About Sharmeen Akbani Gangat

Sharmeen Akbani Gangat is the founder and CEO of The Glocul Group. She transforms service providers into rainmakers by teaching tools and techniques that traditional sales training programs don't. Sharmeen combines her filmmaking education and training in short story writing with her radio production and freelance writing experience in New York City to develop and deliver a business development training and coaching program that is audience-focused, captivating, and responsive. Besides running Glocul, she is also a corporate trainer with University of Houston's Small Business Development Center, and taught marketing and branding classes and workshops at Hunter College and New York University. Sharmeen is a certified filmmaker from New York University and has a master's degree from Columbia University.

Don’t Be An Expert – Do This Instead

“Be an expert.” How many times have you received this advice, and how many times have you advised people to do this? Come on, admit it: you have, haven’t you? I have received this professional advice from pretty much every expert, ninja, guru, and maven I know. When I am invited to speak somewhere, people want to know my expertise. When I tell them I am not an expert, their jaws drop. Their expressions remind …