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3 Landing Page Ideas That Can Fix Your Low Subscription Rates

mailbox“I don’t know how to get more subscribers. Can you take a look at my landing page and tell what to do?”

I find that question in my inbox almost every day.

And I really want to help.

But 90% of the time, I wish I had a post I could point people to because the issue is one of these three landing page optimization ideas that can improve things immesurable.

Many landing pages with even fairly good conversion rates suffer from the same issues – just less severely.

So, here’s the post that I’ve meant to write for so long…

Where Will They Go?

Your visitors have no clue about why they should join your list.

And as long as they don’t know that, they don’t care about what you say.

So, make a big, bold promise in the headline.

Tell them what’s the end result they can get if they opt in.

Don’t try to be clever. It can work, but it’s a big risk that usually doesn’t pay off.

Instead, just plainly tell them what they can expect to achieve if they take action.

For example, (Mirasee’s Megan Dougherty’s site) makes a super-simple promise and gives it a clear timeline.

If you want that outcome, you’re going to read on.


No visitor will ever say, “It was too easy to understand what I’m going to get.”

At the same time, people who don’t understand what they could get will simply leave your site.
So, help your visitors understand why they need to stick around and what they’ll achieve by joining your list.

How Will They Get There?

You’ve made a big, bold promise in the headline.

That’s good, but people don’t believe it…unless you help them believe it.

Especially, if you’re in any of the less-reputable markets, people are extremely skeptical of your claims.

You need to tell them how they’re going to get the results. Otherwise, they can write it off as “marketing talk.”

For example, Ian Brodie, a friend of mine and Danny’s, spends several paragraphs explaining how his promise is possible.

The visitor won’t be left questioning what’s in store for them.

And even though the headline can make people feel skeptical (marketing is one industry filled with poor advice), the explanations are likely to take away the doubts.


What Will Get Them There?

There’s one more question people just need an answer to.
What’s the format?

It might seem trivial, but think about it; if you don’t know whether you’re going to get an ebook or a 2-year email course, you’re not too eager to share your email address.

This is the easiest thing to do. But also the easiest to forget.

For example, offers an ebook titled “The Beginners Guide to Vegetarian Meal Planning,” and they show a picture of the ebook. They also tell it has 35-pages.

You know what you’ll get. No question about it.


If you offer an ebook, show the cover image, say it’s an ebook, mention the page-count, and tell people to “download” it.

After the Basics

As I said, these are just the three most common ideas that can fix low conversion rates on landing pages.

If your conversion rates are higher, these are unlikely to be serious problems for you.

But you can always improve your results.

If you want to learn how to systematically increase conversion rate and create high-impact A/B tests, register to the “Practical Conversion Optimization for Smart Businesses” webinar.

You’ll also get a free instant bonus: the Landing Page Checklist ebook, which lists the 11 most important keys to high conversion rates.
You can even get your site or page optimized during the webinar (free), too.

Register for the free conversion optimization webinar

And if you have any questions or thoughts about conversion optimization and/or landing pages, leave a comment.

About Peter Sandeen

Peter Sandeen dreams of sailing with his wife and dogs on the Finnish coast-unless he's helping someone build a clear marketing message and strategy that creates sales consistently. Download the quick 5-step exercise that shows what ideas are most likely to make people want to buy your products and services.


  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this..just came across it while going through emails and tidying up inbox! You have given me a really good blueprint to get a client refocused on their landing page design.
    Too often landing pages are so full of hyped sales copy they forget the purpose and original intention of customer engagement and getting that all important email.
    Once again, thanks

  2. Hershel Briggs says:

    While you’re playing the online dating game, imagine if you’re told that the other person doesn’t want to talk over the phone or something, would you still be so keen to take the relationship forward? Chances are that a lot many of you won’t. You’ll have your doubts. The same applies to a landing page or a website that doesn’t have an explainer video. So it would perhaps not be too far-fetched to guess that adding videos could increase conversion rates for any sort of website.

    1. Hi Hershel,

      Actually, most tests show that video is a poor way to communicate on a landing page.

      That being said, they can work as additional information sources on landing pages. But plain video landing pages don’t usually work (I’m reworking mine because of to test it myself).


  3. Okto says:

    Hi Peter,
    Great topic!
    I don’t think that tips work with every blog in the same way. For example to this point some of us resisted using pop over subscription forms as we think the audience will be more annoyed by them than on other blog as the readers tend to be a bit more skeptical of intrusive marketing.

    Thus it’s something to test and track. Pay attention to signals of how readers are receiving it and tread carefully. However don’t rule it out completely too quickly …. there’s chance we could be missing out on a significant way to convert first time readers into subscribers.

  4. yogesh says:

    Hi Peter. I find the third reason very enticing. So beautifully it completes the chain of conversion and so meaningfully it tells the subscribers what they are going to get.

    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Tazim says:

    Whenever I get great content to my email box, I think about how there is still unique content that can be provided. I know people have a lot of emails coming in all the time, and standing out from all those can seem daunting. I have ideas on how I can present information, I just need to implement those ideas!

  6. Felicity Fields says:

    My favorite part is the No visitor will ever say, “It was too easy to understand what I’m going to get.” I think we get so caught up in how amazing our stuff is (and rightly so) that we forget to bring our headline back to the whole reason we drafted our freebie in the first place!

  7. Amandah says:


    Standing out from the crowd is vital. But I also agree with Scott when he says, ” I think it is harder than ever to build a list from scratch because people are already getting loads of email – and don’t want even more clogging up their mail box.” I’m overwhelmed and started to downsize my inbox. Don’t worry. Firepole Marketing is still on the list. 😉

    It’s important to give away information that is unique, or present ‘old’ information from a new angle. I’m trying to do with this with the non-profit I volunteer for.

    I finally received the okay to setup their email marketing services. Not only do I want to sign up as many subscribers as possible, but I want to provide VALUE to each and every one of those subscribers, and increase donations at the same time.

    I’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback about the non-profit’s Facebook page. I don’t think it will be a problem to get people to subscribe to their newsletter.

  8. Jocelyn O. Hurley says:

    Its one of those very simple things that we can do that drastically increases our conversion rates. The best thing about it, is that it’s not gimicky or a trick. All it is doing is showing the exact value you can bring to the readers life.

  9. Scott Dudley says:

    Some good points raised here. I think it is harder than ever to build a list from scratch because people are already getting loads of email – and don’t want even more clogging up their mail box. It is a lot easier for those marketers that are already well known and well respected to keep bringing in new subscribers.

    For the rest of us, I think it is a case of offering something that is completely irrisistable, and then making sure you deliver the goods. Unless it is a stand out offer, or it is a marketer that I know, I never bother subscribing to anyone’s list for the reasons mentioned above.

    Standing out from the competition is absolutely vital as well. If your offer is similar to everybody else’s then you are not offering much incentive to opt in.

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