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About Peter Vogopoulos

Peter Vogopoulos is a marketing and business coach, university lecturer and co-founder of Firepole Marketing.

Customer Profile Template: Finding Your ONE Person

Post updated by Lexi Rodrigo How would you like to know EXACTLY what to say in your marketing messaging? To know EXACTLY what sort of blog post to write to generate lots of comments? To know EXACTLY what brand identity you need to have in order to inspire a large group of people and turn them into raving fans? These are exactly the kinds of things you’ll know when you clearly understand your ideal customer. …

The Secrets to Success, Revealed – and validated statistically!

So, guess what? All that stuff that you’re told to do that will increase your chances of being successful? All those “secrets to success”? Do them. Well, most of them. We’ve got the statistics to prove it. In March 2012 we surveyed 149 people about their “success habits” in an attempt to identify whether any of these commonly accepted “secrets of success” actually do correlate to success. Expressed differently, are these habits linked in any …

Productivity Interview: Danny Iny from Mirasee

Note: The Productive Marketing Survey is open and we really need your help! It takes 10 minutes, multiple choice, and there are prizes to be won. Click here to access the survey. Danny has had a monumental year. He took the Mirasee Blog to over 10,000 readers per month, guest blogged himself into notoriety, wrote and published two books, ran a marathon, got married and is the CEO of his own startup. I look at Danny …

Critical habits to KILL it as an Entrepreneur? (How to be Effective)

In my recent post Staying Sane as a New Parent and Business Owner, I shared how my life changed after becoming a father and how it impacted my business. What I didn’t share was how productivity-obsessed I was forced to become as a result. I kept on asking, how can I squeeze more juice out of 20 minutes? How can I be a mean, lean, execution machine? How can I be more effective? If you’re …

Productivity Interview: Michael Sliwinski from Nozbe.com

Michael Sliwinski is the founder of one of the best online productivity tools, Nozbe.com. Written to fit with the principles of “Getting Things Done”, Michael, a productivity junkie and trainer, and a bit of a software geek, wrote up a bare-bones version of Nozbe.com in an evening. Five years later, he and his staff of twelve have rolled out Nozbe 2.0, mobile apps and in just a few days, a “desktop” version of Nozbe. So …

Distractions, Wasted Time and Some Work Life Balance Tips for Entrepreneurs

It all comes down to work-life balance, right? I mean, really – when it comes to the whole subject of business entrepreneurship, that’s what it’s really all about. What’s that old saying? “I’m an entrepreneur. I choose which 90 hours of the week I work.” Sounds like you? Imagine for a moment that entrepreneurs really do work 90 hours every week (we’ll get into whether that’s true or not a bit later in the post). …

Business Productivity Interview: Gini Dietrich from SpinSucks.com and Arment Dietrich

It’s really hard to express how simultaneously cool and nice Gini Dietrich is as a person. We all know her as the founder and CEO of Arment-Dietrich, Inc., a digital marketing and PR firm, and as the author of the really awesome “I’ve cornered every blogging award out there” blog Spin Sucks. But did you know she makes a mean hamburger bun, is a nutter for the sport of cycling while somehow managing to run her …

3 Things To Teach You How to Improve Your Productivity TODAY!

How many times have you thought “if only there were more hours in the day?” Well, the fact is that you can’t have more hours in the day, but you can get more productive with the hours that you’ve already got! That’s what Mirasee is going to focus on all of this month – getting more bang out of each and every marketing minute. There are lots of great systems (e.g. Getting Things Done, by …

Staying Sane as a New Working Parent

Hi, I’m Peter. You know, Peter. Peter Vogopoulos. The other guy from Mirasee? *Sigh* One of the wonderful things about being part of Mirasee is connecting with awesome people who like what we do. When I say “Peter Vogopoulos” they usually say “hello”. When they hear “Mirasee”, their (virtual) faces light up and they say “Oh yeah, Danny Iny! I know him… I love his stuff. What was your name again?” Truthfully, it doesn’t bother …

Breakthrough Advertising: The Most Important Paragraph In Eugene Schwartz’s Classic!

I have a confession to make. You see, I fancy myself as being as a bit of a marketing guy. A bit. Maybe even a budding direct response entrepreneur/copywriter. Maybe. (I’m a humble guy – I leave the tooting of my horn to my clients and to our students). Yet I had never read Eugene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising. Huh? You might be wondering what’s the big deal about that. After all, few advertising people have …

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