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Cynda Pike is a professional writer and content producer who has previously worked as an IT professional and visual artist. Her work has been published on the Boston Globe, PopMatters, the Austinist, HubPages and elsewhere. Get in touch with Cynda on her website or LinkedIn.

10 Free Tools to Add Zing to Your Online Course

Online courses are a great way to transfer information or personal experience into a dynamic learning environment. That text block you call an ebook may be going stag to the Kindle party for eternity, but redesign the information for online consumption and you could find a whole new audience. Plenty of knowledgeable and talented folks have decided to teach courses to a virtual audience. Look no further than these stats from 2015 and it’s clear: …

not getting clients

How to be the Freelancer Editors and Producers Adore

Dear Freelancers of the World! The gods of the current economy smile on you. The market is in your favor—so many companies, so many assignments. And yet, you’re not working as much as you want. Your cell phone isn’t ringing. The inbox is empty. What’s up with that? You are talented, yet never get past the first interaction. And sometimes I wonder if many of you even know where you trip up. I’d like to …