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Guest Posting Opportunities on Mirasee

If you’re an expert in marketing, business growth or audience building, and have previously published on these topics, we’d love to have you contribute.

Our blog features talented individuals who want to share their experience and expertise with our community of passionate readers. We promote content to our subscribers and across all our social networks and encourage contributing authors to do the same. If you’re interested in guest posting for us, you can do following the procedure below.

Requirements for Guest Posts

We’re looking for articles on these topics:

  • Audience & Engagement – attracting, growing, engaging an audience i.e. list building, blogging, lead generation
  • Online Courses & Education – creating online courses, running a course, piloting a course, etc., specifically:
    • Business lessons from the most successful online courses
    • How to create course materials that look pro (even on a shoestring budget)
    • The future of traditional education and what it means for online course creators
    • Secrets of the most successful Udemy instructors
    • How to put together a killer presentation (online lesson) that students will rave about
    • Why and how to turn your information products into educational courses
    • Adult learning principles all online instructors should know
    • What online course creators can learn from the best classroom teachers
  • Offer Creation – creating an offer, pricing, positioning, etc.

And we’re looking for the highest quality you can give us: quality ideas, quality research, and quality writing. We only accept 100% original posts that are meaty enough to add value to our readers.

How to Pitch

  1. In the body of your email (NOT as an attachment), provide a working title, a quick summary of your idea, and a basic outline of how you’ll develop it. Check out this great post from Hubspot on “How to Write a Blog Post Outline.”
  2. Tell us which of our categories you believe your post fits into. ***We have new categories (above). PLEASE make sure you are submitting pitches for our new categories found under the Requirements for Guest Posts section on this page***
  3. Briefly explain why you are qualified to write about the topic you’re proposing.
  4. Before submitting your pitch, proofread your email. Misspellings, grammatical errors, and other mistakes in your email are grounds for us to reject your pitch, no matter what the topic.
  5. Send your pitch to .

Please do NOT send us a full draft post until we have approved your topic and outline!

That’s it!

Note: if your pitch does not follow the above instructions, you will not receive a response. And/or if in your pitch you ask for a link, you will not receive a response.



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