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How To Be Successful In A Social Media Role If You Are An Introvert

  • Zoey SmithZoey Smith

You are passionate about social media, and you love the real time excitement and the fizz it provides. You have the talent and knowledge, and you want to make a career in it.

But a niggling voice doubts whether you can. Because, you are an introvert.

And social media is seemingly all about extroversion and being on the outside.

Introverts vs Extroverts

Many of you reading this post may feel this way. And why not? The whole world seems to thrive around extroverts. Whether you are on social media, or in your office, you may feel that garrulous and loud people overrun the world.

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You are not wrong if you feel that way: extroverts have been touted over time as being indispensable to any work force and being born leaders.

While some of this may be true, you should know that a considerable amount of the celebration of extroverts is hype, propagated and managed by personality development agencies, at the expense of those who choose to remain quiet and shy about promoting themselves.

Introverts, as you will read later on, are more than what they seem to be and more than capable of taking up social media roles. Nearly 40% of the world’s population consists of introverts. Hence it is essential that if you are an introvert, you have the confidence to be yourself, use your qualities to the utmost extent, and take up positions in social media confidently.

What Is the Purpose of Social Media?

Social media has become an indispensable tool for companies, businesses, politicians, leaders, educators, celebrities and ordinary people to share their views with the world. Social media has become an important tool for those who want to focus attention on issues.

In the world of businesses, it has become a vital part of marketing, with the result that social media marketing has evolved into a separate domain with specific investment. Social media involves the use of Internet or mobile tools to disseminate content as well as to reach out to customers/users/readers. It is a vital tool for marketers.

Why Introverts Rock The Social Media Industry

Social media is currently one of the hottest areas for job seekers. Due to the very communicative nature of social media, many people are under the misconception that working in a social media role requires you to possess the personality traits of extroverts, who are in general outgoing, social and aggressive.

At the end of the day, being successful in social media requires focus, discipline, good written communication skills and being able to convey a genuine image of yourself, that is convincing, warm and sincere.  Both extroverts and introverts like you can possess all these qualities and more.

Thus, social media becomes a level playing ground for all personalities. More importantly, you may find that unlike the common perceptions of extroverts, you as an introvert actually possess better attributes, which makes you more likely to succeed in this role.

Intuitive Introverts Make Great Connections!

Social media success emphasizes quality relationships rather than the quantity of connections you have. While the numbers of relationships you form are great, if you have not established quality connections, a lot of connection isn’t of great use.

Whether you have realized it or not, introverts like you talk less and listen more, and are gifted with naturally intuitive abilities to seize up a person, and understand their verbal and non-verbal body language.

This is because your focus is almost always on the other person. You tend to be astute observers, and you can attune yourself to the person with whom you’re speaking. This trait is also of great use on social media, where you reflect the same attitudes in your conversations with different people. Hence, you will end up building strong, meaningful engagement and relationships, which are the heart of social media marketing. This will give you the added edge!

Communication is Increasingly Non-Verbal and Via the Web!

With the pervasive use of digital technologies, communication is more and more through e-mail, chatting apps, video conferencing – in short, there is less dependence on face-to-face meetings.

This is a good trend for  introverts who are extremely comfortable with technology, as it allows you to be in a world of your own, give space during interactions, and communicate better without the hassles of direct interactions. If this sounds like you, you will find it comparatively easier to fit on social media and you will enjoy the challenges offered by it.

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Where Introverts Would Score Over Extroverts in Social Media Performances

Your own quiet nature will help you in developing one to one relationships with those whom you engage with on social media. People often tend to trust you, as you are quiet, focused and serious.

Introverts also tend to be very good listeners and this is a very important skill set required for social media engagement. You may have a good understanding of human behavior.

Many prominent business leaders are introverts. These include those involved in top-notch positions in social media marketing field. They are able to fine-tune their highly reflective internal life with the advantages of social networking – an advantage which extroverts may lack.

All you need to do is to emphasize your natural strengths, polish up on areas which may need more work such as communication and interpersonal skills, and engage in social networking strategies which are centered around your own style of working.

Introverts and Social Media are Made for Each Other

You will not find any other field in marketing which is as well suited for your personality as social media. If you are already an active user of Facebook or Twitter, you know how very easy it is to express your full selves on social media. If you have not yet tried it out, do so today.

You’ll find that many introverts transform into extroverts online and back into introverts offline. This ability to switch between both sides can help you to balance the demanding aspects of social media communication as well as personal management offline.

In fact, there are many introverts who love social media for this reason and are very adept at using it. Join their group and feel the impact that your personality would make in communication on social media platforms. Think of it as a magic wand. Imagine how powerful you feel!

What will give you encouragement is that the usual barriers (which you may encounter in real life situations), such as shyness, awkwardness, stranger anxiety as well as hesitations in starting up or ending conversations are no longer existent on the social media platform. You won’t be debilitated by these and you will be able to be yourself.

In addition, your focused, driven but quiet personalities and love of solitude make you amenable to do this job perfectly. If you want to build upon your networking and interpersonal communication skills, you can go for communication programs, which can train you in aspects of face-to-face communication and social skills.

The absence of face-to-face interaction as well as exposure to body language frees introverts. You will be able to  liaise, engage, interact, entertain, and propound questions with ease and comfort as you  allow your full personas as well as your cleverness and knowledge to be expressed.  As Susan Cain says in Quiet, some of the greatest leaders and experts in the world are introverts; there is no need for introverts like yourself to give up being themselves for success.  In addition, experiences on social media can be used to help shore up your  performance in in-person marketing.

Your Social Media Success Relies on Your Introverted Nature

When it comes to getting the job of social media marketing done, all personalities are equally capable of doing well, provided they use the skills they are naturally endowed with. Social media roles require dealing with many people online, and often requires engagement with and distribution of large amount of content as well as monitoring how clients are finding the content.

As an introvert, you can be as effective, if not more so, than extroverts in handling social media responsibilities, as many of your introvert qualities (good listening, building real relationships, being interested in human behaviorist) are the exact skills required in such  a role. In fact, introverts are very likely to gel with the role and do a tremendous performance.

Please share you personal experiences in the comments below on how your personality traits affect your professional life. Extrovert, introvert, or a mix of both – I’m curious to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic.

26 thoughts on How To Be Successful In A Social Media Role If You Are An Introvert


Great post! — I could not agree more. As an extravert, I actually feel like social media is only so-so. I mean, it’s better than being alone with my thoughts and my computer, but it doesn’t compare to actually getting out and being face to face with people.

I’d love to see the alternative perspective on this — how extraverts can thrive in online business. I ought to write a post on that myself but I’m still figuring it out! Mostly by working at coffee shops. 😉


Thanks Lisa! Yes, you are right. Extroverts thrive on communication and openly discussing their thoughts, probably like you 🙂

Razwana Wahid

Agreed with Lisa – social media is no match to face to face communication – or just being in a coffee shop and hearing other people around you.

I agree that an introvert can remove the ‘physically’ social aspect of interaction and gain more confidence online, but I would urge people of this nature to pay attention to their words. The way you write something can give away whether you’re introverted or not.

These are very generic statements and will not apply to all introverted people:

I do find some comments will offer advice, but apologise for it in the same sentence. Or use the word ‘sorry’ when they’re giving an opinion.

Of course, being behind a screen can help us all to feel brave, but let’s not forget that social media interaction is all about building a brand, and everything you write goes towards this.

I love what you wrote about introverts being great at building connections because they talk less – so true and relevant for social media interaction.


That was insightful Razwana. Thank you!

And you are right, people can indeed make out by the tone if the writer is an introvert or an extrovert; but that may not affect their perception of the brand.

As you said, what is written about the brand will be responsible for opinions created about it; and the writer, irrespective of being an introvert or extrovert, needs to be careful about what they say. 🙂

Marcy McKay

Really fascinating info, Zoey. I’m a weird combo of extravert/introvert. I need to be alone….then, can go have a fabulous time at a party/lead a workshop of 300-people…then, MUST be alone afterwards to recharge.

I really struggled with this in the beginning on building my on-line biz, I am very relational and missed the face-to-face contact. However, I’ve made 4 REAL friends, thru Firepole and the big blogs withing my niche, so I feel much better. Guest-posting on these big blogs really helps, too. I feel connected to these people even though we’ve never met in person. TY!


That is an interesting combo Marey. I guess, this does not fall under a typical ambiversion too 🙂

I guess our human body is wired such that a good intellectual interaction with a group of people is as stimulating as spending time alone, pondering over things. Or shaking a leg at a party provides the same pleasure as meditating in a quiet room :); at least for some people, if not everyone.

And you are right, because all our time is spent on a laptop these days, a lot of good friends are made online, especially when we relate to what they say.

Marcy McKay

At times, I just need different things — people or solitude. I try to listen and act accordingly. Your post made me order the book I’ve been meaning to read for awhile now to better understand my teenage son who turned into an overnight introvert: Quiet by Susan Cain. TY again!


Overnight introvert and teenager – that’s quite a drastic change and I am sure it’s for the better. I hope you find your answer in the book 🙂


Very astute! I like how you break down the benefits of being an introvert in a Social Media world.

I like how you bring in the quality versus quantity. Seems like most relationships today are a scatter-shot approach. Keep firing until one sticks. While their are rewards to this approach, you don’t get the deep connection – the “I will help you move houses” relationship that comes from a quality exchange.

Question: As you seek to find quality relationships, how do you “meet: people? Do you use “comments” to spark the conversation? Or, do you reach out to them directly?


In my opinion, reaching out directly always goes a longer way than connecting through comments. Reaching out directly is like a face to face interaction vis-s-vis a group discussion. I have had instances where my relationship with someone started with a comment, and then deepened when we found we had very similar views. But I have always found a one to one conversation leads to a deeper connect, which leads to a “quality” relation.

Sharon Mavis

I’m an extrovert and have wrestled with this very issue. Am I setting myself up for burnout by pursuing an online writing presence/business? However, I have found that my social contacts can be meaningfully planned when I have the freedom to work at my own schedule. It’s different than being in an office with other people, but it is better because the social contacts I have are ones I am pursuing and truly enjoy.

Since I ask for replies to my emails, and they come trickling in all week, that online social contact helps to feed my need.

Overall, I’m pretty doggone happy and I think it will just work!!!! 🙂


Sharon, you have answered your own question 🙂 You seem to quite enjoy your work, you are happy, and you have tailored your schedule according to what suits you. You appear to have overcome your teething issues that you had earlier, and you are pretty adjusted to your style of working. A burnout happens when you are not in sync with your work, and there is a conflict; but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Good luck with your writing ! 🙂


Great post Zoey, thanks. Lots of food for thought. Something twigged in me about how communicating from “behind the scenes” in writing or social media can free up energies I’d normally be using to pay attention to body language or other non-verbal communications (even though I’m also a singer, and so communicate very much publicly in that role). I also whole-heartedly agree with the importance of listening to develop the depth of relationships: in social media, in music or anywhere. So much so, that I offer a PDF on Random Acts of Listening as the free sign-up gift on my website. It occurs to me it might be particularly supportive for self-named extroverts, so if anyone following this post wants some ideas on listening and doesn’t want to sign up for another website, feel free to contact me via email and I’ll happily send you the text. I’m that passionate about the importance of listening!


That sounds wonderful! I am sure your PDF will help a lot of people connect to their voice.

Hana Guenzl

Thank you Zoey for such an insightful post. Did enjoy reading it and shared it on other social media channels. Because it has a great added value for my audience. Loved it!
As for me – am an extrovert however, I like to use social media as a WOM tool. It’s a great PR tool for building a Brand and maintaining its reputation. Without promotion nothing happens.
I do love face-to-face communication, especially listening, interpreting body language, and audience behaviour – in my field; that’s bespoke brand development/strategy these are added values.

Sunny hello from Down Under – Sydney and have an inspiring week – Hana


Thank you for sharing Hana! Yes, nothing beats face to face communication. Subtle body language signals convey a lot more than words shared online. But there are times when we only have social media as an option for brand building, especially with international customers. I believe WOM marketing works wonders, especially when nowadays companies indulge in dubious self-promotional acts; and the naive customer is left wondering what is genuine and what is not. In such cases, WOM is your best bet.

Good luck 🙂


Very interesting post, Zoey! I’m thinking I’m more introverted than extroverted. But, maybe I have a little extrovert in me too.

I find using social media to be much easier than talking face to face, especially to a total stranger. I guess that would be the introvert in me. I absolutely love connecting with people on quite a few social media platforms and have found quite a few I consider friends although I’ve never personally met them.

After too many hours at any kind of social situation, or even with friends and family, I start getting that disconnected feeling. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I can’t seem to focus on the conversation at hand as much. Once that starts, it’s time to go home, or if I’m already there, it’s time to be alone for awhile and recharge. I feel drained and overwhelmed otherwise.

But, on the other hand, I do enjoy getting out and meeting new people. Large crowds such as at concerts or events don’t affect me as long as I’m not the center of attention. Depending upon what the situation is, I usually feel energized from being around a whole bunch of like-minded people.

Maybe I’m just weird, but that’s okay. I’m happy anyways. Thanks for the amazing post and have a great week ahead!
Best wishes 🙂 -Sherry


Hi Sherry, was so good to read your comment because I relate to it at a lot of levels 🙂

I understand you are the kind of person who likes to work behind-the-scenes. I am like that to quite an extent.

Connecting with people online gives us more time to think what we actually want to communicate, and as a result, what we say is more meaningful and genuine. I have noticed when an introvert talks to others face to face, a lot of times, he responds to something superficially, just because he is expected to respond immediately. What he says is not well thought out and, you give him sometime to think about it in solitude and answer, you will see that what he answers is so much more interesting!

Introverts are at ease in events like concerts, because they are sort of “invisible” as the crowd does not know you; and you don’t find all eyes on you. In a way, it is like being online! What I mean is, though others know you are there, but because they don’t know you personally, you are not obliged to talk to them and you are completely at ease with the situation.

Good luck 🙂


Hi Zoey,

Wow, you hit the nail on the head! I can certainly see what you mean…I find it quite true to be answering with rather superficial replies offline since I don’t have enough time to think about it first. I feel pressured to answer right away.

And thanks for pointing that out about large crowds such as concerts…nobody is really paying attention to you except maybe the few people right next to you, but you still don’t have to worry about talking to anybody.

I didn’t realize that until you pointed it out…no wonder I’m at ease there. Thank you again!


Hi Sherry, I am glad you got those little insights about yourself 🙂 🙂 🙂

John Benzick

I’ve often thought about writing a similar article about introversion in social media. I am an introvert, and despite an excellent understanding of myself and my introversion, I often wonder if I have the online horsepower to compete in this online (and offline) extroverted world. There is SO much noise out there. It seems to be quantity over quality, high volume over a whisper. So many media personalities have such big, loud, talkative personalities. And, they seem to crowd out most anyone who wants to get a word in edge-wise. Thank you for sharing your perspective and ideas on this. I will read and study your article a few times, for sure.


Hi John,

While it seems people hear high volume over a whisper, but those “people” are not always the ones who matter. The right target audience, who you want to get your ideas across to, are the focussed ones, who will give more importance to quality than quantity. Most of the serious target customers for any business are the ones who scrutinize and look into details before they go ahead with a deal. So, in the long run, quality triumphs over shallow, superfluous quantity.

And, good luck with your article! I look forward to read it. Please share it with us when ready 🙂


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