’s a lot of fun.

ii. You’ll learn and practice some nifty organizational skills doing this.

iii. There are hundreds of you enthusiastic folks. Hundreds! We straight up need your help to make this work.

iv. Scorekeeping Guidelines. As a scorekeeper, you must periodically (once a week) check in on your three “scorekeepees,” and tally how many points they have accumulated. Once you have done so – you head on over to the OFFICIAL TALLY LIST, find the playing name of the person you’re scorekeeping for and enter the date, and their new TOTAL score in the spaces provided for you. Don’t leave us hanging! Remember – if we don’t see any scorekeeping activity on your part – you’re outta here. If you don’t understand how to keep score for your assigned players – write to us.

9. Mistakes on the part of the GamesMasters. There are probably going to be a couple. If you think a mistake has been made by you or about you, you may send an email outlining, with as much detail and visual proof as possible. A GamesMaster will take a look, and make corrections as necessary.

10. Bonus Opportunities. Occasionally there will be a bonus activity or chance to win some points announced on the Mirasee Blog, Megan’s Twitter Account,  AND Mirasee’s Twitter Account. The only way to win these extra points is to be paying attention and acting fast. GamesMasters will be responsible for counting bonus points. The official Twitter Hashtag for the contest is #FPMScavHunt!

Download your own copy of the Ancient and Honorable Rules here.

Now that you’ve read that… are you ready for the challenge list?


The Spirit of the Games

I’d like to remind everyone that The Great Online Scavenger Hunt is for fun, for learning, and for getting to know each other – it’s going to be hard work, and I’ll be expecting you to consult with your fellow hunters and use the OFFICIAL QUESTIONS GOOGLEDOC to figure things out. This is meant to push your boundaries, challenge you and expand the range of what you feel confident doing. If you’ve got any questions about how the contest is going to work – pop them in the comments below the post.

And without any more ado…

Here you go: The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt Official Challenge List.

(And if you aren’t registered yet, but want to be, you can sign up on this page.)

On your marks.

Get set.


103 thoughts on Let the Great Online Scavenger Hunt Begin!

Neil Rees

Drum roll…

Thought I should mark the moment. And what better way to do that than to go back to where it all started. And get a point (way to go, another point!!) into the bargain.

I have just posted the final challenge to my Tumblr.

Yep, done the lot.

Surprised myself, and learned a load en route. Thanks for making this happen. It’s been a fun month. Now for some sleep…

Heidi Anderson

Congratulations, Neil!


I was almost daunted by the list. Them I figured nothing ventured nothing gained. So I’m jumping in. Good luck may we all get out as much as we put in!

Cindy Brown

What a great opportunity for all bloggers, new and seasoned. I look forward to the challenge and hope to be a contender. Firepole Marketing is not only a great resource, but the prizes are top-notch as well!

Heidi Anderson

I’d like to suggest an additional challenge: getting recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. (I see challenge points for writing recommendations, but not for receiving legitimate ones. My client *really* under-utilizes testimonials. Would love to encourage them to get more and get points from you all for doing so 🙂

Te Ratahi

Im really enjoying this challenge. On day 2 I have already learnt about a new platform and found some awesome people. Thanks for sharing this awesome opportunity

Sarah Kovac

Phenomenal! My book just became available for pre-order, so this scavenger hunt came at a perfect time for me! There are so many of the items that I just wouldn’t have thought to do… I feel so empowered!


Just read through the comments and it looks like there is a list of challenges to complete…. somewhere?
Could someone point me in the right direction please? I fear I will otherwise miss the whole game 😛

Elizabeth Saunders

Hi, Laura. I missed it the first time, too. Scroll up to the bottom of this article, the line that starts with “Here you go:”. It’s a pdf file to download.


OK – managed to sign up.
Not sure where I can now find the list of challenges and the googledocs?
Any pointers welcome!


I wrote a post about why I join this full-of-fun scavenger hunt game.

Also please follow me 🙂


Wow! So many comments and I am just finding the site. This is one of those be careful what you wish for. New Year’s resolution, learn computer and social media. Then this game comes up and I say ok this shouldn’t be too bad…Yea! Right! I am excited, confused, frustrated and determined to do this for me. I believe the win for me is to complete and learn this information and all the benefits it will bring. I finally got my Tumblr up, with side help from my daughter, and learned what a screen shot is. I have had a couple of questions answered here on this blog, will re-read the questions again-for about the 10th time and then get back to it. Oh, and thanks for the info on the email picture. That will be one of my near projects.
I really do love this! Even though is a little scary.
QUESTION: Even though my Tumblr is up, how do I determine what I put in as my game name. I was so busy doing everything I missed that sign post and can’t get back… Ok, Ok, I can hear the laughing and tittering out there. 🙂


Heidi, I think you can represent any of those. My suggestion would be to represent whoever you feel most passionate and motivated to represent.

– Alastair.

Heidi Anderson

Thanks! Most passionate and motivated about would be my top client, so that’s what I’ll do. Time for me finish registering and get going on the challenges!

Heidi Anderson

Who am I? Seriously, for the purposes of this contest, I’m not sure what “business” I’m supposed to represent. Must I compete in this for myself (a freelance writer), or can I do so as the marketer for one of my clients (a software company) or on behalf of my husband’s business?


Judy Guion

A brilliant idea? I think I must be crazy for even attempting this. I really don’t know what I was thinking…. and yet, here I am, commenting while I’m trying to send an email to FMT with a screenshot of my followers on Twitter. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I’ll keep at it, one small bite at a time.!


Well, Danny and team, you’ve certainly got my attention! This Scavenger Hunt is SUCH a brilliant idea, thank you so much! Two days in and I’ve already been challenged as well as receiving help on a number of levels. You guys just might be my new best friends! 🙂

Chere (Scavenger Hunt participant)


I just set up my tumblr and added my introduction video! This scavenger hunt is a great idea!

Judy Guion

DesignDeeper – I’ve never done a video —-How did you record it? Did you just use your phone?


I used iMovie on my Mac – it has a record feature. I bet you could use your phone though!

Judy Guion

Thank you for the answer. I’ll try using my phone and see how it comes out. Then I’ll have to figure out how to get it from my phone to my Tumblr. This is a very sharp learning curve for me.

Renia Carsillo

Excited to be a part of the hunt! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Judy Guion

Renia Carsillo – I can’t wait either. I know I’m going to learn a lot – or die trying !!!


Some of these challenges scare me but I am going to my best to complete them anyway.

Judy Guion

jodie – I know just how you feel. This is a real CHALLENGE for me. Let’s learn together.

Sharon Kay

GREAT work on creating this hunt! If I do half the stuff on the list I’ll have already won big-time, just by learning so much (and publicizing my website)!

I’m already in the Audience Building Masterclass, and loving it, and super busy with it. So on one level the scavenger hunt is another huge chunk of time. But I see it as an extension of the class. It all ties in.


FMT – I must be crazy !!!! I have no idea why I’m going to do this – or how to do it – or even where to find the Scavenger Hunt List. BUT I’m going to give it the old college try. I’m from a generation prior to computers and the new technology scares me to death. I’ll really try not to scream HELP !!!!

Arla DeField -

Judy, good for you! I would give you my advice for when I started sewing, which is, just remember, you can always take the scissors and cut everything into little tiny pieces before you throw it away to hide the evidence, but I wouldn’t suggest scissors for a computer. Maybe a big hammer, but not scissors.


This must be a sign!!! My blog,, is all about the children of ARLA Mary Peabody Guion, my grandmother, and based on humdreds of letters her husband, Alfred Duryee Guioin, wrote to his 5 sons who were scattered around the world prior to and during World War II.She has 5 descendants with Arla in their name.
Of all the hundreds of thousands of people following Firepole Marketing, the chance that I would enter this Scavenger Hunt and my first comment would come from an ARLA is truly amazing.


This will be the first contest I have entered, and I think one of the first times I have commented. What you guys are doing is awesome. The best engagement contest I have seen yet! Great work! With that said, I’m in.

I think this is really going to help with my production in all of the areas and things I should be doing. Having a ton of challenges set out to aid in building online presence and have a chance at some great gifts is really awesome. I’ll do my best. No better time than now to make a leap with my message.

Thanks for the opportunity!



Hey, great, Justin! Welcome to the blog and to the contest!

So glad to have you on board.


Thanks for putting this together! It looks like a lot of fun and a good chance to learn too. I want to make sure I understand this correctly: We are supposed to post the challenges to our tumblr account, but we’re actually working to build our established blog? The screenshots are for when we get new subscribers to our current blog, for example?


Hi Stacy,

You’ve got it exactly. The Tumblr’s make it easier to track, and also allow you to participate on other blogs without necessarily referencing this contest – important because the main point is to promote your business.

Screenshots are for pretty much everything, unless otherwise specified in the contest rules.

Paula Brown

Here’s to everyone following their dream with this hunt! Inspiration from “Kid President” :


AMAZING! Love it.


O, I am so excited about this. Added all my accounts and just spend 10 minutes creating a picture of a cat with a fireman hat. Even a fire chief hat 🙂 Not sure that is the best use of my time 😉 Thanks for the opportunity! Ambition and competitiveness kicking in… is that bad?


Hey Kat! We tried to have a mix of “useful” and “just for fun” things.

Ambition and competitiveness are fantastic!

jane gardner

I’m just getting started; website up no blog but I’m going to do this challenge anyway because it will be great to write about the challenge and how far I get on my website :). Yes, a different email as I haven’t set my email up yet for my website (not sure it is right either :)) but I’ll get this done just to finish a few of these challenges!


Great, Jane! And remember – we have a special prize for people playing without websites! Although I totally encourage you to set up a blog if it time for you!

Shannon Lagasse

Looking forward to this! I’m signed up, got my Tumblr account set up, and have already started on some of the challenges. This is so much like a game. I haven’t been this excited in a while – and I actually LIKE working on my business! Good thing it’s snowing this weekend, because I get the feeling that I’m going to spend all weekend on my laptop getting shit done. I feel so inspired. Wow. Can hardly believe it! 😀


Awesome! We’re having a snowy weekend too – perfect for working!

Good Luck!

Geary Morales

Hey Megan,

Looking forward to the marketing scavenger hunt, including all the intriguing, yet to be determined benefits, and new professionals relationships that will organically and naturally develop.



Hi Geary,

I’m looking forward to it as well!

I foresee lots of benefits and relationships for the contestants!


already sent the email and can’t wait to receive the players that I can scorekeep! I am not sure how many one of you are from China, but I’d like to say hi from Shanghai 🙂


We’ll be releasing the official Tally Sheet on Monday, you’ll be able to search for your playing name, and find out who you’re scorekeeping for. (We wanted to give as much time as possible for people to submit their names and Tumblr’s.

Lorraine Marie Reguly

Thanks again!

Lorraine Marie Reguly

Hi there everyone! I am so glad that I decided to sign up for this hunt, as I have already learned a few things. Thanks goes out to the creators of this challenge, for that’s what it is to me, a challenge. I have only had my laptop for 45 days…and am learning many new things each day that I am on it (and I think I am on it every day!)
I just learned how to take a screenshot. One hour ago, I didn’t even know what a screenshot was. I also did not have a Tumblr account until a few hours ago…
I just know that, regardless of who wins and who loses, I feel like a winner already.


I’m so glad you signed up too, Lorraine!

I think everyone who plays will win something – in experience, in fun, in exposure – I’m glad you feel this way already!

Rob Leonardo

Hey everyone! What is going on here? Shut up, this is going to be like a dream come true blog reality challenge! Count me in! I can’t wait to start the challenge and so here goes my first. Haha. Good luck to everyone and have fun 🙂


Good luck to you too, Rob!


This is going to be fun!


I agree!

Arla DeField -

Must admit that when I looked at the list of items to scavenge,I was a bit overwhelmed and I almost said thanks, but no thanks. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so here it goes!

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

If that was your reaction, it’s probably the reaction of other people too, lowering the bar and making it easier for you to win. Remember, the rewards in business are usually right where the challenges are, too! The toughest competitions (in any sense of the word) are usually the ones with the lowest barrier to entry. Good luck!

PS Looks like the bonus for insightful comments in the rulebook is already paying off! +1! ;P


There will, of course, be some people for whom it isn’t a fit – ad that’s cool – but I’m hoping most registrants will give it a try!

And there is no such thing as too many insightful comments! Thanks for adding yours!


Wow Piers. “…the rewards in business are usually right where the challenges are…” I love that. I’m ready to face the challenges. Thanks for the inspiration.
And Thanks to Firepole Marketing for organizing this. I’m sure it will not be easy for you either!
Challenge Accepted!


Hey Arla,

Yep – it is challenging – and covers a really broad range of topics – I’m glad you’re going to give it a go!

El Edwards

Hiya Arla 🙂
I was really excited when I first heard about this but, like you, when it actually came time to find out the details, I almost walked away. There’s always so much other stuff to do isn’t there?!? But lots of the challenges are things that we ‘should’ be doing anyway (although personally, I hate ‘shoulds’ but you know what I mean I’m sure) so I decided to just go with it.

Even if we only do half of the challenges, that’s got to get us moving forward more than never having even started eh? 😉

Kim Thirion

Ready and raring to go!

Tumblr is up and email has been sent!

Just wanted to say, I’ve been in a creative/ mojo slump lately, so I’m very grateful for this scavenger hunt. I think it will really help spark that desire keep on doing this again!


Awesome Kim! I’m so glad this is timely for you!

Kim Thirion

It sure is!

Jennifer Kyrnin

One last question: is the questions Google doc open for editing yet? I went to it but couldn’t add my question.



Yep – It is fully functional. 🙂

Jennifer Kyrnin

I so almost forgot to do this today as I’ve been busy getting my act together. 🙂

I just sent in my competition name “Bloggers Create” and my Tumblr and I’m going to do a quick post there. I’m looking forward to this.

Thanks for the opportunity to help me get my site going!

Jennifer Kyrnin

Okay, I have two questions (yes, I know, I’m replying to myself… Lame!) 🙂

1. I typically list my name as “Jennifer Kyrnin” but should I list it as “Bloggers Create” for comments that may apply to this scavenger hunt?

2. How do I get my picture up in the blog comments?

Lindsey Rainwater

Jennifer, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, but what I did was go to and set up an account. That way you can connect a picture to the email account you use for commenting on blogs, and that picture will automatically show up. (It’s free.) I don’t know if there are other methods, but that’s one of the quickest and easiest. 🙂

Jennifer Kyrnin

Thanks Lindsey! *facepalm* I have a Gravatar account, but I hadn’t connected it to this address. Off to Gravatar I go. Thanks for the help.


Hi Jennifer,

For comments – feel free to use what you normally do – just post a screenshot of it to Tumblr – we don’t want anyone to mess up their branding!

And Lindsey is exactly correct about getting the image into the comments.

Angela Rosadio

This is, by far, the most exciting thing I’ve done to learn more about internet marketing in the past year! I’ve literally learned everything on my own in a convoluted mess of a maze and have desperately been searching for a little direction!

This is going to be a great start to straightening out a lot of the mess in my head! :0)

Can’t wait! Fantastically creative idea!! Hope to be able to come up with stuff like this for my own business!!!


Thanks for the kind words, Angela!

This will be great for letting yo test a whole bunch of things, and finding out what you like best!


As a sidenote, many of the challenges are great ways to get backlinks to your blog.

I know that may sound a bit selfish, but hey I guess business is business.

I have to agree with you Angela. This is one of the most exciting things I have done on the internet in a while. Also, it will really help broaden people’s horizons in terms of what they have and have not done.

Great work. – Screenshot IainMYF

Lindsey Rainwater

*EVIL laugh*

Yay! This looks like fuuuun! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be involved because of the many other things I need to do, but more social engagement is one of my main goals right now, and this fits into that perfectly.

I’m so glad I sponsored this, because this is going to give a lot of people a boost in the right direction (perhaps directions that scared them a bit) and I’m going to have a great time participating too!


I am so glad you’re sponsoring the competition, too, Lindsey! And playing – amazing!


I am so excited about this competition! I can tell by the challenges that this is going to be a positive growth experience for both me and my numbers! I really look forward to being apart of this wonderful experience!

Player: JourneywithMelAnn


I’m sl glad you think so MelAnn!

And just FYI – when you leave a comment for points – you don’t need to include your player name – a screenshot to your tumblr will count for points too!


Exciting adventure 🙂 I am registering my Tumblr now and will email you soon.


Looking forward to it!

Willi Morris

Ohmigoodness these challenges are hard. Just tried for General Interest #5 – tough one. I’ve never used Tumblr before and didn’t see a need for it, but I will actually start to incorporate this into my business somehow after the contest is over. I really encourage everyone to do this.

Good luck everyone!


Tumblr is one of those weird platforms – it seems odd until you get used to it – but then it makes engagement really easy with other people on the platform – thanks for mentioning this!

Michael Klusek

That’s an understatement. I am a WordPress expert and have trouble figuring out navigation in tumblr. You go to the business links at the bottom to change the theme. Duh. Who designed it?

Paula Brown

Michael, I actually just changed the basics of my Tumblr listings by simply clicking on my “name”…then hitting the “customize” call out on the top right…goes to some basic choices in type font, col. width, color, etc. Had to go to the main dashboard to enter a picture for my Avatar…and you can change “themes” from the top main dashboard as well. Look for the small unicorn icon under the dashboard main top menu…you can find lots of new pre-created themes there!

Stacie Humpherys

Right on! I have been thinking about grabbing a Tumblr blog as well… so this is perfect. Just sent my name off — I have needed to do some serious blogging/marketing/growth for some time now. Way to make it FUN!


That was the goal Stacie – I’m glad you’re playing!

Gary Korisko

Good stuff, FPM team.

Not only do these challenges look fun, but they’re educational, and beneficial to our blogs… but also…

It’s forcing me to learn Tumblr which I (embarrassingly enough) keep putting off!

I’m looking forward to this. Thanks!


I’ve been trying to resist using this word – I really have… but what the hey:

This is edutainment!

Happy to have you on board!



Setting up Tumblr now, will send email.
REALLY looking forward to this! Feels like it’s going to be such fun and yeah, massive growth.

Chapeau FM’ers!!!! You rock!!

Claire 🙂

p.s. do we have to take a screenshot of our tumblr account and send that with the email?





Elizabeth Saunders

Hi, Claire. You send your Tumblr username and url in the e-mail. Use screenshots for everything else and post them on your Tumblr account.


You’re exactly right, Elizabeth – thanks!


Just the excuse I need to finally checkout Tumblr!

How long is this running for?


It’s running for 5 weeks. Good luck!


I just got my tumblr fired up and sent an email.

This is going to be fun. I can’t say that I have ever done something like this before, but from what I have read so far it is going to be a blast.

If I have done some of the challenges already, do they could if they were done in the past, or do they need to be made new.

On another note, I love the way you have been doing gamification with this. I am digging it.


Oh and by the way screenshot


Good question, Iain!

Unless it’s otherwise specified in the challenge List – it must be new as of the start date for the hunt.

I’m really glad you’re digging what we’re doing – it’s a lot of fun on our end too!

Liz Levenson

I’m a little confused about the scorekeeping for our co-contestants. Do we choose three co-contestants to scorekeep for? Do we have to scorekeep for ourselves too? How do we find out who the other contestants are? That whole part doesn’t really make sense to me. Thanks for clarifying!


Hi Liz,

We’re going to be sending all of the players a link to a scorekeeping Google document on Monday- once people have submitted their Tumblr accounts and playing names. We will be assigning you the people to scorekeep for!

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

Yes, I was confused by this, too. I was wondering if we were supposed to add our names to a Google doc, and then next to three other contestants or something. Of course, that would be one way that you could crowdsource some of this buddy matching, but then, maybe you want to do that part to reduce any funny business.

Elizabeth Saunders

Yay! Setting up my Tumblr account now, getting ready to e-mail you, following instructions. 🙂


Glad to hear it!

Lisa H.

Love this idea! What a great way to get people to take action. I look forward to seeing my results at the end of the hunt. This article really got me fired up. I can’t say that I’ve seen too many people as generous with their help as your team. Thanks again. Let the games begin 🙂


Thanks Lisa!

Good luck with the challenges!

Ahmed Safwan@ To Start Blogging

Thanks Danny for this opportunity. I hope to be one of the winners. I will do my best to get most of the points.
Thanks for this opportunity.


Good luck with all of the challenges!

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