Meet the Team

Audra Casino

Podcast Producer

Audra first connected with Mirasee through the Audience Business Masterclass. Previously, she spent all of her professional career as a successful radio personality and audio production fanatic.

Over her 15 years in the industry, Audra worked at all genres of radio stations, in many different roles, and was involved in countless charity and community-based events. She embarrassed herself in front of famous people and did puckish things to interns – all the stuff that makes radio so much fun. One of her favorite memories is living in a tent on top of an IHOP for a week in December. She helped raise a record number of toys in that year’s Toys for Tots campaign. That was the important part, of course – not the never-ending stacks of free pancakes and hot cocoa on tap.

While Audra never expected to leave her chosen profession, she was ready to strike out and officially launch her freelancing career as a voice actress and mentor on the side.

But after a short time in ABM, Audra realized that so much of what she had learned and done to be successful in radio, advertising, engaging copy-writing, and especially connecting with clients and listeners, strongly paralleled what Mirasee was teaching. Except they were doing a lot of it better – much better! And the ability to help others succeed in the same way she hoped to succeed with this life-changing knowledge was what prompted Audra to drop everything and join the Mirasee team.

Audra’s one of those people who, well, you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth next, and it’s next to impossible to know what’s going on in her head. She’ll be discussing theory-crafting in video games, black holes, or the proper use of gerunds, and then freak out because she can’t find her sunglasses… which she is wearing. She’s quick to laugh, and you’ll often find her with her tongue planted firmly in cheek, looking like she just did something she shouldn’t have. But deep down, helping others and being an asset to those around her is what drives Audra. She doesn’t live just to make amazing things, but also the world into a better place.

Audra resides in Texas (of which she is exceedingly proud), with her husband Dave, son Evan, and head-of-household Miss Kitty. She met her husband in an online video game 9 years ago, and it’s been true love ever since. The Casino family also enjoys great movies, cooking, and being content homebodies. And Audra especially loves reading and writing.

She’s totally approachable, and nothing would make her happier than to give you a hand, so why not email her today? She’d love to hear from you!

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