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22 thoughts on 6 Content Discovery Tools to Make Social Sharing Effortless

Kylie Howe

Thank you for sharing this great post Sharon! I found it very informative and I’m excited to test out each of these tools. I have been searching for Content tools. I’m happy to have found this post. Thanks again!

Calvin Black

Thanks for the great summary of tools here. I’ve just started using feedly and buffer but because buffer isn’t paid it doesn’t integrate as I would like it to. I’d like to know what a typical day/week looks like in terms of working on your social media feed. Do you spend one day queuing all your content and set it for the week, or do you spend time every day making sure your feeds are full?

Sharon Hurley Hall

I do a mix of manual and automated, Calvin. I spent a lot of time setting the tools up to find the right content. With Quuu, I’ve linked it to one social account for a single daily update. Anything else goes manually. Some of the others allow me to find content to add to Buffer, which I can, in theory, queue up weekly (though that doesn’t always work out).

Amar kumar

Hey Sharon,

You have shown amazing tools to make social sharing effortless. Most of them I’ve not given a trial but from now itself want to look their magic. Now-a-days, tools makes our work easier and effective. Eventually, thanks for exploring these beneficial tools.

With best wishes,

Amar kumar

Sharon Hurley Hall

Good luck, Amar. I’m sure you’ll find at least one you really like. 🙂


Sharon – what a fantastic post! I’ve left my social media platforms stagnant for too long because of the time it takes to find great content, share it, etc. Your resources is making me bubble with ideas! Thank you!

Sharon Hurley Hall

So happy you found inspiration from this post, Rocky. 🙂


Started with the first tool suggested – Crate.
I have created an own filter with keywords related to data storage, protection, and backup.
The result was the list full of articles about health care, pregnancy, heart arrhythmia,…

Something weird…

Sharon Hurley Hall

That’s really strange, Rado. I’ve found the Crate people pretty helpful; maybe they can troubleshoot it for you.

Ross Simmonds

Hey Rado – Thanks for giving a shot, sorry to hear you’re having a hard time getting results! I’m one of the co-founders and would be happy to help you get set up and started without the pregnancy and heart arrhythmia noise! Feel free to drop me a line directly through the chat or send me a note (ross at get crate dot co) — It’s likely that one or two keywords populated into your Crate sent our bots astray.

Beth Davidson

I haven’t heard of any of these. I’m so strapped for time (which is part of the point of my blog – yeah, I know it’s insane) I know I’m sharing things that don’t make any sense for my brand, so thanks for this list! I’m excited to try them and stop wasting my time on social media.

Sharon Hurley Hall

So glad you like the list, Beth. Hope you find a couple that really work well for you.

Charles Tutt

This is the most useful post ever. Very well done. Thanks,

Sharon Hurley Hall

Kind of you to say so, Charles. I wanted to share some different tools for a change, and I’m finding them pretty useful.


I usually roll my eyes at these lists but this was really, really useful. With all of these resources I either didn’t know about them or haven’t used them in the way you’re suggesting. Thank you!

Sharon Hurley Hall

So happy you like the tools, Joel. Hope they work well for you.

Virginia Reeves

Sharon – this is such a good, comprehensive description of these tools – I only knew of a couple of them. I’m forwarding to some friends. Thanks.

Sharon Hurley Hall

Glad you like the article, and thanks for sharing, Virginia.


Great article! I had been looking for easy ways to find and share content. These are all great tools! This was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Sharon Hurley Hall

Happy to have helped, Karen. I’ve certainly found these tools useful, especially on the sites where I don’t have as much time to be active.


Thanks for sharing this awesome piece of content. I myself use ContentGems and Quuu on my websites, both are awesome..

Sharon Hurley Hall

Thanks for adding your opinion, Mukesh. Quuu has certainly revolutionized my LinkedIn engagement, in particular.

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