About Felicity Fields

Felicity Fields, a former Mirasee team member, is Customer Success Specialist and Community Manager at Ruzuku and offers Accountability Coaching on the side. Learn how she can help you get your shit done here.

From Dreaming to Doing: How to Go From Planning Your Online Course to Making Your Course a Reality

Imagine this: you’ve got a great idea for an online course. Maybe you have lots of great ideas, all chasing around in your brain. You’ve read blog posts on how to build your course, attended webinars, maybe even purchased some online trainings. Despite all that, though, your course just isn’t coming together the way it should. There’s something missing, something holding you back from making that course a reality.

Measuring Success… on Your Own Terms

Have you ever felt successful, only to be told that in the eyes of many people, what you saw as success was not really a success at all? Maybe for you that could mean managing to put food on the table, or send your child to college. Things that may seem like a minor accomplishment for most people could feel like a huge feat for you. Or what about the opposite, being praised by others …

But Wait, There’s More! Demonstrate Value Whenever Possible

Lose 20 pounds in one week! Earn $100,000 a month working from home for only 4 HOURS A WEEK!! This drink will give you back all the nutrients you lost from 15 years of eating only fast food! And it will also give you super powers! And make you irresistible to every person on earth! We’ve all seen our fair share of them. Those advertisements with crazy claims that make you think, “this type of …