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Project ABC: Self-Created Road Blocks on the Road to Success

  • Carolynne MelnykCarolynne Melnyk

overcoming procrastinationMeet Carolynne Melnyk, our newest project ABC contributor. Carolynne’s going to give a back story on her journey to building an online business, and then we’ll get into how we create our own road blocks on the road to success, and how you can overcome your own procrastination roadblocks 🙂

10 years ago, most of my friends thought I had it all.  I was a teacher, mentor, counselor, adviser, coordinator and vice-principal. I lived, worked and wandered around the world.  I had great paying jobs with lots of holidays in exotic places.

But on the inside, I was miserable and very unhappy.  So in 2004, I traded it all in for a backpack and flight to Peru.

Finding Joy in Peru

I have always been known for following my intuition.  But this time, family and friends thought I had lost it.

They kept asking me what I was going to do.

My answer, “I don’t know.”

In Peru, I explored various things during the first year.  At that time, I was fortunate to meet a very special mentor.  He walked beside me on a quest that uncovered the essence of the truth that I was seeking.  In the second year, I started a company leading spiritual tours.  The 5 years I spent in Peru were a time of great awakening for me.

Then, just to keep everyone around me wondering, in 2009 I gave up my tour company and returned to Canada.  I know that my brother was taking bets on how long I would stay. All I can say is “I am still here!”  (I think the bets are still on, only they’ve been revised a bit).

My Company, Living Life In Joy, Is Born

For a while, I taught English to New Canadians, but quickly remembered why I  left the field of education.

“I began looking around for something new. I wanted to share what I had discovered about living every day in joy. ”

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 Thus, my company Living Life In Joy was created.

My basic concept was to build a foundation of interconnected links that would guide people to find inner solutions to outer situations. And all of the solutions would lead to living a life of joy.

Joining the Audience Business Masterclass

I was ready – more than ready – to get my business started. I had my name, and the vision, but I was clueless as to how to start.  By chance, synchronicity, or whatever, I discovered Danny Iny at Firepole Marketing.  As the saying goes, the rest is history!

Today, I am half way through the ABM course and gaining in confidence with each step of the way. However, this this wasn’t the case at the beginning.

One Step, Two Steps – Stop!

After making the decision to join the Audience Business Masterclass, I was fired up and full of ideas, creativity, and passion.

Then, I received Lesson 1.  And all of a sudden, strange things began happening.

I started drinking tea at a new record, even for me.  I suddenly developed a keen interest in reading a range of blogs and books that wouldn’t previously have caught my attention.

My mid-day walk started becoming a hike.  I visited my cousin so often, that she started asking if I was OK.  Suddenly, I began taking a whole new interest in housecleaning.  I like a clean house but, housecleaning is NOT one of my passions. Why now?

Discovering My Own Self-Created Road Block

For a week, I didn’t realized that I had developed these out-of-character behaviors.  It was the excessive housework that finally woke me up.  Cleaning my small house so thoroughly and regularly was a sure sign something was amiss.  One morning, I stopped right in the middle of vacuuming and sat down bewildered.  I was vacuuming again!

Shortly after that the answer and the solution came to me.

As I sat on the sofa with my fourth cup of tea for the morning, I came to the conclusion that I had a severe case of procrastination.  I was doing everything that popped into my mind to keep myself from sitting down and tackling what was required for next ABM lesson.

There are many names for the same thing – avoidance, hesitancy, distractions, and evasion.  They all basically mean the same thing: something that distracts your attention and keeps you from doing that which needs to be done.

Wow! This was an eye opener. I had not experienced such a serious case of procrastination for many years.  But based on those previous experiences, and years of self study, I knew that there was something deeper within myself that was causing this behavior.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Underneath most of our evasion tactics is some form of fear.  It did not take me long to discover the fear that was driving this behavior.  It was a fear I thought I had released, but obviously hadn’t.  It was my old fear of not being good enough.

I’ve since discovered that a lot of entrepreneurs experience this same fear, even though they may not experience it in other areas of their life. For example, I had little fear when I took off to a village in Nigeria as a volunteer teacher for two years.  Yet now, I was afraid of not being good enough at something that I do rather well – writing and learning.  Unconscious fear is an interesting thing!

The Deeper Problem with Many Faces

When you start start something new, or even something different, there are many reasons that fear arises in the form of procrastination and distractions.  If you look closely enough, you will often realize that it is not just one fear but a combination of them.  Some of the most common fears are:

Fear of Failure

For many of us (including me), this fear hides below the surface. Even if we have confidence in what we are planning to create, moments of doubts and fear sometimes surface. For me, this fear surfaced when I took a good look at the technology that would be required to build my business.

My underlying fear was that I would somehow fail to technically build a blog. However, I moved beyond the fear and I surprised myself!

For others, this underlying fear may be due to past failures or, as with me, imagined fear of failure.  Once you realized that it is only an imagined fear, and that it’s very unlikely to actually come true, it’s easy to overcome this form of procrastination.

Fear of Rejection 

Starting a blog or small business might cause you to fear rejection.  Fear of rejection often carries a lot of “what if” statements. “What if” people don’t like my blog? Or, “what if” no one reads my blog?

Fear of rejection is a projection into the future.  The key to overcoming this fear is to remember that no one has control of what will happen in the future, and worrying that about it is a misuse of energy.

Fear of Not Being Good Enough

“The fear of not being good enough has driven me to do many things in my life.”

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  If I was told I couldn’t do something, my reaction would be “Watch me.”

This attitude had both positive and negative consequences, but always great life lessons.  So, when I saw it surfacing again as a barrier to continuing with my audience business, I knew how to deal with it.  Fear of not begin good enough can be a great motivator or a paralyser.  The good news is you can get beyond it.

Fear of Success

Everyone thinks they want success, but underneath they might be afraid of it. When you think of success, do you think of all the things you will have to give up?  Things like family time, flexibility, and freedom?

Some people are afraid of the wealth that is associated with success.  They fear dealing with large amounts of money.  Fear of success of complicated and often has many layers.  The first step for dealing with it, is to recognize it.

Fear of What Other People Might Think

As you can tell from my intro to this blog, this is not one of my fears.  However, peer and societal pressures are huge, and they affect a lot of entrepreneurs.  You are constantly bombarded with messages about what is and what isn’t accepted in society.  Society is the mirror of how you are doing and as a result, you are constantly checking the signs around you to gage how you are doing.

When you are starting a new venture, it is really important to surround yourself with a mirror that cheers you on.  This can be a group of friends and family, or an online community. This group will keep your focused on success rather the projection of others.

Overcome Your Fears by Acknowledging Their Existence

Now that we’ve talked about some of the more common fears, let’s talk about how recognizing these fears as the real motivators behind your procrastination is the first step towards overcoming this behavior.

The good news is that you do not need to identify the specific fear. You don’t have or try to get rid of it, or do anything about it. The only thing you must do is acknowledge that it is exists.

Once you realize that it is your unconscious fear that doesn’t want you to succeed, there are some simple and easy steps you can take to go beyond them.

Moving Beyond the Fear

The first thing to do is to move beyond the fear.  Here are 3 steps to acknowledge the fear and let it go.

Step 1: Take some time to feel the discomfort that this fear creates in your body. This type of fear is really just a thought, but it does create a very noticeable feeling in your body.  Once you recognize the feeling, you can let it go.

Don’t try to push it away.  Don’t try to analyse it. Don’t try to find out where it came from.  Do nothing but feel it in your body.  If you don’t engage with it, it will go away.  Engaging it makes it stronger. You want to weaken it. 

Step 2: Now take a few deep breaths.  This brings you back into the present moment.  With each breath in, say to yourself, “I am greater than my fears.”  If you know what your fear is, you can be more specific. In this case you would say, “I am greater than my fear of success.” Keep doing this until you feel a change in your body.  Often it is like letting go of tension.  You will feel a change!

Step 3: After you feel the shift in your body, you are ready to start a task.  Choose a task that you know you can easily accomplish.  This will get the ball rolling.  Once you have taken the first step, tackle another step.  It is all one step at a time.

Once you get the hang of this short practise it only takes a few moments to get beyond the fear and ready to move on.  You might have to use this practise many times in one day, but before long you will be using it less and less.

More Ways to Move Into Success

In addition to the three steps we just went through, there are several practical ways to overcome your procrastination road blocks.

  • SHUT OFF your phone.  I am very good at this.  We created voice mail for a reason. 
  • Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door. 
  • Give your friends and family your work times and ask them not call at these times.  I am sure if they knew the reason you were asking this, they will be glad to help you. Mine are!
  • Find a different place to work for a while.  A change of scenery helps.  I have a coffee shop I like to go to. 
  • Keep a list of tasks along with a due date.  This one really helps me stay focused. Sometimes I don’t meet the due date, but I don’t beat myself up over it.  I just move the date up a little. 
  • Limit your time on social media and doing research.  When completing the ABM course, it is sometimes very difficult not get carried away with research.  Just watch to see if you are straying from the task. (I know this one only too well!)
  • Instead of saying, “I have to,” say, “I CHOOSE TO”.  By saying, “I choose to,” you are letting your field of consciousness know you want to do this.  In contrast, saying, “I have to” creates an obligation, but not necessarily a desire.  A shift in focus is often all you need to move the energy in your favor.

Nipping Those Road Blocks in the Bud

Everyone has moments when their subconscious says, “Hey, I don’t want to do this.  How about we go for a walk instead?”

This still happens to me occasionally.  When it does, I realise my subconscious self wants to avoid something.  When this happens, I stop! I feel what it is.  I take some deep breaths and tell myself I am greater than these feelings.

I sit for a couple of minutes and feel the new energy, then get back to work.   You can either listen to that voice inside your mind or get behind the reason for the evasive action and move on.  You always have a choice.

Getting My ABM Business Back on Track

After I realized that all my newly-discovered tea-drinking, house-cleaning, taking long-walks habits were coming from my own subconscious, I was able to get past them by making wise choices, and focusing on taking one step at a time.

Now just because I’m getting better at recognizing these road blocks as they happen, doesn’t mean that my business has been smooth sailing. There have been challenges along the way. The positioning matrix in lesson 3, which is where you take a good look at your competitors and try to figure out where you fit in, was particularly challenging. It only took me 4 weeks of working, and re-working, and re-working again before I got it right. (Thanks, Sid, for your patience!)

The other challenge I faced was getting my landing page up.  There were a couple times when my usually infinite patience was tested.  I wrote an e-book, which may have been overly ambitious for the first opt-in, but nevertheless it is what I felt I had to offer.  In getting it ready I had one friend edit it and another design the cover.

I have only one word for it – slow!  My need to get moving and get it on my site was halted temporarily.

But, these challenges are all part of the journey.  Although I keep my eye on the end result, I relish “in joy” every step I take on the path toward making it happen.  For me, life is a grand journey of experiences to be lived in joy.

I would love to hear from you. How do you deal with procrastination, distractions, and other evasive actions?  Or, if you’re dealing with one now, try one of the actions I’ve described here and tell me about it in the comments!

50 thoughts on Project ABC: Self-Created Road Blocks on the Road to Success

Philip Turner

Inspirational! Thanks for sharing your story and how you beat procrastination.

I need to look at my own fears when I get a few uninterrupted minutes.

I am also working on Lesson 4 – except that I am doing a long course, 365 tiny steps to be precise, but it s going live once I have the first 4 weeks emails ready to send… 3 weeks’ worth done now.


Thanks Philip,

All of us have fears, some which are obvious and others that are not. When we recognize them for what they are, mostly thought form, then feel them, the fear tends to fade away . Fears don’t like to being looked at.

I like your 365 tiny steps on the long course. It is lovely journey of steps. All the best.

Leslie Jordan Clary

Great post, Carolynne! I could relate to so much in here, especially about being fearless in the world but not so confident inside. I’m also part way into the ABM and the one thing that has caused me the closest meltdown has been the landing page. And also, positioning on the grid. I don’t know how many hours I spent on that. My way of procrastination is to watch the cars on the highway. I live 40 miles from any town or city. Although my house is hidden from the road, I have a view of the highway about 1/4 mile away. When I can’t (or won’t) focus I have a sitting place by the window and like to imagine the lives of the people going by.


Hi Leslie,

Yes, many of us are walking around with a cheerful face to the world but, all jelly on the inside. Listening to yourself and to find that which feels good is a step towards bring the inner and the outer in harmony.

The grid took me a long time too but, doing it several times helped me to get clear. Then, I was able see where I stood out from the crowd.

Sometimes sitting and watching something clears the mind and brings ideas into focus. Ask your self, am I avoiding something or is it time for a break. I too live in the country and I watch birds, clouds and tree. If I am stuck I will ask for help to see a way forward.

All the best.


Thank you Carolynne! I am plodding slowly through the ABM and was happy to hear from a fellow traveler. Thank you for this insightful post. Your suggestions are great — I will make use of them as I proceed. One of my distractions (so far it isn’t a procrastination) is the “call of other niches” && doubts about the one I’m focusing on. Sid called it the Bright Shiny Object syndrome. Having a name on it really helps! And then there are other online courses, some disturbing local political issues (what? I’ve never been interested in politics) and SUMMER! My best to you as you continue on. I look forward to hearing from you again.


Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing. There are so many things around us that are vying for our attention. When you hear ‘the call of other niches’, which one really makes your heart sing? That is the one to focus on.

Summer can be a great distraction! The key is to make time to get out there and enjoy.

All the best.

Mike Martel

Great self awareness to stop the destructive behavior before it crashed your business.

I have found instead of focusing on the fear, focus on what will be the outcomes of your new business, relationship, adventure, etc. By focusing on the positive aspect you will be able to overcome the old habits and behaviors.

Best of luck in your new adventure!


Thanks Mike!

Each way works for different folks. Or you could combine them.

You don’t really focus on the fear so much as become aware of it, feel it, and then make room to welcome a different outcome.

Many roads to the same destination.

Saundra Scott-Adams

Thanks Carolynne,

Your post was a help. I am also finding housecleaning, dog walking, cooking, etc. interrupting my work. Your post rang true! Thank you.


Hi Sandra,

Thank you for sharing. I am happy that it was helpful.

All the best as you go forward.

Debra Graff

Great article, Carolynne! Absolutely a timely topic for me. Fear is a major, major issue for me, and it keeps sneaking up whenever I’m not looking! It has definitely slowed down the progress on my business. I will make use of your suggestions!

I have also noticed that I procrastinate a LOT when I try to write articles or books. It’s a real struggle for me. But when I’m preparing and giving talks or classes, my passion comes alive and everything is so much easier for me. When I focus on that passion, my fear doesn’t stand a chance!


Debra thank you for sharing.

For many people fear is an issue but they are not aware of it. It holds so many back. It is great that you are aware of it for now you can tame it.

I still procrastinate before sitting down to write, only it does not last long. I find it helpful sometimes to think of an idea and just free write until I feel the flow moving.

Like you I am so much more comfortable preparing for groups and classes.

All the best. Just go for it!

Erin Sanchez

Love this post, Carolynne! I can definitely relate. I find myself spending more and more time reading (blogs, books, etc.) as an avoidance mechanism. I wish procrastination took the form of housecleaning for me…my house could sure use it!

I have some fears that are creating serious roadblocks–one being that I am not good enough. But this statement was music to my ears: “The good news is that you do not need to identify the specific fear.” I spend a lot of time and energy trying to pinpoint my fears in order to squash them. I am going to put your advice to work so I can quit procrastinating and make some progress!


Hi Erin,
Thanks for sharing. Each one of us has uninteresting avoidance mechanism. Believe me, housework got my attention because I don’t enjoy it.

Spending more time reading goes with not being good enough. I know! Do you keep looking for new fresh ideas? That is me.

You do not have to waste time pinpointing fear. Much more important to feel and release. I am happy I could be of help.

All the best.


Ooops! Should read ‘interesting’ NOT uninteresting. Sorry!

Erin Sanchez

Hi Carolynne,

Somehow I missed your replies until now. And yes, you hit the nail on the head: feeling like I’m not good enough = excessive reading. Always looking for fresh ideas and affirmation that I “get it.”

Thanks again for the terrific advice in this post.


You are welcome! 🙂

Ron Schaffer

Outstanding post!


Thank you Ron! So happy you enjoyed it!


We’re kindred spirits, Carolynne! Fear feels like it’s been my constant companion since I started the ABM. What’s really helped me is 1) Make a laundry list of my fears. 2) Take that same list, then write about what I really want on the other side of those fears. 3) Make a decision – is X worth me risking my fears and doing it anyway? Or, am I too afraid to deal whatever entrepreneurial task today? This gives me clarity and helps me move forward and if I can’t that day….it’s okay. I get to it…eventually. Thanks!


Thanks Marcy,

I hear you. Sometimes I am so far from comfort zone, I freeze. BUT, I always get back to it!

I like your idea for dealing with fears. I will have give them a try. I am always on the look out for a fresh, and, maybe easier way to deal with fear.

All the best as you move forward.


Thanks for replying, Carolynne. Something else I’m trying to improve on is REMEMBERING that fear is part of the creative process. It’s going to strike at each new step on this ABM journey. Somehow, it shocks me every time.


I agree with you Marcy. I still experience fear in varying degrees depending on how far I am from my comfort zone. I take it as a sign of one more thing to experience and learn from. Every experience is an opportunity to grow. Thanks for sharing.


You, too, Carolynne! I’ve enjoyed our visit.


Thanks Carolynne.
This article is on point. My serious roadblock is fear….fear of failure. every time I start a project , I put my all into it, but then I suddenly slow down when I experience a little set back.
I keep putting aside the tasks that I need to do to get to the next step, until things get worse and I realise I cant handle it anymore.
Instead of sorting out my problem I would rush to help a friend or someone in need of my help.
Once I have rescued them that’s when I realise that I am in a pit.

I am going to work on the three steps. thank for sharing.


Dimakatso, thank you for sharing.

Sometimes just expressing your fear out loud in a forum like this helps to lessen it.

I would love to hear how the three steps work for you.

Keep going forward! All the best.


When I saw fear creeping into my space on Lesson #1 and #2, I decided right then and there that I would use my ABM experience as something to have fun with, something to learn from and something to gain new experiences from. I followed this up with a conversation with myself that I would re-do whatever for as long as it took to eventually be successful online. How many times? It doesn’t matter, as long as I get it done and have loved doing it. The moment I did this, the fear disappeared and I was suddenly excited about the next lesson I had been dreading.

I think too often when we start something completely new, we think the perfect outcome will bring the joy when actually it’s the entire process that brings the joy. One of my mentors once said “mind the mind and the body will follow” meaning cultivate your thinking and the feeling of joy will lead you to get done what needs to get done.”

Great article, thank you for sharing it.



Carolynn, thanks for sharing.

I love how you took an experience and turned it into a journey. I totally agree that the ABM experience is a journey. I like to say, I will give it my best and see where I end up.

You mentor has a great saying. When we realize that fears are only thought forms and have no power, every thing changes.

All the best on your journey.

Carlos Rodriguez

Carolynn, I found your post very useful. We tend to procastinate very often without even realize it. Fear of change is always guilty. The good news is that fear is always a projection of our minds, it comes with the package, its the shadow that goes with us everyday, it can throw us and refrain us from moving forward. But, as soon as we face it, we can move beyond it. We can see our previous fear that taught us we can suceed, and then we learn it was only there to push us through life, towards the life we want. But first, we must ride over it. Thanks for your post!


Carlos, thank you for your insightful comment. You are echoing my truths.

All the best. In Joy!


SPOT ON! These were the exact descriptions of the types of mental blocks that stunted my journey! One more type of fear was the fear of success in terms of “what’s next”–sounds cynical but is a paralysis I am trying to overcome. Thanks for such a thorough article!


Hi Luisa,

Thank you for sharing.

I am not clear on what you mean by “what next”. As in what else can block me or stop me or, as in where/what do I do next?

Try using the three steps I outlined in the blog. Also if you can shift your focus to the idea that this is a journey and not a destination, situations tend to turn themselves around. Take only one step at a time and try not to focus on the future. The future will take care of itself. Being present and focused on the the one step you are taking now can lead to much greater rewards.

I am willing to pursue this further with you if you would like to contact me.

All the best in moving forward toward your goal.


Wonderful post,

I guess distraction is thing which I’m working on and need to overcome from it to take my ideas or business to next level.

Thanks for sharing


Hi Samir,

Most of us go through some form of distraction when working on projects. Once you realize this and notice when it is happening, you can turn it around and move forward. What is more important, the distraction calling your attention or the success of your business? Answering that question may keep you moving forward.

All the best on taking your business to the next level.

Rodney C. Davis

Hi Carolynne,

I started the ABM over a year ago and I still haven’t completed the final few chapters as yet. I realized I was procrastinating months ago. Worse, I’ve known what I have to do to get going, but have been procrastinating about THAT too. I’ve raised the fine art of procrastination to a new level. In my case, its been fear of success.

I’ve just recently discovered I’m not alone in this. Successful people sabotage themselves all the time because some aspect of their success just DOESN’T resonate. I’ve been there, and don’t want to repeat it. It’s excruciating.

I know I’ve already doubled the corner though. I feel that shift. Maybe I just needed time to come to grips with myself. It’s just a really complicated journey, and its all internal. But there’s a tipping point where you have enough clarity, and that brings the energy and passion to let the journey unfold instead of sabotaging it all the time. I’m close, but can’t say I’ve reached that point just yet, but thought I’d respond and let you know I really relate to your story.


Hi Rodney,
Thank you for sharing. All of us sabotage ourselves from time to time. Success can bring up sorts of hidden things, as you shared.

It is great that you recognized it and have turn the corner. Sometimes all it takes is just seeing things for what they are before we can move forward.

All the best as you move through this journey.


Reading this was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve lived in Brazil about 35 years serving as a missionary – and that is my heart’s home, am almost 82, a marginal (have you heard that term in your cross-cultural living?), am back in the states (not because I want to be) and living in a retirement community with my husband (who has heart problems). I’m recovering from my 3rd sugery because of hydrocephalus (water on the brain).
I’m not ready to quit life and living… and been searching for something I can do to make a difference. Somehow, Fire Pole Marketing got my name and sent me an email.
I just signed up for ABM, am thrilled , overwhelmed and excited. Reading like mad. Your article was the first one I read.
Thank you!!! For I have ideas tumbling around in my head as I attempt to analyze my purpose and those beginning steps… and I was surprised by my inability to focus and define.
I laughed. I’ve not been cleaning house… but trying to get my computer working better.
I’ll throw out my guilt complex because of procrastination (it just makes life more complicated.) Will keep reading and learning . . . and ask for some help.
You gave me what I needed . . . wanting to read more.
God bless!


Wow Voni, reading YOUR comment was also a breath of fresh air! I wish you the very best as you continue your journey.


Thanks for that encouragement, Susan! I have an idea this is going to be another interesting journey… no idea where I’m going to end up … just got to keep my feet on the ground – at least part of the time.


Wow! We share a lot! I lived and worked in 7 different counties over a period of 26 years. Coming back to Canada was a choice but, also a shock. I had to look at it as moving to new country – marginal – yes!

Sounds like we found Firepole Marketing the same way. Danny has some magic! His personal email got my attention.

You are an inspiration. I would love to connect with you and swap stories.

All the best on this journey.


I, too, would love to swap stories… and yes! definitely a new country!
Here, I speak English with no accent . . . blend into the crowd, but many times don’t have the ability to communicate what is in my heart. People just have no comprehension!

In Brasil, my português has a definite accent. I cringe when I hear a recording of my teaching. They tell me they think the accent is “charming.” (I have other words for it.)

However, although I am obviously not a brasileira, I can communicate from my heart to theirs. I miss that!

I truly appreciate what you wrote! I’m going to go back and look for your blog.


Hi Carolynne,,

Yeah, I too procrastinate. I read tons of articles like yours daily and every time I found that I am not ready to do anything. What I did not read in your article was: How about being lazy. Do you think that there is something to it. More I think about it less I know. OK maybe just cut the crap. I am lazy then. At least getting into blogging and writing. (-: Still I want to. What a mess.
Thanks for a nudge. Charles


Hi Charles,

Great to hear from you. There could be a few of things happening here.
1) You could be procrastinating for reasons I mentioned above.

2) Maybe you haven’t found an area in which you are passionate about for your blog and that could be stopping you.

3) Try to find the real reason you want to blog. What joy will it bring you? What are you aiming for? Maybe you are just not clear about these questions.

I hope this helps. You are welcome for the nudge.

Mary Phillips

Thank you Carolynne,

It’s obviously a subject that affects many people. It’s actually comforting to realise that other creative types also have to deal with the same problems.

Any tips for PTSD people?


Hi Mary,

Thanks for your comment. It is amazing how many people are affected by this. Once someone know what it is, they can stop beating themselves up by feeling guilty and find solutions.

PTSD is a huge issue with many possibilities. I do not feel qualified to give any specific tips unless I had contact with the individual. I did deal with it in Kuwait with children after the war but each case is unique to that person. Hope this helps.

Emily Chapelle

Wonderful post! Procrastination is a slippery slope…

I’ve battled mine quite a bit lately by waking up at 5:30 or so every morning and writing before anything else. No email, no popping into social media accounts, no reading blog posts or articles… I sit down to write (I’ve already opened my writing program the night before and maximized it to full-screen) and don’t stop until the kids wake up.

It sets the tone for the day AND I accomplish a lot more in less time without any of the distractions.

Your list of fears was right-on but there’s also the fear of success… what if I throw a party and EVERYONE comes? That kind of thinking. Fear of success sounds silly but it’s a real thing, and it can be just as powerful as fear of failure. I wonder if you don’t have a little bit of that too, somewhere deep down?


Hi Emily,
Great comments. I like your idea of getting up and get writing. Might have to give it a try.

Yes, I too have fear of success – the kind where I fear everyone will come!

Thanks for the support.

Rohi Shetty

Thanks a ton for the inspiration, Carolynne!

I fell off the ABM wagon a few months ago and am restarting the whole process from 1st June.


Hi Rohi!

I am so happy I could be of inspiration for you. Welcome back to ABM!

All the best as you move forward.

Julie Stiles

Nice post. I’m getting ready to launch a podcast, Autoimmune Adventures, and I’m at the point I always get stopped – time to take it public! Talk about roadblocks – maybe more like a mountain has been plopped down in the middle of the path. One step at a time though, just one step at a time.

There’s also something for me around watching what the end result is, I think. On one hand, there’s the end result of something out in the world and my expectations and hopes for that (how quickly my list/subscribers will grow, getting to a certain rank, etc), and I can get in trouble there when the world doesn’t match my hopes. I quickly lose interest. Then there’s the end result that is internal – in this case, moving myself past this major block, even if the podcast ultimately doesn’t succeed. It’s a lot harder to focus my attention there, but I think holding that instead of, or at least in addition to, the outer goals will help as I continue to keep taking that one step at a time.

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