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The Case of the Missing Marketing Message

  • Selene BenjaminSelene Benjamin

We’re back with another student hotseat.

Meet Laura Linden, a consultant and coach in mindful business leadership guiding her clients in growing a conscious business. She joined the Course Builder’s Laboratory in October of 2015.

Laura along with Mirasee coaches, Jessica, Lesley, Lindsey, Andy, Oleg, Darla, and her personal coach Lizzie discuss some challenges she’s faced in trying to launch her pilot course.

They break down why her first offering did not get the response she had hoped for and give her some steps to take before launching her next pilot.

Laura Linden Hotseat: Marketing Message and Getting More Sign ups
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Key Points

  • At 1:04 – After a brief introduction, Laura explains what her pilot was about and the response she received for her initial pilot.
  • At 4:49 – Lindsey finds out how Laura’s been driving traffic to her landing page.
  • At 6:23 – Andy has some suggestions on how she can warm up her cold traffic.
  • At 7:38 – Lesley wants to clear up how Laura’s different subscribers/followers are linked and why they follow her.
  • At 9:40 – Laura explains to the group her reasoning for why she stopped emailing her list.
  • At 12:20 – David suggests some ideas on how to approach her various audiences (social media, email list, etc.)
  • At 14:36 – Jessica offers the angle of storytelling in getting people’s attention.
  • At 15:51 – Andy outlines a possible email campaign Laura can use with her list.
  • At 17:34 – Oleg adds to the story arc angle and explains why more than one email isn’t enough.
  • At 25:54 – Lesley brings it home by speaking to the lack of clarity in Laura’s marketing message with her pilot.
  • At 28:17 – The group workshops Laura’s message for a few minutes to help her get more clear.
  • At 31:37 – Lesley hits the nail on the head with the confusion around the lack of sign-ups and why even the coaches aren’t clear about Laura’s pilot.
  • At 39:00 – Each coach gives Laura one last actionable tip.

Did It Work?

Yes and no.

Laura took the tips from the coaches and took action on her next launch but still failed to see the results she wanted. Armed with more knowledge, she had a coaching call with Danny where they got even more focused on her message and her target audience.

“As Danny says, 'failure is only failure if it happens in the last chapter. Otherwise, it’s a plot twist.'”

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And given Laura’s consistent hard work, she’s no where near the last chapter. Her book has many chapters to go!

What did you think? Anything to ask Laura? Advice or questions? Let us know in the comments!

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