3 Headline Secrets That Could Be Costing You Massive Conversions

Headlines. You’ve already read a lot about them, no doubt. But they are extremely important, hence why they get and deserve so much attention. Headlines creep into everything you do whether you run an online or offline business. Here is just some of the following where headlines are necessary:

12 Tips to Increase Social Shares

Without social shares, your content is potentially worthless. You need to have eyes on the work, or else why even bother? It’s about providing value, right? So again, if nobody sees it, what’s the point of creating it? There is no point. Good, I’m glad we agree. Now, next to providing valuable and personalized information, content marketing guides also preach the importance of expanding reach.

LinkedIn Publishing Tips: How I Got 1 in 3 Articles Featured on the Pulse

Until recently, I always recommended that content marketers focus on high ROI activities like guest posting and SEO while limiting time on social media. However, I was able to get 1 and 3 articles featured on LinkedIn Pulse by putting my own tips into practice. While I do still recommend high ROI activities over social media, LinkedIn’s decision to open up its publishing platform to its members has created an exciting opportunity that a lot of …

Optimize Your Mobile Website to Boost Conversions

Mobile browsing is growing into new ecosystem that has its own set of laws, structures, and appearance. As mobile technology continues to grow globally, a site that does not have a separate strategy for mobile may be comparable to a marketing agency that provides the same service to each client. The best part is many companies have still not created a unique strategy for this ecosystem. Therefore, your company may harness the shifting market in …

What Makes a Great About Page?

Apart from the Home page, which do you think is the most visited page on your website? Don’t know? Here’s a hint: It’s also the page that most businesses make the biggest mistakes on. Still not sure? The answer: It’s your About page. And mistake # 1 most businesses make is assuming their about page is about them.

Tips for Using Humor in Your Blog Posts

First of all, you should know something about me. I cannot tell a joke to save my life. If you were to ask me why the well-read serial killing, yet thin-skinned chicken crossed the road I’d probably say something like “to kill a mockingbird.” That’s my level of natural humor which is to say I need to work at it.