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Dries Cronje is a certified content marketer with a passion for creating high-quality, long-form content that performs well at the search engines. He writes mainly in the Online Marketing and Personal Finance niches. In his spare time he also writes posts for a personal blog in the Personal Growth niche. You can read more about his serviceshere and read some of his blog posts here.

product launch plan

Product Launch Plan: How to Pull Off an Explosive Launch (and Maximize Sales)

No one told you your launch would be this hectic. In your mind, it was a simple process. You would tell your prospects about your excellent product. They would buy it, and you would make enough money for at least the next year. If only! Instead, your launch is a complete mess. Between signup forms that aren’t working, videos that aren’t streaming, and ads that aren’t converting, everything is utterly chaotic. Signup rates are also …

Best Lead Generation Tools

50 Killer Lead Generation Tools: The Ultimate List for 2020

Choosing the perfect lead generation tools for your business is not easy. Yes, most of them offer a free trial. But who makes an informed decision in 14 days? And how can anyone expect you to learn and master a new software tool in such a short time? The reality is that you have to choose the right lead generation software before you can see it in action. It’s nerve-wracking. And best of all, you …