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Looking Back, Looking Ahead with Danny Iny

looking back and ahead danny iny

The world has been reeling after the outcome of the US elections in November 2016. Even online entrepreneurs have seen the effects: post-election product launch results have ranged “from disappointing to disastrous.”

Yet Danny Iny, CEO and founder of Mirasee, is optimistic that things are getting better. Why is that?

In today’s episode, he talks about the changes he’s seeing in the world of online business, and how entrepreneurs can ride on these trends—including those who are just starting out. Listen if you want to keep your ear to the ground and be ready for what’s coming.


  • The two biggest shifts in online business that have begun to take place and will continue to have an impact on how we do business and what results we get
  • What’s happening in the great information-education divide
  • Why 2017 is the best time to get started with creating and selling online courses, for those who haven’t done so yet
  • How small players can succeed, even if they don’t have the expertise, marketing savvy, technical ability, or money

        • At 4:02 – What types of businesses will do better, amidst all the uncertainty
        • At 9:10 – The biggest post-election risk for entrepreneurs
        • At 11:46 – How strategies and platforms go through cycles, and what’s coming up next for last year’s favorites
        • At 16:30 – How being value-driven is transitioning from a differentiating factor into a hygiene factor
        • At 21:36 – The challenge of scaling up online education
        • At 23:55 – Different ways online marketing is maturing and what they mean for solo and small businesses
        • At 28:30 – Changes that are already happening in paid media that can be an obstacle to businesses that don’t have massive advertising budgets
        • At 31:06 – What the warm pyramid of traffic is and why it will experience a resurgence in 2017 and beyond
        • At 34:08 – How solo businesses are “growing up”
        • At 36:58 – How online product launches are transitioning from formulaic approaches to something more adaptive and resonant with audiences
        • At 41:43 – The two things that remain constant in business (that are not death and taxes)

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