How You Can Win a Ticket to My Upcoming
“Sell More Courses Live” Training in Montreal…
(A $1,000 Prize Value)

Hey, Danny Iny here.

Before I tell you how to enter to win the giveaway, I wanted to give you a quick background on why I’m doing this…

One of the biggest challenges I’ve heard from new and experienced course builders is not having a way to consistently attract buyers.

Part of the reason is that the online course marketplace is changing. It’s going from what was once a “niche” market to what is now a large, mainstream market.

What does this mean?

Instead of selling to “niche” buyers, you need to know how to sell to “mainstream” buyers. And it’s very different from what’s been done in the past.

This is why a lot of the old tactics no longer work.

So in early November I’m teaching a small group of students how to adapt to this change and grow their course sales now and in the future.

I’m going to cover brand-new strategies I’ve been working on over the past year. I’ve never released these before to the public. That’s because this is the first time they are ready to be shared.

They’re designed to help you adapt to this change in the marketplace… and help you at every stage of your business – whether it’s to attract your first 50 buyers… your next 500… or to scale to your next 5,000 buyers and beyond.

One last important thing you should know:

I’m holding this event only once – and never again.

How To Enter To WIN Your Ticket (a $1,000 value)

It’s simple.

Just scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of this page and tell me:

What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month?

The best comment wins.

Update! We’re now giving away a total of THREE (3) Tickets to my brand-new “Sell More Courses Live” event.

So you have more chances to win! Make sure to enter in the comments section below.

DEADLINE to enter is 11:59 Pacific time on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

The winners will be announced via email on Monday … so stay tuned.

Good luck!

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P.S. A quick tip to increase your chances of winning:

Get specific. Really think through how getting this “marketing and sales” piece of your course business handled once and for all would impact your life and mission.

176 thoughts on “Sell More Courses Live Contest

  1. If I was able to build a marketing machine that would grow my course sales every month it would mean that I was saving hundreds of thousands of marriages and helping preserve families!

    • If I were able to build a marketing machine, increasing sales every month, it would mean that I would not only make my own dreams of reaching the importance of character in art lessons and teach children, all over the world, how to have great character through fun videos, it also would fund great worldwide ministries, through creating foundations for self,supporting work.

    • It would mean the culmination of over 30 years as a student of the School of Hard Knocks, repurposing all my content into a bite-size morsel for entrepreneurs to consume in the form of an online course!

  2. I am targeting to have my course ready by this time, and hopefully will have begun marketing it. I’m sure I will need some encouragement, ideas and direction during this timeframe!
    I am either enrolling for Course Builders Laboratory or another class by the end of this month.

  3. My course and membership community changes the way parents understand, communicate and ultimately raise their kids. Effectively spreading the word about Mastermind Parenting positively impacts a child’s life and their future trajectory as a human. Empathy, optimism, intrinsic motivation, connection…these are the characteristics necessary to shape the future leaders of our modern world. This is what I help parents learn to do and I need help letting the people know about it.

  4. I’d love to help more people get great results, while both they and I become more financially stable. The last year and a half has been challenging, because of the loss of several family members. And this reminded me of how important it is to have recurring revenue and a product that can teach my students all I provide to my clients, even while I am not as available.

  5. If our organization could build a marketing machine that grows course sales each month, we could reach more nonprofit professionals, elevate the skills, strength, and visibility of the nonprofit sector, and build a sustainable program to strengthen the resources we provide for nonprofits. We are a champion for nonprofit professionals, and improving our ability to serve the servants and truly transform the organizations addressing the world’s greatest challenges is essential to our mission.

  6. We’ve set a goal for our ministry of aiming to spark a worldwide, cascade-effect movement, and we’re just one small piece away from it. Since taking CBL, we’ve been busy building a thriving community, with numerous courses and lot’s of helpful content. Members are engaged, and there are countless testimonies. And growth has been steady and sure in a difficult niche. But most of that growth has come through word of mouth sharing. Finding a way to unlock our full potential and reach thousands more could be the catalyst that triggers that viral growth we’re after. Getting this part of our ministry right is now first priority for us.

  7. If I could build a business machine that grows my course sales each and every month I would have money to pay off my mortgage, pay college tuition for my son who is already in college, and have the resources I need to support my two artist sons, 17 and 18: a photographer and an illustrator.
    I would be able to create a scholarship program for my youth ice hockey community where I would award 2 6 month youth ice hockey nutrition coaching programs to the winners each year. And I would have money to invest in my business and sons future.

  8. I am a 69-year old senior citizen and a baby boomer who made a bad investment and lost most the majority of my retirement, I never knew how difficult it might be to survive in these times when the cost of living has reached some all-time highs. So, what did I do? I wrote my first book and found my purpose in life. I should say my purposes in life. Purpose number one was to move from Wounded Child to Wounded Healer and others recognize the wounded child within them. The second purpose is as an author, how do you market your books. I’ve created a signature training course title, Wannabe Author to Bestselling Author Marketeer. It’s bring some revenue, however not near enough. Getting your marketing and sales piece of my course handled once and for all would impact the revenue necessary to survive these difficult times and to help others learn how to launch their book with class and to recognize to heal their wounded child or in some cases, their wounded children.

  9. If I could grow a marketing machine that grows my course sales every month, it would bring me joy and freedom. I would love to stop spending so much time and money guessing what I should try to do to sell my course. So far, my guesses have cost me a lot of money and very little revenue. It’s sad to think of how much time and money I have sunk into selling my course to get dismal results.

  10. 1. Retire my parents. 2. Make investments for passive income flow. 3. Migrate and live in Europe. 4. Travel the world. 5. Help my friends in their immediate financial needs.

  11. I’m clear on one of my offers now, and I’m almost there (thanks Danny, Eugene, Diane, Lisa, and the whole community. What would I do without you?) and ready to get my first 50 clients, and more.

    This training appeals to me so much because when I started 9 years ago, vegan cooking was a niche, and now it has gone mainstream. I’m no longer working with the same people but can reach a much larger audience. However, the competition is now tough, and I need to stand out and cut out the noise.

    If I could build a marketing and sales machine this would allow me to quick my day job once and for all (my most immediate goal- buying my freedom from being a salaried employee). For years I’ve been studying tactics, been overwhelmed by email funnels, and shied away from social media (I post on Facebook about once a year, if that), and yet I know I need to do marketing. This is a big missing link for my course/education business.

    The only clients I have had over the past years have been through organic traffic on my website and I need a marketing strategy to bring in consistent traffic. I’m finally clear on one of my more profitable offerings, and now I just need a marketing machine.

    I’ve always known how important sales are, and I’m learning a lot through ACES, but this type of focused training is just what could help me take my business from a semi part-time income to my full-time venture, to bring in consistent income, and create more incremental impact in the world.

    Thanks so much for considering my application, I love the Mirasee family and I have grown so much since joining this community.

    Yours Truly!


  12. It means that I could serve and empower more people to share their faith confidently, with less feelings of inadequacy. I want to empower more Christians to make personal evangelism part of the lifestyle to share the Good News and help build the Kingdom of God.

  13. I specialize in helping people change their lives through growth from my courses. I feel that change happens when student feel connected to what they learn and apply it in the real world. In the past I have used the direct sales approach, calls, presentations etc… Would love to just reach a larger audience in a way I never have before. I feel change isn’t just for others, but for myself. Would love to transform the way I reach people. I would love this one amazing gift. To not only change people’s life’s but to reach as many people as possible with the message I have.

  14. The world of work is still so broken. Work causes so many of us so much stress and anguish. People managers are the key. Our relationship to our boss is primary in the experience we have at work.

    I’m on a mission to help more people love their work through building better people managers.

    My course, the Super Manager Academy, is that tool to address the mindsets, tool sets and skill sets of today’s people managers.

    It helps people managers understand their importance and impact and develop in the the critical of today’s workplace including coaching, empowerment, vision setting, results driving and purpose.

    Please help me fix with by fixing people managers!

  15. This would mean more time to volunteer for non-profit organizations giving hope to the vulnerable. It would allow me to spend more time with my kids to empower and develop the next generation. It would allow me to share my skills and experience to improve the way organizations function and serve their customers. Ultimately, it gives me the freedom to live in a balanced way to serve different portions of the community who may or may not have the privilege of paying for the services they require!

  16. The world of work is still so broken. Work causes so many of us so much stress and anguish. People managers are the key. Our relationship to our boss is primary in the experience we have at work.

    I’m on a mission to help more people love their work through building better people managers.

    My course, the Super Manager Academy, is that tool to address the mindsets, tool sets and skill sets of today’s people managers.

    It helps people managers understand their importance and impact and develop in the the critical of today’s workplace including coaching, empowerment, vision setting, results driving and purpose.

    Please help me fix with by fixing people managers!

  17. It would mean peace of mind, the proof that it can be done, that business is not necessarily a struggle and it would leave room for more creative projects.

  18. Hello my name is Stacy Rosman. I am wishing everybody peace and love in their lives the best always! I have healed myself From two horrible car accidents. The first one I was 25 years old andI had to be cut out of the car with the jaws of life. I had catastrophic injuries that lead to 22 major operations over the next 15 years. At age 40 a valet driver the casino in Las Vegas hit me as a pedestrian with my own car. I had lost my memory for two years and was bedridden for four years. This past year I’ve had three major operations resulting in 36 major operations. OK ready this is an inspirational story that dreams do come true and your body can heal itself. I have been studying alternative medicine modalities and fitness for the past 27 years. I started doing energy medicine intuitively at the beginning of the first accident. I severed my ankle which resulted in 22 major operations 4 ankle fusions. I had to have major reconstruction on my knee and a back surgery. My entire life I was very athletic and I competitive gymnast. I started modeling at the age of 15 and Acting later in life. For the past 31 years I have had surgery every year but that was not going to stop me. I was told I’d probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Wrong person they didn’t know who I was and made determination and tenacity is unstoppable. I would have surgery go back to work have surgery go back to work as a fitness model and an actress. I have been studying fitness and alternative medicine moved allergies for the past 27 years which I have incorporated into my life. I have made a magical recovery. After the second accident I lost my memory for two years I was bedridden for four years. You would think that after the second I would lose my Motivation and tenacity but no I worked harder and I’m still studying. I rewired my neurological brain on the cells in my body. I’ve had five not fusions five at fusions my shoulder reconstructed rotate our labor I’ motivation and tenacity but no I worked harder and I’m still studying. I rewired my neurological brain in the cells in my body. I’ve had five not fusions five bad fusions my shoulder reconstructed rotator And much more. Six knee surgeries. I live in a state of gratitude always. Exactly what this means is that I live in a state of peace, love, happiness, joy, compassion and gratitude. My pain level is 0-2 I do not take any pain medication not even Advil. To look at me you would never think anything is ever happened to me. I am 56 years old now and have the same figure I didn’t 19. I was able to teach myself how to exercise in bed and incorporated the modalities that I had learned. I’m all healed and don’t expect any more surgeries for at least 10 years. Now is my time and I’m going to be helping as many people as I can as well as animals here physically,Mentally and spiritually holistically. Through all the reflection, Writing, academic study’s in Fitness and alternative medicine modalities I have numerous certifications and both many many many! Right now I’m taking 14 courses still as I am now all healed and will be teaching what has healed me magically and miraculously. That’s 31 years of experience through living and 27 years of academic studies. I would say I have plenty of knowledge and I’m on a mission. Healing people will heal the world! A part of this is teaching the education and awareness of awakening to consciousness and shifting. This is hugely important as our world is in a major transition and people need to understand and be prepared for change. It’s happening quicker than we thought and is a wonderful thing for all of us we are very fortunate. Peace, love, happiness, joy, compassion and gratitude sent out into the universe to all. Warmly, Stacy Rosman

  19. OOOOh! Pick me to win!!!
    I’ve been following Danny & Mirasee for a while now and love what you do. You gave me courage to build my own course, so I actually built 5! I think I did a really great job creating valuable content, but I have very few students so far. Crickets. Clearly, I need help attracting more buyers/students. I would LOVE your detailed help and instruction. If I don’t start showing some real profits, I’m going to have to get a J.O.B, which means I’m a caged bird in someone else’s office, helping them build THEIR dream. I need to create a successful business online so that my day can be flexible and I can be there for my family (my mother has Alzheimer’s and my step-father is dying). Family is everything, right? They say money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it touches everything that is! I want and need my online course business to be financially successful. I’m willing to put in the work and have so far. I need help attracting more customers with your wisdom and direction in sales and marketing.

  20. It would mean that I could spend more time investing my mental and physical energy into better serving my clients so they can experience the significant and sustainable improvement they seek, I could finally get out from under my start-up debt and rebuild my retirement fund, and I’d finally grow beyond the stage of trading hours for dollars and scale my business. More freedom to focus on the things I am most passionate about. That would be truly amazing!!

  21. It would help me to have a consistent business. t would give me the confidence to know that as long as my course delivers result my business continue living.

  22. As a result of CBL, I was able to run a successful pilot of an initial course helping students launch their cybersecurity career. And as of late August, I published an enhanced version of that same course I called Breaking into Cyber Security (BiCS). It’s a low cost entry-level course that I hope to use to build a new pilot of an enhanced course to take students even further down their journey ( But…so far no one has signed up for this course. Even after publicizing on FB and LinkedIn. Which means I can’t move forward with any additional courses either.

  23. I desperately need to claim my life back. For the past 28 years, I have worked relentlessly to build other businesses and a non-profit-organisation, but now that I want to build my own business, I am struggling to focus, to be accountable and to get my act together.

  24. If I could win this training, it would mean that I could help people change the course of their lives, learn about healthy practices and turn from dis-ease to health and happiness.

  25. Provide the competence and confidence, as well as consistent sales and income to serve my tribe and allow me my dream lifestyle I can depend on now and in the foreseeable future!

  26. If I could consistently grow my sales each month I could help more clients lead healthier more energetic lifestyles and have more time and money to spend with family, friends and the activities they enjoy.

  27. If my adopted son and I could build a marketing machine that grows our digital course sales each and every month, it would have 2 significant meanings to me: [1] It would help vastly more people learn and practice the research-proven ways to develop tasing emotionally-intimate love relationships. And [2] it would launch my son–whom we adopted when he was 17–into a self-supporting career now that he is an adult into a marketing career helping others create a strong marriage that his own biological parents never had.

  28. If I could consistently grow my sales every month, I would have more time to concentrate on building courses that deliver exceptional value to an audience that is ready for the transformation in their business that I can help them achieve.

  29. Making it easier for health-focused brands to do more good is the underlying mission behind what I teach. These are the brands that are fighting climate change, food deserts, supporting farmers, fair trade, a livable wage, etc. Most of these brands are Certified B Corps. Helping them sell more allows them to do more good.

    Retail is pay to play with natural brands being forced to pay more than their fair share, why more than 80% of natural brands fail within the first year – I’m committed to change that!
    My mission is to make our healthy way of life more accessible. That begins with teaching natural brands what they need to know to grow and thrive. Like the parable, I want to teach them how to fish.

    Consider this: 25% of a brand’s gross sales are used to promote the brand and yet over 70% of those fees are wasted. Solving this allows those brands to thrive and grow. Those fees are all passed on to you the consumer – you and I. The reason natural organic products cost you so much more is largely do to this.

    My marketing machine is focused on helping those brands make quality healthy food available to all.

  30. I would be better able to assist Single mothers who are depressed, over-worked and lacking in self-esteem, money and parenting skills. I would be better able to use the contents of my book…” women Are Worthy: Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like An Eagle?” to do effective workshops for women.

  31. Good question and with or without this free training, it would mean the world to me as it will enable me to fulfill my mission: Getting marketers back in the board room (as a manner of speaking), meaning they will be proud (again) about marketing’s added value to the company’s bottom line by deploying accountability. I will help them (and their senior management/business owners/C-Suite) to change their way of working and increase marketing effectiveness. As to me Marketing is ‘key’ for any business to achiever their vision and mission. So the more marketers I can help, the higher appreciation of marketing in general will grow.

  32. Over 20 years ago in a NDE-like experience, I was given a unique understanding of what a human incarnation is, why we incarnate when we do, that each of us has a specific life purpose, and how we discover (remember) what that is. I spent many years helping people remember – one individual at a time – until I discovered Mirasee. Through what I learned in CBL and Boot Camp, I have developed a school with seven classes and hundreds of videos. To be able to build my “marketing machine” and grow my course sales every month would mean that more people could remember their reason for BE-ing. The global implications are huge.

  33. Danny, if I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month would mean to me that your system really works as you have said. I have followed several systems that where suppose to do just that, but to my disappointment nothing happened.
    Well if following your course machine does what you claim I will be your loyal supporter. I’m waiting to see if it is so.

  34. Growing my course every month would mean that so many more people are living the life of their dreams – and I’m surrounded by these people; which is a dreamy life for me!

  35. If I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales, I could help moms from all walks of life get the sleep they need with a newborn so that they could be a more effective lover, mother, worker, boss, and doer of whatever dream goals they want to achieve. They’d be able to launch into each new day feeling rested and ready to take on the world!

  36. Danny:
    If I were able to build this marketing machine it would allow me to take 30+ years of business knowledge and experience and helping business owners around the world to build profitable sustainable scalable businesses that work without them!. I would be able to provide for my family and build my income to be in a position to give back to so many worthwhile charities and organizations. In short, it would be a dream come true to make a difference while doing work that matters.

  37. As an introvert I really feel out of place when connecting and I find networking stressful. Additionally I don’t enjoy social media as I find putting myself “out there” a little bit icky.
    I just want to learn how to build a marketing machine that would help me to let people know that I want to share with them the knowledge that seeing their problems from a systems perspective would help them not only to solve them but to resolve them once and for all. I just want to find a way to communicate with potential students and to let them know that I can teach them how to energise their creativity reflection and by doing so to raise their employability skills in the era of AI and robotics

  38. Reaching more people every single month would mean thousands more people who would learn how to break the patterns of anxiety, self-doubt, worry, fear and all those inner forces that hold them back from accessing and growing their deepest potential. Through mindfulness training and other science-based mental tools, I help people cut through the stories, beliefs, and attitudes that hold them back and start living the lives they want. A monster marketing machine would create a tidal wave of goodness impacting thousands of people who will start living more fulfilled lives and that will ripple out into all of those people’s families and communities. There is nothing that motivates me more than to see someone break free from that which keeps them from sustainable happiness and peace. I would love to learn how to multiply my impact and serve a larger and wider audience.

    It would mean inner freedom for all those people I reach; it would mean an opportunity to scale up and grow a business to train others to do this transformational work; it would be mean the start of a movement for people to stop living from their small self and start living from their deepest, inspired, powerful self. Bring it on.

  39. That kind of success would mean that my course changed a centuries’ old hierarchical culture to welcome the talents and contributions of many who have been routinely overlooked. It might not change the whole world but it would be a huge positive influence on a major part of many lives. The last successful similar influence was started by one woman in the late 1800s, who couldn’t get the attention of the male power-holders—until her ideas started to work—and became the norm through the late 1900s. I would be proud to have learned from her and to have successfully built on her ideas to meet the realities of today’s technological advances.

  40. It would mean more freedom to help, uplift, inspire others to a calmer state of mind. It would mean helping the world become calmer. It would mean sharing my genius zone FULL TIME, rather than the current part time. It would mean a dream come true. It would mean more chocolate. It would mean more retreats for those who need them. It would mean a lot less stressed out mamas and papas that my course would help. It would mean the world would be a better place.

  41. Marketing is tough for everyone, especially if you’re humble. I think being humble is the anti-sell, so humility doesn’t make you any money, and therefore isn’t sustainable for your business. If I could generate more students every month, I would be able to focus on what I love to do…help people become more effective leaders.

  42. I am close to 60. Been there done that. As I mature I see so may distressed souls. And, I really would like to help people. I want to change peoples lives. People like single moms or dads. People who need second chances. Or just those people who are finally ready to take that plunge and put all their fears behind them. That is my only goal before I leave this earth.

  43. It would mean I get to help thousands of people cultivate a healthy relationship with their food and empower them to make better decisions about their food and lifestyle choices. This would in effect help them to become the healthiest, fittest, best version of themselves.

  44. It would mean I get to help thousands of people cultivate a healthy relationship with their food and empower them to make better decisions about their food and lifestyle choices. They could finally step off the diet and short-term weight loss cycle for good and be able to live their healthiest, best life.

  45. I am a teacher and often teachers want to be right. In the last months and years I learned to ask more questions instead of giving answers – and now I want to help my students doing their tasks the right way. In the pilot the feedback gives proof of my approach. However, almost nobody really knows what I am doing. Building a marketing machine and reach more paying customers would mean that my original idea was right and it would give the opportunity to reach more people, have money to invest for improvements – yes, it would open a new step upwards in the spiral!

  46. Hi Danny,
    Research shows that over 82% of Small Scale businesses fail in the first few years due to so many reasons; having an effective marketing system will enable me as a Business consultant reach more potential clients.

  47. It would mean a great deal to me to have access to insights that can empower me to build a legacy that will inspire and motivate others, create employment opportunities and provide for myself and my family.
    I can only dream of having a business that runs on autopilot & the freedom that would provide to spend more time with family & make a real difference in the lives of people that need training & support to start their own business.

  48. It would mean a lot to me. I could financially stable while fulfilling the need of close people and family. It would also mean that lots of students satisfied with the course, which is great because students’ need are fulfilled and their skills has improved. For the rest, I would like to save for future.

  49. If I will be able to build a marketing machine that would grow my course sales every month it would mean that I will be able to spread my message to thousands around the world.

  50. What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month?

    It would mean a great deal to me! My business’ mission is to teach students how to become strongly prepared to launch successful and meaningful careers. A strong and effective marketing process would mean I am enabling more students and their families to realize their career dreams and potential. Strong marketing and course sales will allow me to provide some of the things in retirement that my wife deserves and would cherish. And finally strong marketing could bring about the success that would make me the superhero my dogs think I am!

  51. Hi Danny, This would be the absolute dream for my business and my life right now. I have had a tough year and I find myself at a transitional point in my life and this training would give be the runway to enable me to make the transition into the next phase! I struggle with the marketing side of things and need all the help I can get and comes at perfect timing for my launch in my 2020 sprint! Fingers crossed!!

  52. It would mean that more and more musicians are being thrilled with the results they are experiencing as they develop their craft. Music students would be significantly more productive with their practice time. Students and their parents would see better results from the investments of time, money, and effort. More families would know the joy and pride of being related to an accomplished musician; friends and colleagues would share those feelings. The world would be a better place because more and more high-quality music would be available to us all through these students. The thousands-year tradition and practice of music would be handed down to a new generation of skilled artists; who will have the skills to pass to the next, and the next.

  53. Reaching more people every single month would mean thousands more people who would learn how to break the patterns of anxiety, self-doubt, worry, fear and all those inner forces that hold them back from accessing and growing their deepest potential. Through mindfulness training and other science-based mental tools, I help people cut through the stories, beliefs, and attitudes that hold them back and start living the lives they want. A monster marketing machine would create a tidal wave of goodness impacting thousands of people who will start living more fulfilled lives and that will ripple out into all of those people’s families and communities. There is nothing that motivates me more than to see someone break free from that which keeps them from sustainable happiness and peace. I would love to learn how to multiply my impact and serve a larger and wider audience.

    It would mean inner freedom for all those people I reach; it would mean an opportunity to scale up and grow a business to train others to do this transformational work; it would be mean the start of a movement for people to stop living from their small self and start living from their deepest, inspired, powerful self. Bring it on.

  54. My mission in life is to spread happiness and my course teaches a simple method to get and stay happy that takes only a few minutes a day. My goal is to launch this in November 2019 and reach as many people as possible. I was not always the happy woman I am now and sharing this powerful, but quick and easy to implement method will help many people lead happier, more fulfilled lives. I especially want to get this into the hands of teenagers who struggle with feelings of inadequacy and who are so unhappy at a time they should be having “the time of their lives.” Of course, this will also free me financially from any concerns about my future well-being as I’ve set aside financial rewards to be able to get this out to the world.

  55. I want the budding young entrepreneurs to highly benefit from my entrepreneural course which i have divided into three sections viz., Value Proposition, Business Design and Financial Management.

  56. I have created Imagination Videobooks, a nonprofit dedicated to reinforcing children’s core values, such as kindness and empowerment, by bridging the gap between illustrated children’s books and the digital world. My next CBL course will show authors and illustrators how to create audiobook and videobook versions of their books at no cost, with the royalties from sales being a charitable donation. This course will be part of the nonprofit’s marketing plan, to reach authors of children’s illustrated books who want to be featured on our Amazon Prime Video channel and beyond.

  57. It would provide sufficient recurring income that would allow greater scale for my current business, further establish credibility and authority, AND expand capacity to develop a new social impact arm. In addition, it would help support some other life transitions I have in goal form.

  58. Building the ultimate marketing machine for my course would mean 3 important things for me :
    1. More people would be able to feel better about themselves in their sales role. I see a lot of people who are in sales but are not proud of what they do or who they are because there is a bit of shame associated with sales because of the years of poor approach to sales. But the thing is that selling is a really tough job and it takes courage to go out there and be rejected. In sales you always have to prove yourself and to prove that you are honest and that you actually help people who buy from you. A lot of people don’t actually choose sales as a career but they are there anyway and a lot of them are struggling. On the other hand, some people embrace a career in sales because they want to have control over their income and their live, but they aren’t able to get there. But there are also very successful and proud salespeople and they always want to be better at what they are doing. Everybody should be proud of what they are doing in their life!
    2. If all people doing sales do that with a professionnal and honest approach without being peddlers, we as buyers can have more trust when we interact with them. Nobody wants to be thinking about “what does he want to sell me?” when they’re talking to a sales person! That’s one way to increase the level of trust in the world.
    3. Last but far from least, it would allow me to spend more time with my daughter. We shouldn’t wait to spend time with our loved ones. I never envisioned myself as a mom, but I’ve embraced this role and I want to be available, caring supportive, nurtuting, and loving to help my daughter be the best version of herself (which I have no clue what it will be like, and that’s one of the most interesting dimension of the parenthood journey).

  59. Having the know how to build a marketing machine that truly handles the course sales growth potential means I can concentrate on sharing my trainings in a way that can truly make an impact with more people.
    Marketing is often a heavy and difficult task for those of us who have little to no experience, and to remove that bottleneck would create a flow for course expansion.
    This would enable my courses to train more Registered Intimacy Coaches worldwide, expanding my reach as an individual coach into exponential help for those looking to improve intimate relationships, heal from abuse and have more connection in their lives.

  60. From this perspective, there are two points of origin.

    A: I’m a marketing master and any app built to automate this would reflect that.

    B: I am no marketing master by anyone’s stretch of imagination…but I am accepting of and open to coaching from an expert that I trust who is willing to lift that veil. There is a theory that speaks of transference of knowledge. I’ve done this for myself in the recent past, and a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…when I was 20 (If you knew me then and met me now, you would know this to be true.) The recent one was the occasion of my wife and I hosting our first guest for a weekend. I met Gabrielle on my first mission to connect with like minded people via youtube comments. She is a political scientist and current Phd candidate at Carlton in Political Science. I would drive to Ottawa to enjoy an afternoon and a dinner in her company. The favored topic, politics and world economy with philosophy on the side. These conversations are some of the most memorable, joyous conversations I ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Her visit, a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon had many opportunities for discussion. Saturday evening we got into one, five or six hours….during this conversation, I wipe the table I had mentally prepared for this clean of my old opinions of politics, and absorbed the knowledge she earned through being incredibly well read…I didn’t mention what I was doing, giving anyone the opportunity to tell you why you can’t do something when you are not strong enough to weather that storm is not a good idea….when I woke up the next day, that knowledge was neatly arranged in my long term memory exactly where it would serve me best. This is why it is emphasized to read from books you wish to learn from just before you sleep, so that the subconscious mind can put that information where it works best. Where there was once a volcano just waiting to blow the second politics entered the discussion, there was now an understanding, and some amusement, for that great show, it isn’t a vocation I would choose, it can destroy a person…unless you can look past the surface to see what lies beneath. So, long story short my ability to follow the master’s guidance will be reflected in the performance of that machine.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. This has been Robert Brooker, and I’m blessed to be here.

  61. In short, it would enable my purpose and mission. I would like young people (teens and early twenties) to lead their life courageously. I believe they can own their future by taking charge of their education (formal, informal, practical, internships, jobs…). I would like to see a million leaders in the world today with the courage of our heroes (Mandiba, MLK, Mother Teresa…). I sincerely believe that this is the way to solve our world challenges by developing passionate, brave and bold leaders. Courses on self-awareness, innovation, and leadership could be powerful in framing their future careers. In my opinion, sustainable revenue and cash flow are essential to provide free and low cost mentorship, scholarships and opportunities.

  62. Wow, getting this “marketing and sales” piece of my course business handled once and for all would
    mean more women stepping into my course and into their power, leaving behind the mind set of self sacrifice and setting an example to others that respecting and caring for oneself is the foundation for success in life, love, and business,. It will support them to be the powerful and compassionate leaders and examples we need right now in the world.

    If would also impact my life and mission in a profound way, so many hours freed up to innovate, create new ways of helping people, and actually coach. I don’t want to do online courses so that I don’t have to deal with people, I want to succeed at them so that I can actually engage even more fully and intimately with the people who to be more.

    And finally, it would free me up financially so that I can spend more time with my family and grandsons, be a positive influence in their lives, and be present to do the extra things that make such a difference in the boys and men they become. Thanks for this opportunity to speak about this – it is always inspiring. I look forward to hearing more about this opportunity.

  63. It would mean that I could provide strategies and approaches that could help people to reach their potential and make their businesses more successful. Soft Skills are the cutting edge but very few programs of any kind include them in their curriculum so people graduate with skills to do their job but not skills on how to communicate, manage stress and their time, be a good team player, handle change, manage or lead a team effectively, run an effective and time-constrained meeting, handle conflict or various other soft skills. Offering the training to a broader audience would a great benefit to them.

  64. When I get my “marketing and sales” piece of my course business handled and continue to grow my course sales monthly, it would increase my ability to sustain myself in business as I continue my goal of training trainers and leaders to train and lead others throughout the world to make our world a better place in which to live.

  65. I could change the world by increasing happiness and spreading peace!! My passion is to help people recognize their strengths and focus on the positive instead of the negative. I develop courses that help people pursue their dreams, and the positive spreads like ripples in a pond. The more clients I have in my courses, the greater the impact to the world, creating a better world for everyone. A beautiful dream realized! 🙂

  66. It would mean I could focus my attention on creating new courses to follow up on my first course. My first online course, Harp Secrets, will launch to the public in December or January. I have been a top professional performer and teacher in my field for over 3 decades. I have a huge amount of material to share and document. But without a way to increase my income without spending more hours working one to one giving lessons I do not have the financial or time or energy resources to create subsequent courses. With a reliable marketing “machine” growing the sale of the course I have already created I will be able to complete my legacy, reach more harpists who can benefit from what I have to offer, and also create some time for myself to practice my own music and record several CDs.

    • The other issue for me is figuring out how to expand my course offering to a wider audience interested in Yoga, holistic healing, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Etc. My fundamental technique involves learning how to use “chi” (or what I call resonant breath which is a combination of clear mental intention, precise physical movements and energy/”chi”) to play the harp. I would love to find a way to partner with a harp maker to offer very inexpensive but decent sounding harps to market those instruments and my course to non-musicians who want to use the harp as a sort of meditation tool.

  67. It would mean not sitting at the dining table all day, every day, tapping away on my $2 (no joke) Goodwill laptop. Instead i could be with humans: leading group coaching, hosting retreats, and doing VIP days.

  68. That means I have a kind universal basic income then it’s gonna be my own insurance then I just liberate and drain out what I have to offer the world each and every month in return too.

    Then I have the marketing machine to thank.


  69. Building a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month would mean that I get to play a part in more and more families experiencing healthy, life-giving relationships between parents and children. It would mean that my empathetic listening skills courses are reaching more parents, which would mean that more children get to experience being known and loved in every situation and emotion of their lives, whether good or bad, joy or sorrow, peace, anger, or confusion. It would mean that I get to live in a world where I don’t have to witness so many painful interactions between adults and children, interactions in which I see children’s souls scar because their hearts and emotions, the things they care most about, were not received or cared for. It would mean that I would experience greater hope that the children of today would grow up to be healthy, thriving adults who are secure in their knowledge that they are loved and confident in handling their inner lives. And it would mean that the world is a more hospitable place, because there would be more people practicing the listening skills that offer hospitality to others, that create safe spaces for others to be received as themselves.

  70. It would mean personal financial freedom to accelerate focus and ACTION to:
    > Accelerate & expand Vitalize Your Workforce as the “go to” experts in proactively helping companies, managers, and individuals release the drag of personal stagnation in the 8 – 12 hours a day they work and set a new platform for talent evolution.
    > Easily & systematically expanding Vitalize Your Workforce course(s) reach to millions both inside & outside organizations globally, making a profound change the way talent evolution is encouraged and managed.
    > Establishing firm & sustainable residual revenue streams as part of my primary income (over 70)
    and so much more!!

  71. More ease – for my body, my family, my business and my clients. It would allow me to tap into the universal flow of service and focus on my mission of healing. It would enable me to increase my reach to relieve suffering from the impact of trauma thereby eliminating future pathways of hurt. Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people. Our world is suffering. We have forgotten how to breathe, how to share, how to connect. We need a grand return to the simple. We need to broaden our reach to the one and heal hearts one by one, to stop the surge of suffering and come home to peace.

  72. If I could have the practical knowledge to market and sell my course, my ability to reach women with mental health issues and improve their lives with my course would which unimaginable heights. I truly believe this would have a beneficial effect on society as a whole, as well as all of the individual women who take my course. Mental health issues are a rapidly increasing epidemic, and women are particularly vulnerable.
    For me and my business, the effect would be incredible. Not only would I have consistent revenue, I can expand into new territories – such as program and product creation. The freedom to pursue my dream work with a ‘work from anywhere’ factor would be incredible!

  73. At the moment, it would mean that my current project to launch an e-learning platform will have a better sustainability strategy. It means that I will also be able to train the course developers and continue sharing the skills I gain so that they can be financially better off and then I can be better off from the huge returns the platform will generate.

  74. An effective perpetual marketing machine would mean I could help the tens of thousands of people frustrated, disappointed, highly stressed out – or just bored out of their minds – with their current jobs and career prospects to discover their true superpower, hone it and focus it on work challenges that truly inspires them AND fairly rewards them for the value they create. And inspired people contributing to their highest level in roles and projects that feed their authentic purpose tends to have a massive positive ripple effect on all it comes in contact with…

  75. The level of stress, anxiety, and burnout among workers in the U.S. and Canada are truly unprecedented. Workers have recognized the “need” for meaningful work. Unfortunately, management is often not equipped to provide the “leadership” necessary to create a positive workplace culture.

    My program prepares managers to become inspiring leaders by utilizing my proprietary framework of leadership development. I feel properly prepared leadership is the linchpin to a more engaged and happy workforce. The result… less workplace anxiety, less, burnout, less depression, and less suicide. My life purpose and mission is to put a dent in the epidemic of workplace unhappiness.

    Danny, I have been following your work for years. I’m convinced that your insights and client-attracting strategies are exactly what I need. I would be forever grateful If I could predictably attract just 10-15 clients per month to my program. It would dramatically change my life and positively impact the workers that will become the beneficiaries of their leaders’ newly inspired mindset, philosophy, and skillset.

  76. My mother passed five years ago. She was a visionary, she created DASA Meditation (DASA – Developing Awareness for Self Actualization) for stress reduction and self-awareness back in 1975. This was her life’s work. She saw meditation being taught in corporations back in 1975. At that time no one knew stress would become a number one health risk. Today, Google, Apple, Nike, HBO, and many others have regular programs. Why? With meditation and self-awareness skills, people are healthier, happier, and more productive employees, the return on investment is profitable.

    Although I’ve practiced the DASA Meditation method most of my life, I never expected to drop my career five years ago and leap into teaching meditation for stress reduction. It feels like I’ve prepared for this my entire life. After teaching for the past five years, I see that people crave what meditation offers. I feel honored to teach. Online support is something needed, especially for those in pain. I know this firsthand because I designed and taught a course for disabled workers. What would your help mean to me? I would be able to reach others through the revenue generated and offer more, give more, help more.

    ​“Practicing DASA Meditation has built a foundation of peace, vision, and depth that is always with me like a best friend.” – John B.

    One example of the way we give back in the community is “Service of the Heart,” a free event to breast cancer patients and caregivers. Certified DASA teacher’s in four-cities are giving away 32K in free services. Having a steady flow of revenue would allow us to certify more teachers, develop more programs, and elevate the awareness and experience of many people.

    Please find links below.

    With appreciation,

    Lorraine Alexander

    DASA Meditation https;//www.DASA
    Service of the Heart Four-city Event:

  77. It would mean personal success of sorts. It’s all about getting back on top and sharing with others so they can do the same. Would love to be chosen as otherwise Me being there wouldn’t happen, and I have a message to others that could benefit them, and he who teaches learns twice. (Or, “Pick me, Pick me”)

  78. It would mean that more and more teachers worldwide understand Motivational Teaching Strategies that help their students be better language learners and students this accelerating their academic and practical success in their lives regardless of what country they live in.

  79. See the world from the others’ point of view. What does it look like to them? What are their principles, prejudices and values? What are the triggers that move them towards or against an idea or plan? How do they evaluate the cost-benefit of a pathway? How can I respond? Is is worthwhile for me? Why?

  80. Our Company Culture is Empowerment through Support & Information. Being in the Accounting and Tax field, with a niche in Real Estate, we have found it is time to start taking this information into courses, webinars, etc. This will allow us to serve our market more effectively and connect with more of the right people. It will also allow us to scale our business.
    We want to create a full spectrum of services, mentoring our employees to step into and beyond the business we are developing. We recognize that at 67 and 70 years old, this is a very important consideration for our employees and our eventual retirement. I also allows for the on-going support for our clients that trust us and rely on us for this critical aspect of their lives.

  81. It would mean I could focus on the students of my course and serve them even more. My goal is to serve the thousands and millions of people in the world who have felt unwanted. This feeling is soul-crushing. There are so many unwanted children in the world. Unwanted by their parents. Their belief is that they are worthless. It took me some time to overcome this, and now my mission is to help everyone see how incredibly valuable they are, just because they’re breathing. Self-love is the basis for EVERYTHING. Without self-love, people will always struggle, with money, success, relationships. The pain of feeling rejected and unlovable leads to addictions and self-sabotage and self-destruction.

  82. Inflammatory disease has touched three generations of women in my family.

    My family is not an anomoly, research shows that as many as 1 in 12 women suffers from an autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s, psoriasis and the list goes on.

    Many more are undiagnosed. The real number may be as high as 1 in 4. We are living in an increasingly inflammatory world that is making us sicker at younger ages.

    As a functional nutritionist I am passionate about teaching anti-inflammatory eating, cooking and living. Knowing that this way of eating and living is good for you is a far step away from being able to implement it in your life for yourself and your family.

    My goal with my course is to educate, teach practical skills, share tips and tricks and provide a supportive community to make anti-inflammatory eating and living doable for all, and the new normal.

    Inflammatory disease and especially autoimmune diseases steals quality time with loved ones, productivity and genius impact in our world. All this at a time when we need healthy and strong women.

    The women getting sick and living diminished lives are our mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and dear friends. Or may its you.

    I will use make the marketing machine to reach these women and teach them the anti-inflammatory way.

  83. It would mean that I could give more and more people the tools they need to free themselves from anxiety. In a world where more and more people suffer from stress and anxiety to the point that they become ill and incapacitated, giving them the knowledge to help themselves and giving them the power to live a happier and healthier life is my goal. Healthy people make healthier choices, for themselves and for the world. The better my course sells the more of this vision will become reality.

  84. Wow! It would be amazing and so gratifying to know my message and teachings are reaching those who struggle to live in a healthy body, and who desperately want to get off the diet rollercoaster. To be making a wide-spread impact, knowing my course was not just a “one and done” body of work, would bring meaning and purpose to all the hours it took to create and launch. Of course, bringing in consistent income from the course would also alleviate the stress that comes from the income rollercoaster! But mostly, if Mastering the Inner Game of Weight Loss had a marketing machine that grows my sales each and every month, it would give me the motivation to start creating my second course–Taming the Daily Frenzy–one I feel so passionate about but hesitate to put my love, sweat, and tears into creating if after I struggle to reach a larger audience and sell it. And lastly, it would be freaking awesome to work with Danny and the Mirasee team again!

  85. If I’m able to achieve it, I’ll make it another free course that how I built it and was able to achieve it and spread it each and everyone out there and make sure everyone is getting benefited out that mainly the one’s who are actually making an impact on other’s lives.

  86. WHEN we build a marketing machine that WILL grow our course sales every month it WILL mean that thousands of families will avoid the costly, lengthy and emotionally draining process of probate when a parent or spouse passes away. Our course results WILL create a healthy space for families to mourn and heal and celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. Our course results will allow the love and care of that deceased parent or spouse to extend well beyond their life. Thank you Mirasee team for all that you do to come alongside your clients and help us “reimagine our business”.

  87. Hi Mirasee community, as a beginner course designer, getting this marketing & sales piece handled would mean I can increase my reach and help more people make the changes they wish to make in their lives. I want to be an example of what is possible. Being able to learn, implement, and maintain a marketing & sales process would positively impact my life, my ability to provide financial stability for my family, and connect with a wider audience, globally.

  88. Sell More course is a dream come true, it means that I can take the impact to the real people. The profession is about positively impacting life, not only making money as money can be made where I am right now. The people starts from home, kids, spouse, family and then people in the project management profession. It’s cyclic in nature and both ends are linked with each other and cant be divided that only one feels the positivity and other doesn’t

  89. If I had a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month, I am convinced that I could change many people’s lives for the better. Let me explain (briefly)…
    I am a long-time graduate college professor (Pace University), technical trainer (IBM contractor), course developer (Juniper Networks), and author (15 technical books, 2 best-sellers: see Amazon). It boggles my mind to think that some think that the solution to modern problems is more manufacturing jobs or jobs in coal mining (my father was a coal miner). In Bangalore, India, the roads are lined with ads for schools and training for “full stack web developers” and “security consultants.”
    But no one can afford to take courses on these things in college!
    However, I truly believe that if I could take the new book I am writing about the “7 pillars of networking wisdom” (apologies to Lawrence of Arabia, and that’s not the real title) and make courses out of the seven chapters on 5G, IPv6, fiber optics, Cloud and Big Data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and security and privacy, I could give people the basic tools they need to see how all these technologies fit together and explore more about the topics in depth on their own. I don’t think you can “teach” people much…but you can help them learn…and Mirasee is a good way to do that.

  90. If I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month, it would mean that I am having the transformational impact on nurses and the organizations that they work in.
    Imagine …if every nurse came to work every day inspired, motivated and enthusiastic about his/her day.
    Imagine…what that would be like for the people they serve.
    Imagine…what that would look like or be like for their employer.
    Imagine…how invaluable that nurse would be to you.
    Imagine…how priceless the investment in getting all nurses to this state would be.
    I want to build this marketing machine so that it is something that people will look for, something that they will talk about and something that would be missed if it were gone.
    This would be my highest joy!

  91. What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month?

    It would mean a retirement just as fullfilling as my 35 year Tech Career. I was really too young to retire, but wanted to prove to myself I could move my own cheese and build something of my own, on my own terms and timeframe.

    A career with no boss, no employees, and satisfied customers who I didn’t need to fight Toronto traffic to meet and to serve. I’d share my specific subject matter knowledge that would enrich their lives and make them more succesful so they could live their dreams as well:-)

    The course builders dream:-)

    Tx Jeff

  92. Without focusing on marketing and sales, I could devote more time and energy to making my course better, more effective, and more valuable. I could also develop additional courses to serve others with different needs. The true purpose of a course, of any business, should be to provide value – so if the day-to-day administration is removed, it enables a business to deliver more value!

  93. To be able to pursue my life purpose by impacting those who desire to learn about horses but don’t have the resources or know how. I can provide knowledge and skill to help people learn more in a safe and friendly way. Horses evoke passion and enthral lots of people, but it’s not always easy to learn how to understand and relate to them.

  94. Success for Crush College Stress would mean happier, less troubled college students. I could play a significant role in addressing the rise in anxiety and depression on college campuses, which has become a crisis in our country. Knowing that there are answers to this growing problem fuels my drive to create something meaningful and practical for college students.

    Applying to college is an extremely stressful process for high school students. The pressures from parents, peers and oneself can be overwhelming. And what happens once students move onto their chosen college campus? For many, the stress continues and gets much worse. In a 2018 study, 63% of college students said they had overwhelming anxiety. And suicide is now the second leading cause of death for college students.

    How can I help change the current situation and give college students the chance to have a positive, productive and even enjoyable college experience? My course, Crush College Stress, can dramatically change the emotional state of college students and, thereby, their whole college experience. I want to provide the tools and strategies which will give college students the ability to manage their stress and thrive in college. If I was able to make that happen, I would have touched many lives.

  95. Service is the focus of the business I am a part of and Real Estate is the industry. We’re a small Brokerage company and our Broker is on point with consistently training his staff in every aspect of the industry – behind the desk and out in the field.
    We’ve recently found a CRM tool which we are using on trial for a month presently. We are on the hunt for finding a tool, system or software which we can make a one-time purchase of and not a subscription fee, yet have support periodically if necessary, that will allow us to enter our listing information and pictures and this system or software generates all our flyers, adverts, video ads, social media, all our advertising and marketing material in a consistently structured, professional and seamless manner so we are a cut above everyone else in the industry in appearance and activity. We also want to capture information of our online audience and be able to convert their requests, questions, comments, etc., in a manner that encourages them to fill out the requested info so we can follow up in a timely manner.
    We are looking to be not only a household name but also being the default choice. We’re already praised by our clients for always having someone answer the office phone and for following up even if it is to say that there has been no calls concerning their properties.

  96. Increasing sales every month could be one more than the previous which would add up to 300 sales in 24 months. However, according to the Fibonacci sequence, which is a divine pattern of growth where you add A +B to get C then add B +C to get D and continue to add the last two numbers together to get the next, this would be the result in 24 months:
    +46,368+74,025= 195,416. At a sales price of $297 more than 58 Million in revenue would be generated!!! This would provide many jobs, many changed lives, and lots of income for a variety of charities plus my family would be well taken care of for generations to come.
    Nevertheless, managing money is about more than the numbers; It is about creating a mindset that puts one in charge of and directing their money without guilt or shame. This would be a phenomenal example of “fibonating” that could change the world as eyes are opened to the truth that a growth mindset can make the impossible reality. As my course intends to create money confidence, heal shame and lead to happiness, I should be the one to get the free course that can make this all possible.

  97. I am semi-retired and have another good block of years to making a difference in the world. I am using the platform and my 50 years experience as a business executive and coach to help a on-profit create cources in faith-based leadership principles to improve the culture organizations, individuals who work there as well as the families and communities they serve. Our target is a global reach to bring healthy relationships and equip everyone we touch to extend that reach one person or organization at a time. The more sub target audiences we penetrate with marketing …the more impact we will make.
    Your ideas on marketing will be invaluable for us as we implement our strategies to achieve this vision. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in supporting our effort

  98. If I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales every month, I would be able to help more people bridge the gap between genders where both feminine and masculine traits are appreciated. Children will grow in homes where there’s harmony as parents know how to communicate in a healthy manner. Women will be able to heal their emotional scar tissue so that they are able to have relationships that are thriving, happy and fun.
    Divorce statistics will decrease because more people will know how to choose the right partner for them. Even those that have to end their relationship will do so without the need for vindictiveness and unnecessary pain.
    I will have the capacity to travel to different parts of the world, sharing my message and learning from other groups of people. Knowing the best way to teach in a way that my students will be able to retain and use the information practically will ensure that real change can happen.
    I will be able to pay off my mortgage, start a foundation in Zimbabwe in memory of my husband Taurai that gives young people access to books and technology. I will be able to visit with my family more often and that will help us to grow our relationships as a family. I will have financial freedom for the first time since my husband passed away 10 years ago. I can create a new legacy for the next generation of family to have financial freedom.

  99. FREEDOM! To inspire, create and help others succeed to live their best life NOW. Also to be able to continue my work of traveling and literally helping others where I can.

  100. If I had a way to build a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month, I would not only eliminate the overwhelm from trying to implement every strategy in the known universe, I would have the bandwidth to create more and more impactful courses to serve my mission. I’d be more able to follow my own advice about entrepreneurship without stress, thereby being more authentic. It would create a snowball effect!

  101. What would it mean to me if I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month – wow – such a powerful question and one I have been asking myself very recently actually as I have been feeling down and second guessing all my previous attempts at doing an online course and what I want to offer. It would mean not only being able to reach more people but to be connected to what I teach as it would come directly from my inner being. Waste management and education has been a seed that was planted in me since childhood and marrying it with my love of teaching has always been a dream and an extension of who I am.

    It would mean finally being able to financially support my family the way I always wanted to as it has all been on my husband’s shoulders for the last 3 years, it would mean being able to reinvest into the business to offer even more courses both offline and online as the principles can be applied across the board and it would mean transforming and impact students, professionals and even other entrepreneurs to not only enter this field but know they too can win!

  102. “… your courses have been the most stimulating and exciting, those that really gave me food for thought, opened my mind and made me understand the real meaning of marketing …” (Carlo Papa, Sales Area Manager, Bologna, Italy). This is just one of many comparable endorsements I received from my students over many years of “traditional” teaching activity in various countries. Providing this type of value online to many more young graduates and managers all over the world would really make my professional life more meaningful and rewarding.

  103. To have a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month would be a dream come true. My course is part of a community-building endeavour that is my greater goal. I am loving the results I’m seeing with the few individual clients I have and to be able to have a larger community of women who are travelling similar paths, who would support each other and enjoy their collective experience would make the journey through “retirement” an adventure, not something to be dreaded.
    On a more personal level, yes, it would afford me financial independence – to focus more on my work and also make sure women with financial concerns could also enjoy the benefits of my course and community – and also spend the time and energy I want to spend with my grandchildren as their numbers grow.
    Thank you for this opportunity, Danny!

  104. Hey! If I could build a marketing machine, it would mean I would get to spend more time with my son, homeschooling him and teaching him about business… instead of working so many hours doing 1 on 1 and group coaching 💖

  105. I would be able to provide courses on topics I mentor on (GTM, pricing, bus model tune up) and global good (impact model, partnering). It would like to help more efficiently.

  106. It would help generate revenues to support the work of the SourceCode4Life Consortium which has a mission to increase the quality, quantity and design of our philanthropy, profit sharing and investments in support of building a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem working in harmony with nature and integrating a new source code for human enterprise.

  107. What it would mean to me if I could build a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month is financial freedom and less time in the office working individually with people. I could successfully add courses as a viable means of income. It would also mean that I would be able to reach and help so many more people.

  108. My course is on how to sleep better and more naturally. In this day and age, sleeping has become almost a joke, something the lazy do. But everyone needs it so badly. So I am struggling against the currents of culture, a culture that desperately needs to change. Having the marketing and sales side taken care of would be a huge boost to overcoming the negative culture that we have around sleeping and help me gain the power and reach I need to change it. It would also give me more time to continue to tweak and fine-tune the material so I can better help people get the sleep they need.

  109. If I was able to build a marketing machine that would grow my course sales every month it would mean that I helping young professional women design their careers with purpose so they can take their seat at the table faster…or build their own table!

  110. Everyone knows someone who thinks they could be dyslexic but no one knows where to find out!

    With our new Dyslexia4Adults programme, they do now!

    Literally millions of adults are unable to identify the nature of their difficulties, understand them or find out about effective and accessible strategies and support.

    You’d be helping my team to tell people all around the world about our innovative new programme – and we’d be able to help many, many people reach their potential.

    How good would that be?

  111. It would truly mean the world to have strong and active courses and I’ll tell you why: when people learn the basics of speaking in public, they can change the course of their lives for the better. Finding your voice and honing your message well is an empowering process- it puts you on the road to a healthy relationship with speaking up and lasts a lifetime.

    Personally it would validate my desire to reach a broader audience using technology which is not in my wheelhouse at all. I’m as slow as I am persistent with this learning curve, and my husband questions my sense and sanity.

    I don’t want to keep repeating the straight- forward basics, which is why I wrote a book on the subject but still most people are underprepared.

    The happy stability which would naturally follow will allow everyone to sleep soundly at night. And to dream up brave things.

  112. It would mean financial freedom, the ability to help my father who has numerous health problems and a dwindling budget and the ability to dedicate my time to helping my students worldwide acheive their goals faster.

    It would also mean my personal freedom to choose how many hours I work per day and how much time I spend helping other people that need me in a meaningful way.

  113. More parents could experience the insights John Bramlett from Enumclaw, WA described after he completed a Priceless Parenting class. “I’m in awe of how well the course is assembled. It was far above my expectations and learned more than I ever realized I would as a parent of 5 kids and been parenting for many years. I never imagined a simple course like this could teach me how wrong my approach to parenting using discipline and anger or frustration has been. It has been a long time since I have laughed and cried at what I have done wrong or right as a parent. I realize a whole new world of positive parenting and guiding my children with options and empathy using patience and love for my children as well as myself.”

  114. What would it mean to tell the right story to the right people and have them enjoy your story so much, that they come back for seconds? Well, to me it would mean that I’ve touched a nerve without pushing people’s buttons. It would mean that I could go on and do my very best work, which is to help people – the story and how well you tell it are only the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but for the friendship itself you have to be all in, and come prepared. You have to come prepared to help and be helped, to teach and be taught, because, as someone wisely put it, “learning is as much taken as it is given”.
    To me, it would mean helping ever more young people (high school students and college freshmen) uncover their true potential and then go on and be that fantastic person, live that life. In the first instance, it would help them, of course, and me. But it would also help their parents, who more often than not don’t know how best to advise their young adults as to a career and they make choices based on what others did, instead of who their son/daughter really is. It would also help schools and universities of every kind and rank prepare those who enroll in them better, to the point, growing their skills, minds and curiosities, not their staying power. It would make people happy both in the short run AND in the long run. I also believe it would make them better, but that remains to be seen.
    It would make me jump out of bed in the morning, eager to get going for the day; it would make encounters and learnings possible, that would otherwise be very difficult to pull off; it would be the kick in the butt that propelled me in the right direction.
    It would tell a different story – it would make a difference.

  115. What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month?
    Your online course would allow me to live out my two passions, teaching online as I travel the world and, get people to drink the best hydrating water.

  116. Danny,
    What it would mean to me is that instead of wasting the precious, precious time I have left in my life trying to figure out how to do something that 1) is very frustrating and demoralizing because I don’t know how to do it, 2) is nevertheless key to being able to deliver the value I am trying to deliver, 3) takes time away from creating that value, 4) as a business process, needs to be made into a specific, scalable, logical framework, 5) would therefore not only deliver value through sales, but would create a valuable business, and 6) is something that falls squarely within your expertise. Lastly, I personally think it would be fascinating to learn and understand how to build a marketing machine that would grow course sales every month, and see what other applications it has, how it could be expanded, perfected, adapted, or integrated. I love to teach because I love to learn.

  117. My mission is to seed the STEM world with future leaders by helping those future leaders develop the foundational skills early in their careers. An ability to effectively market and sell my course(s) would allow me to expand my reach, and devote more of my time developing and delivering the tools that will realize my mission.

  118. it would mean an end to the agonising curse of procrastination, second-guessing and hiding, that is currently standing in the way of this solo-preneur shining her light and by implication it would mean that I can talk from personal experience when guiding my clients to do the same. There are so many bright people out there who seriously hide their light under the bushel or shine it in all the wrong directions, and I know there are action-steps that put an end to over-thinking.

  119. What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month? Everything. My daughter Meredith and I at Authors Ignite Academy are just getting ready to launch our courses and programs. It would allow our audience to find us and get the training our one-on-clients and writing conference attendees have received from us for years. It would give us, as business owners, a steady way to reach a larger audience and make more of an impact — to help authors be profitable. We are excited and passionate about our offerings. We are putting everything into our relaunched business. This special training would give us the kick start we need. It sure would ease some of the fear and stress when pivoting your business strategy. Many thanks for the chance to enter.

  120. If I could build a marketing machine that grows course sales every month:

    I’d have the great joy of being able to give my little daughter the education, opportunities and experiences that I’ve always dreamed of being able to provide.

    I’d be able to change the lives of thousands “farther out”, and open new paths for this little one “closer in”.

  121. It would mean more time to spend with family including my Dad who has cancer right now, more time to adventure and more time to put into really helping others and nailing down the material that needs to be shared.

  122. What would it mean to you if you could build a marketing machine that grows your course sales each and every month?
    It would mean that sooner or later the whole population of Earth (well, almost whole) wold work either for me or with me. So, everybody would benefit.

  123. My ideal client is a small to medium business owner who seeks to grow their business by winning government contracts.
    While I’ve been doing broader services, I am trying to narrow down into a specific niche. I would like to be in a position where my wife can retire, and have time to do some other things that full-time business has not allowed me to do.
    Helping people with tenders is something I have been doing for a long time. This is not something many people do in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) marketplace. There are people in Australia who help the big boys, with multi-million-dollar tenders, but there do not seem to be many people supporting SMEs
    I like working with SMEs and helping them reach their goals, lift their profitability, and reduce the stress and time involved in running their business.
    This is important to me because:
    • I like helping people. I like doing what I do. This is a field in which I feel I can keep on helping people for some years yet, without having to work 7 days a week.
    • I could earn a reasonable income to support my superannuation. Without it we would have to live frugally. This would help me live appropriately, have some free time, help my wife retire, and also give me satisfaction.
    The Government contract market is very large, at Federal, State and Local level. It can provide an excellent additional market for an SME seeking to grow their business, one that pays its bills on time, and can provide contracts that run over 2 – 3 years. Those contracts are usually awarded through public tenders, a (very) competitive process.
    Yet there is one major impediment to an SME owner seeking to take advantage of it.
    SMEs build their businesses on the technical skills they have spent years acquiring. However, they rarely get the opportunity to learn how to draft compelling and persuasive tender responses.
    My TenderWins online course does just that.

  124. I would be excellent at my calling instead of good at a job.

    I would serve myself by serving my audience, scaling instead of burning myself out.

    I would be rested instead of tired, content instead of worrying.

    A positive view of money replaces “I don’t have enough money”. Pay off personal debt so I can invest instead of paying interest. Stop loving cheque to cheque because it never quite covers everything…

  125. There are so many people who cannot live their lives fully because they are dealing with chronic conditions that conventional doctors often are unable to cure for them. So they stay ill and cannot achieve their potentials, cannot get that second chance, post-illness, to be reborn full of purpose and ingenuity, to use their past failures to help regenerate new purpose in their lives and get back to fulfilling their abandoned hopes and dreams.

    If I had a marketing machine that would grow my course sales every month, these are the very people whose lives I would be able to reach. I would begin teaching them how to feel empowered to take on their chronic conditions. Together we could begin to hunt for the root causes of the diseases, illnesses and conditions they are suffering from instead of just treating their symptoms as their bodies begin to degenerate.

    Once I had that marketing system in place, my courses would help these isolated people, already fighting so hard to feel better, now to feel empowered to truly believe that they can heal, despite what doctors have told them, so that they can begin to solve their gut issues, their autoimmune issues, their mood issues, their brain fog and lack of focus.

    And from those depths, my students would begin to reclaim their lives in full by fully reclaiming their health!

  126. At Construction-Minutes, our Recognizing and Managing Impacts course for construction managers substantially reduces execution errors to win the game of profitable projects completed on time.
    A marketing machine would allow greater influence building their confidence toward personal bests as project leaders, raising the bar of professionalism infecting an entire industry.

  127. I would help more older workers, 60 and over, transition into their next stage of development. I would help them get excited about what comes next, gain clarity about what they want to do with their time, impress upon them the opportunities for continued work, either working for themselves, a social cause or an employer. Essentially, I would be helping them rethink retirement by leveraging the latest social science research.

  128. Hi!

    Falls in our Seniors is reaching near epidemic proportions worldwide, which I have seen first hand working as a Physical Therapist for 32 years!

    My vision, to be attained through the application of what I would learn in Sell More Courses Live, is to touch as many families as I can to help prevent falls through the Fall Prevention course I am developing.

    This will help prevent the falls and the associated, often catastrophic, consequences that alter the lives of the person who falls, as well as their families. Falls are one of the leading causes of death from an accident and many, if not most are deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and health organizations in almost all countries, to be preventable. And for those who live, the injuries often alter their ability to function independently.

    People need the information/education to prevent falls from occurring, which they are not getting, but I hope to change this!

  129. Let’s see…what WOULD it mean?
    Oh, my Heavens – it would mean I could actually buy a CAR again – and thus, be able to get to the grocery, pharmacy, and church without having to bum a ride – Sweet!

    But I’m sure everyone else here has the tons of great things to do – so, pick one of them and make them happy. It’s been so long since I experienced a really meaningful success, I wouldn’t know what to do with it – I’d probably just get a bassett hound,


  130. If my marketing machine would grow my course sales every month I will be able to help more people augment their intelligence to creatively participate in the new economy combining the best of human potential and information technology.

  131. It would mean fulfilling my potential to help other clinicians and coaches better care for their communities. I am a passionate physical therapist who feels limited by only being able to help the patients on my schedule and mentor the students in my clinic. I have a systematic approach that I’m attempting to turn into a great course. This would also help me realize my goal of becoming self employed and free up time to pursue other interests and opportunities

  132. Carol Ann Hanley
    Inspirational – Motivational Speaker
    Speech Writer, Storyteller
    President and CEO
    People Communicating – The Human Factor
    Business/Social Etiquette, Culture Sensitivity
    Public Speaking Trainer/Coach
    We put YOU in YOUR Marketing Picture
    Phone: 506 459-1077

    We simply have to step in, move forward and make it happen.

    Welcome to our world of people!

    Mirasee has been a great offering and I am enjoying the learning curve to date and the people: your team is very welcoming.
    I am absolutely delighted and strengthened in my own perception that todays market is busting down barriers to be more inclusive of interacting and interchanging and learning more in a collective environment. We have a better understanding that we need to give up silos and work in a world market that is more inter-related than we have ever been. Dany’s book given out at LIFT addresses this as well as the need for Humanities = Leadership. Research and studies confirm this shift from paper credentials only to include strong proactive people communication skills

    We know people are the main driving force of success, with a savvy personal presence that leads to signed contracts and sustains professional friendships at home and abroad; a world view.

    My main goal for going to LIFT was to speak with Mirasee – LIFT team members on this particular topic of niche versus mainstream marketplaces. My mission is to bring together Post Secondary, Government and Corporate/Business/Professional Communities through the engagement of Leadership through the Humanities. I came away, with no sense of relationship knowledge in such a concept. My mentoring with Mirasee has been to choose a specific niche. When this is the opposite of what my “challenges to opportunities” is to bring a sustainable interaction throughout the world. I returned home thinking, am I really-that-far off base? These few days following LIFT I have been trying to fit myself into a scenario that I needed to adapt to and, that simply was not easy to wear.

    Thus, I am super keen to learn more about this new progressive concept Mirasee is offering.

    In all-of my personal enrichment trainings there will be a consistent currant of peace happening without having “peace” being the focus learning content. The content will be one of “what and how do we gain world peace” through strong personal/professional relationship. This message will happen through the personal enrichment – leadership – throughout the foundations of the humanities learning content.

    My concept to launch is to gain contacts in as many countries as I can: prospective countries to contact at this time = England, New Zealand, Australia, Yukon, Canada, (none of these have been contacted to date). I have been holding back as I was not getting the interest or forward thinking that would relate to the variables I am going after from Mirasee advisors that I am trying to entrust my reassurance too for the guidance on how I should proceed.

    My invitation to Mirasee and your offering is:
    Come, walk with me into the beauty of possibilities to a peaceful world – backyard to the moon!

  133. If I were able to develop a marketing machine that grows my course sales each and every month, I would be able to stop living the trial by error marketing approach I’ve used to date, focus my efforts on making the impact I want in the world, and help many, many more start-up entrepreneurs learn to run their businesses effectively, avoid the mistakes that can discourage and bring them down, and claim their success.

  134. I working to help people and horses with trubbels about their muscles, backs and some organs problem. Every person I meet I give some advice how they self can get better. The same with horse owner. I love to encourge people to do their change to a better life. In the evening I alway has the same feeling, I want to help more people and horse owner. Maybe your course could help me with my dream.

  135. It would be the wedge to get me out of a full time job working for others on their goals, and their timelines. It would be the opportunity to share what I have learned with others after over 54 years of life. It would be the reality that I can do this and make it work, something new and exciting that I can pursue into the next stage of my life.

  136. I could certainly help a lot more people reach financial freedom before they’re back in diapers again. That’s worthwhile, I’d think. I know I could do more regarding Marketing, but here’s the thing. I’m already financially free, thanks to what I do (which is the same thing I teach), and most of the marketing I see in my niche is scammy. I refuse to lower myself to that level. I teach because I like to, not because I have to.

    But always eager to learn. And Mirasee is one of very few companies I trust wholeheartedly.

  137. Developing online courses as a natural extension of my current consulting and teaching is definitely where I’m at right now, and I’ve even been able to “see” in my mind how a system that supports my online courses might work — a renewable, refreshable flow of content that captures attention, inspires action, and engages an entire community of like-minded learners. But I’ve felt reluctant to invest my time and effort into something that might quickly become obsolete… until now. When I read Danny’s quick background comment on why he’s doing this, I knew this was the exciting leading-edge approach I’ve been waiting for…

    What having an automated marketing machine that will be growing my course sales each and every month would mean to me is greater confidence in the consistent success of my online course sales…. it would mean that the struggle with marketing and sales would be simplified… it would mean time and effort is freed up for doing the things I’m good at… it would mean that my business could grow way beyond the scope of what I’ve envisioned… it would mean a new level of transformation for me, my business and my community… it would also mean I’ll be giving you a great testimonial!

  138. I would have the extended opportunity to help more people going through critical transitions in a manner that makes sure they do not lose their voice, value and vision

    I would be able to support more people to go further faster and be unstuck through their transitions

    I would have the opportunity freed up to and resources increased pour more of my life into the next generation leaders I am constantly mentoring from Teens and young adults.

    I would have more resources to use to initiate community-building opportunities in health and learning that I am really keen on getting done.

    The calling I have is to do the above and a marketing engine that helps me achieve this would help me enhance my freedom and flexibility so that the “music” put in my heart can spread to more.

  139. Hmm, it would mean I’m reaching who needs my services to ignite and nurture body and spirit self-care and personal development practices they can fit into their life, which means ultimately freedom, empowerment, and stable support for who I serve and for myself as well that I can share with my loved ones and again to those I serve…a constant ripple effect of positive change, positive growth, empowerment, freedom.

  140. For me, this opportunity would allow me to reach the masses. Personally, I am extremely saddened at the high suicide rates that we are currently seeing within our society. My class focuses on emotional intelligence and helping people find their personal mission/vision for their life. Once a person figures out their purpose, they will begin to live life on purpose and deliberately. On the other hand, if one is living day to day and check to check there is little room for creativity and deep thought of purpose. As a result, in most people hopelessness , despair and anxiety build up and transcend into a depressed state of mind. At the end of the day, I see myself as a hope dealer, filling gaps and solving other people’s problems. Preparation meets the mandate.

  141. Having a marketing machine that would grow my course sales every month, would mean that I could reach more people every month, help them transform their lives and the lives of their dependents and the people they interact with.

    It would allow me to develop new courses aimed at helping people succeed at their chosen endeavors.

    It would allow me to get my courses translated into other languages as well, expanding the number of people I could help.

    Would this help me personally as well?
    Probably. I believe in “ayni” an Incan word meaning the reciprocity of the universe, in doing good for others, I will do well for myself.

    But primarily this will allow me to help the greatest number of people, and that is to what I dedicate my life.

  142. If I could build a marketing machine that grew my course sales each and every month, it would mean that:
    It would make an ever-increasing positive difference in the world via the mechanism of my
    CPRTS (Context, Process, Relationships, Transformational Systems) thought-form moment method. By first affecting the methods and decisions of coaches – be they life, personal, business, executive, CEO, or self-coaching coaches – my marketing machine would spread the ability for anyone to understand our thought forms and how to use that knowledge .
    As a “group” coaches are the most influential industry there is in terms of reach and the multiplier effect of their coaching through whoever they are coaching. Yet, today, 20 years after coaching gained prominence, almost no-one has done “cognitive coaching” – it has all been about the “social-emotional” aspects. So, no-one really knows how to do “thinking” in terms of knowing where their (or the person who they are talking to) thinking is at, ie, coming from.
    By learning how to expand their perspective on what is being considered, by reviewing the 4 moments above, in real-time or on reflection, we would create a better experience for everyone. In effect, that is the outcome my marketing machine would achieve for us all.

  143. Young people all over the world are marching this week for a better world. We’ve had facts and figures that we need to change our ways of living for decades but little has changed. Behaviour scientists say we need to engage people with both facts and emotion. Following from my doctoral art and ecology work, I’d love to reach young creative people across the world with a foundational, fun ecoliteracy course that will empower them and inspire us toward the more beautiful world we know is possible. Problem is, marketing my work is my Mt Everest! Having top marketing mentoring would so impact my life to share my best work with others.

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