About Rocky Kev

Rocky is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed through social media marketing, content marketing, and audience building. He is the technologist of the Course team at Mirasee, as well as the founder of Serious Game Devs, a marketing website for indie devs. After a long day working with technology, he relaxes with the warm glow of more technology.

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Use Only Great Course Images: Follow These Do’s and Don’ts

Higher education has hardly evolved in the past few years. There are still giant auditoriums where professors listen to themselves speak for 3 hours. There are still instructors who read from the book and quietly mumble “Any questions?” before quickly moving on. There are still educators who blame the student if they’re failing.   It sucks for students. It sucks for the professors. It sucks for everybody. And the worst part is: this mediocrity is …

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The Ultimate Tech Guide to Building Your Online Course

If you’re an online course creator, or aspiring to be one, chances are, you struggle with technology. You feel mystified, confused, and even overwhelmed with all the teaching platforms available to you. Thousands of articles compare different teaching platforms and features, but very little content tells you what you absolutely need to deliver your course successfully. The truth is, you won’t know exactly what technology you need until you’ve actually started building your courses. But don’t let …