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The Content Marketing Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Lexi RodrigoLexi Rodrigo

Who does content marketing?

Nowadays, depending on how big your team is, content marketing can be a DIY task, outsourced to freelancers, passed on to an agency on retainer—or a little of each! All of those players are part of the content marketing ecosystem.

The infographic below shows the results of surveys among those who carry out content marketing: agencies, employees, and freelancers.

It reveals:

  • the most popular types of content that agencies create for their clients
  • the biggest challenge agencies face when doing content marketing for clients
  • what employees do in-house for content marketing
  • how much companies spend on content marketing
  • what types of content marketing work are done by freelancers
  • how much content marketing freelancers earn

… more!

Check out the infographic and see what’s happening in the current content marketing ecosystem:

Content Marketing Ecosystem Infographic

Source: Copypress

“Who are the people in the content marketing ecosystem?”

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What does your content marketing world look like? Is it comparable to what this infographic shows?

2 thoughts on The Content Marketing Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amar Kumar

Hello Lexi,

This also I’ve find very informative infographics. Content marketing is all about using content to attract and retain visitors and eventually turn them into customers.

In my opinion – The ability to understand and empathize with your target audience is arguably one of the most important skills you can develop as a content marketer. Eventually, thanks for sharing your amazing ideas with us.

With best wishes,

Amar Kumar

Tara Malone

You’re absolutely right Amar – being able to really empathize with your target audience is essential for a content marketer. So glad you’re finding our content to be informative!

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