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Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve and The Art of Work. You can find him on Twitter @JeffGoins.

Starving artist myth

How to Stop Being a Starving Artist and Start Charging What You’re Worth

When the prolific science fiction writer Harlan Ellison was asked to contribute an interview for a film project on the making of the TV show Babylon 5, he said, “Absolutely!” He just had one small stipulation: “All you’ve got to do is pay me.” “What?” the young woman on the other end of the call asked, as depicted in a video on YouTube. “You’ve got to pay me!” he replied. “Well,” she said, “everyone else …

How to Market Online: The Worst Advice You’ll Hear About Starting an Online Business

You’ve done the research. You’ve read the blogs. You’re prepared. Now, it’s time to launch your business. But as you take this giant leap, you just might fall victim to a fatal piece of “how to market your business online” advice. You might make a mistake that could cost you a lot of time and money. And it wouldn’t be your fault. Because all you’d be doing is following a popular piece of advice that’s …