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Ryan Levesque on the Reimagination of Asking

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Ryan Levesque is the author of the best-selling book Ask, and creator of the Ask Formula, one of the most important paradigm shifts to influence online marketing in the last decade. That’s impressive in and of itself, but Ryan is also a truly self-made man. He has found himself starting from nothing more than once in his life, and has ingeniously reimagined himself and his circumstances to rise to the top time and time again.

From paying his own way through Brown, to Scrabble tile jewelry, the great success of Ask, and everything in between, Ryan is truly an inspiration.

Download the transcript here

  • At 3:16 – Ryan discuses how all his successes and failures came together to create the Ask formula.
  • At 3:56 – Ryan takes a look at the Ask formula from the top down, the big overview of what it is, and why.
  • At 7:24 – Danny challenges Ryan’s formula by comparing it to what Amazon has been doing for years, and Ryan describes a very distinct difference that matters to smaller businesses.
  • At 10:59 – Why Amazon can’t compete with small businesses who niche, even though it makes its business niching.
  • At 19:12 – Ryan talks about where he goes for new ideas, how he re-charges and continues