Meet the Team

Tree Branch

Operations Analyst, Special Projects

Tree Branch, aka Ashlee, joined Mirasee in October 2015. Tree is our Operations Analyst and can typically be found planning events, helping Bhoomi with data analysis, running Instagram, and volunteering for other random projects!

Tree is from Greensboro, NC, and has a B.S. in Psychology with a focus in Organizational Psychology for Business. Since graduating in 2014, Tree has been applying psychology to marketing through positions in her home town and is thrilled to bring her perspective to the Mirasee team.

Tree’s real passion is traveling, with favorite destinations including the South African Bush, Florence, Munich, and of course, Paris. She jets over to Europe as often as possible in search of her next great adventure (one of the perks of working online!). Tree also enjoys cooking (but mostly eating), dancing, kick-boxing, and improvisational comedy. In her free time she freelances as a special effects makeup artist. 

If you are interested in lame puns or travel advice from a brain that could rival TripAdvisor, talk to Tree. She’s happy to help you “branch out.”

Tree Branch
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