Meet the Team

Diane Kobrynowicz

ACES Coach

Diane Kobrynowicz, Ph.D., joined the Mirasee team as a Coach in the ACES Program.

An experimental social psychologist with a Ph.D. minor in quantitative methods, Diane excels in assisting others to discover their blindspots and create breakthroughs for transformation. Her area of expertise is unconscious bias and behavior change that produces results.  She also trained in more than a dozen holistic health modalities.

She’s guided the transformation of more than 700 people through 1-on-1 coaching in health, wellbeing, and leadership.  Simply, she uses the best ideas in science & art to help people create the extraordinary lives they desire. While “extraordinary” can mean many things to many people, Diane helps you define it for yourself.  

Diane is a tenacious scientist and a passionate romantic.  She walks her talk, having created her extraordinary life with her partner.  They enjoy their downtown walking lifestyle in Austin TX and travel often and widely.  One of their passions is Escape Rooms, having played over 100.

Diane Kobrynowicz

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