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The Content Marketing Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who does content marketing?

Nowadays, depending on how big your team is, content marketing can be a DIY task, outsourced to freelancers, passed on to an agency on retainer—or a little of each! All of those players are part of the content marketing ecosystem.

The infographic below shows the results of surveys among those who carry out content marketing: agencies, employees, and freelancers.

It reveals:

  • the most popular types of content that agencies create for their clients
  • the biggest challenge agencies face when doing content marketing for clients
  • what employees do in-house for content marketing
  • how much companies spend on content marketing
  • what types of content marketing work are done by freelancers
  • how much content marketing freelancers earn

… more!

Check out the infographic and see what’s happening in the current content marketing ecosystem:

Content Marketing Ecosystem Infographic

Source: Copypress

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What does your content marketing world look like? Is it comparable to what this infographic shows?