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Get Featured as a Guest on a Mirasee FM Podcast and Grow Your Audience & Impact

Mirasee FM

If you’re a coach, a course creator, or an entrepreneur who wants to share your strategies and insights into what’s working right now in your field…

…you might make a great guest on one (or more!) of our shows.

With a total of more than 768,000 downloads (as of August 2023), the Mirasee FM podcast network is an “amplifier” that gives you an opportunity to spread your message, grow your audience, and expand the reach of your business.

Each show has a unique format that’s designed to pack as much value as possible into every episode. They’re hosted by experts and thought leaders in the field.

We’re constantly adding shows to the network – so watch this space! 

Right now, we’re accepting guest applications for the podcasts listed below. Take a look to see which one is the best fit for you:

Just Between Coaches

Just Between Coaches

Just Between Coaches with Melinda Cohan (CEO of the Coaches Console) explores the tough questions coaches face on a regular basis, and each conversation cuts straight to the heart of the topic.

The ideal guest for Just Between Coaches is an experienced, full-time coach.

You’re likely not a good fit for the podcast if you are still in the early years of your coaching business.

Course Lab

Course Lab

Co-hosted by online course experts Danny Iny (founder of Mirasee) and Abe Crystal (co-founder of Ruzuku), Course Lab delves into how to take online courses to the next level.

The ideal guest for Course Lab is an experienced course creator who is doing something original in the design of their course, the business model, or both… with numbers that show your approach works.

You’re likely not a good fit for this show if your course has not moved beyond the pilot stage or if it follows a pretty standard and well-known format. For example, your course consists of only self-study videos. We’re looking for guests who are innovating in the field.

To Lead Is Human

To Lead Is Human

In this podcast, business coach and leadership expert Sharon Richmond interviews successful leaders to help listeners envision how they can uplevel their leadership – and shape cultures of accountability, respect, and candor.

The ideal guest for To Lead Is Human is a CEO or high-level business leader who is eager to share their leadership journey.

You’re likely not a good fit for the show if you are a consultant to business leaders.

Soul Savvy Business

Soul Savvy Business

Reverend Dr. Katy Valentine and leading-edge entrepreneurs tackle challenging issues at the intersection of business and spirituality. This show explores ways that entrepreneurs of all faiths (including none) can elevate their awareness and live a life of abundance.

The ideal guest for Soul Savvy Business is a successful entrepreneur whose spirituality is an integral part of who they are and how they run their business.

You’re likely not a good fit if you don’t have a business or if spirituality isn’t a big factor in your life.

Consciousness Explored

Consciousness Explored

In this podcast, integration and expansion coach Melissa Deal and her guests journey through the many paths and intersections of consciousness, from the traditional to the cutting edge.

The ideal guest for Consciousness Explored has expanded their own consciousness and is eager to share what they’ve experienced and learned.

You’re likely not a good fit if you’re new to the idea of consciousness, or if you have no idea what any of the above means. 😉

Making It

Making It

In each episode, real-world entrepreneurs tell their stories in their own words. They give their own definition of “making it” as a business owner. They also reveal lessons that listeners can use in their business.

The ideal guest for Making It is a successful entrepreneur who is open to joint ventures and eager to share their journey to “making it.”

You’re likely not a fit if you don’t have your own business or if you’re in the early stages of entrepreneurship.