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sell your online course

How to Sell Your Online Course Even If You Don’t Have an Audience

You’ve got this great idea for an online course, but then that little voice in your head pops up and points out: “I don’t know anyone. How can I get people in my course?” Or maybe you’ve already developed your course, and once again that little voice pops up: “I only have 100 people on my email list.” Possibly you’ve been teaching on your topic in person for a while, so you feel you’ve burned …

gamification in education

3 Features of Video Games that Make Your Online Course More Engaging and Effective

“Either I’m going to kill myself, or I’m going to make this into a game.” That’s what professional game designer, speaker, and author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World, Jane McGonigal, thought about her slow and painful recovery from concussion. She found a way to make even that dreary process more engaging and motivating by applying the gamification principles she uses at work. If games …

online courses technology 3

The Ultimate Tech Guide to Building Your Online Course

If you’re an online course creator, or aspiring to be one, chances are, you struggle with technology. You feel mystified, confused, and even overwhelmed with all the teaching platforms available to you. Thousands of articles compare different teaching platforms and features, but very little content tells you what you absolutely need to deliver your course successfully. The truth is, you won’t know exactly what technology you need until you’ve actually started building your courses. But don’t let …

online course creators success

5 Terrifying Things Successful Educator-Entrepreneurs Embrace

“Expect the unexpected I always say and the unexpected never happens” The Whetherman in The Phantom Tollbooth As Head Coach at Mirasee, I have watched thousands of entrepreneurs work through our programs. Some are a lot more successful than others, and because I know you want to be in the Successful Group, I thought I’d take a few moments to tell you what separates those who succeed from those who do not. Today we use …

online courses opportunities 1

Online Courses: Missed Opportunities and Enduring Hope

“If you teach, you will grow rich.” Danny Iny, Teach and Grow Rich Is this the experience of online entrepreneurs? Especially those who are just getting started? And if they succeed, what would be the impact on their businesses? And their lives? We wanted to find out and that’s why we added a second part to our annual state of online courses survey. Our audience of service providers, coaches, consultants, and other independent professionals responded. …

online education summit

Why Time, Technology, and Marketing Shouldn’t Stop You From Becoming an Online Course Creator

You know you want it. A successful online course. A platform for you to share your wisdom and to change people’s lives. Your ticket to finally quit that day job or stop taking on clients just because you need the money. But what can you do? Besides the job (or clients), you’ve got a family and pets to take care of and a home to keep. You’ve checked online course creation out and the technology …

The Future and Opportunity of Online Education

Danny Iny, Mirasee’s founder and CEO, takes a break from writing the revised edition of his book, Teach and Grow Rich, to reflect on where online education is heading and how independent online course creators can start capturing their markets today, while the industry is wide open. At 1:07 – How the world of online business is growing up  At 6:42 – Why online education is like podcasting At 10:35 – How most of today’s online …

online course creation get unstuck

5 Ways Course Builders Get Stuck (And 5 Ways to Get Unstuck)

What if I could reveal EXACTLY where and why (even smart people like you) get stuck before they’ve even built their first online course—and the two ways to level up so you never get stuck again? That would be pretty valuable, right? Over the next paragraphs, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Get ready, Course Builder, to Level Up.  If everything goes well, I’ll change the way you think forever. Most online course creators …

online courses infographic

The State of Online Courses 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

How are online entrepreneurs faring with online courses? As we’ve seen from our survey, the vast majority of them are interested in online courses. In fact, half have acted on that interest. But among those who have created and put out online courses, only a minority achieve their goals in terms of enrollment and income. Below is a visual summary of the results of our survey conducted in late 2016. A total of 830 online …

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