About Diane Holmes

Diane is the Mirasee Evangelist, where she teaches key strategies from The Course Builder’s Laboratory. She brings with her a huge love of marketing, fiction writing, project methodology, problem-solving, old-skool software engineering, and mentoring students.

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How to Sell Your Online Course on a Sales Call (and Actually Enjoy It)

Editor’s Note: If you want to fill your online course, but you don’t have an existing audience, then the approach we recommend is for you to get on the phone (or a face-to-face) conversation with people in your network. In the video and transcript below, Mirasee Evangelist Diane Holmes shares her tips for carrying out a sales call—without feeling like a pushy salesperson. Diane shares: How to begin the call (to disarm every person’s natural …

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5 Ways Course Builders Get Stuck (And 5 Ways to Get Unstuck)

What if I could reveal EXACTLY where and why (even smart people like you) get stuck before they’ve even built their first online course—and the two ways to level up so you never get stuck again? That would be pretty valuable, right? Over the next paragraphs, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Get ready, Course Builder, to Level Up.  If everything goes well, I’ll change the way you think forever. Most online course creators …