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The Competitive Advantage with Yanik Silver

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Business owners want the competitive advantage. All too often, they resort to less-than-moral tactics to get there. But according to Yanik Silver, times are changing. People like you, who want to do good in the world and prosper from it, are about to eclipse those who just want the money.

How is this possible?

In today’s episode, Yanik Silver talks about how aligning the ‘true soul’ of your business will not only help you stay motivated, but will also give you a competitive advantage with the shifting mentality of consumers. Also:

  • How Yanik turned a $400,000 loss into a wildly successful business by finding his own alignment
  • How to properly choose a mission, message, and cause, and avoid the same embarrassment that KFC faced when selling fried chicken to support breast cancer research
  • How to tie in your life’s work to your business model, and to do so without feeling bad about it.

If you are ready to join the forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are making real change in the future of business, and doing so in a way that enriches everyone, then you don’t want to miss this episode with Yanik Silver.

        • At 4:00 – Yanik talks about how he went from being nearly half a million dollars in debt to running a business that wasn’t just in line with his core beliefs, but also was highly successful.
        • At 6:00 – Danny and Yanik discuss how he made the new business sustainable as a membership model.
        • At 10:30 – Yanik explains exactly what an ‘evolved enterprise’ is, and why this type of company will have the competitive advantage in years to come.
        • At 13:00 – Yanik and Danny discuss how companies without a core mission are either going to evolve or fail. They talk about KFC’s doomed foray into the new landscape.
        • At 20:00 – Danny and Yanik talk about his new book, who it’s for, and what they can expect to get out of it that will usher in a new age of evolved enterprises.

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