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Building an Impactful Business That’s True To Your Values

  • Lexi RodrigoLexi Rodrigo

What do values have to do with your business? Isn’t business just about making money? Danny Iny, CEO and founder of Mirasee and author of Teach and Grow Rich: Share Your Knowledge to Create Global Impact, Freedom and Wealth, shares his reflections on how values can enrich an entrepreneur’s life as well as become a core competitive advantage.

In this episode of Business Reimagined, you’ll discover:

  • What business is really about (hint: it’s not just about money)
  • The key indicator that sets apart great online courses (and other products) from mediocre ones
  • How technology has made it virtually impossible to conduct business without ethics and transparency
  • A simple barometer to determine, at any given time, whether you’re conducting business with integrity
  • Why online course creators have the exciting opportunity to empower people, not as a cause that’s tacked onto their business, but as its core effect

Listen to this episode to discern what it means—and what it takes—to build a business that’s aligned with your values:

        • At 01:30 – The opportunity for many to experience the magical convergence of making an impact in the lives of people and doing so profitably
        • At 03:46 – The true meaning of growing “rich”
        • At 06:38 – Game theory and how it relates to conducting an ethical business
        • At 10:56 – Danny’s definition of business
        • At 13:55 – The exciting opportunity for online course creators 
        • At 14:13 – Consequences for online course creators who don’t really care about their students’ outcomes
        • At 17:04 – How Danny lets his values guide his business behavior
        • At 19:38 – An example of how ethical behavior pays off in unexpected ways 
        • At 25:42 – Danny’s advice to entrepreneurs who want to build businesses in alignment with their values

Teach and Grow Rich

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i really enjoyed your post.Interesting topic, thanks for sharing . I am going to apply it for my website.

Amar kumar

Hey Lexi,

You always comes with unique heading which is really very beneficial in this competitive era. I am really going to listen your episode and hope it will very valuable for me. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

With best regards,

Amar kumar

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