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“Help, I’m Camera Shy!”

I used to be camera shy, and I got over it by accident. The kids I worked with were not improving enough by only attending speech therapy sessions. Home practice was a battle. Teachers and friends couldn’t understand what the kids said. So I spent an entire summer learning how to create and appear in videos. The kids were enticed to practice speech by taking turns talking with my virtual video persona. The impact was …

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How to Make Videos Authentic: Speak Effectively from the Heart So Viewers Love Watching You

Your mouth quivers as you stare into the camera. The voice that comes out doesn’t sound like you. Talking at the camera feels weird as there’s no physical energy. There’s no one there to talk with or to respond to you. You’re told to turn on the camera and smile, breathe, relax, act naturally, be yourself, have fun. But it doesn’t help. I know! This is the same generic advice that didn’t work for me …