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Ron Friedman on Building a Better Workplace

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Monica Seles is a famous tennis player, and she revolutionized the world of tennis by grunting. When she won an amazing upset in the 1990 French Open, the 16-year-old created a new trend that was quickly adopted by other players.

What can we learn from this?

While Monica’s guttural addition to tennis was unintentional, your own actions can set a standard and revolutionize energy, happiness, and productivity. When you make the ‘game’ your own by personalizing it, you win.

Today’s guest, Ron Friedman, is an award-winning psychologist and contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and CNN. He has some amazing insights on how to increase your energy and productivity by building a better workplace in the office or at home. And if you’re a leader, you can cause that change to ripple out into the culture of your company.

  • Get 2 super-simple workplace hacks to increase your productivity whether you’re in an office or working from home.
  • Protect yourself and your free time with a few easy email automations that will increase your productivity in the long run.
  • Find out what 2 things matter more than money, whether your work in an office or at home.

Find out more about Ron’s expert opinion on energy, happiness, and productivity, as well as a few simple steps you can take to improve them, on today’s Business Reimagined.

      • At 3:00 – Ron talks about why he wrote his book, ‘The Best Place to Work’, and the main ways you can make your workplace the ‘best place to work.’
      • At 8:00 – There are always trade-offs when trying to improve your productivity, and Ron explains how to prioritize your plan of attack.
      • At 12:00 – Ron explains that culture can’t be mandated in the workplace, but setting examples can affect culture, especially when you’re a leader. He also explains how companies like BMW prevent employees from being overworked at home and on vacation.
      • At 19:00 – Monica Seles accidentally changed how tennis players play tennis, and Ron explains how you can use that same tactic to change how your company and co-workers act.
      • At 24:00 – Ron closes out the interview with some practical ways to improve your own energy, happiness, and productivity whether you work for a company, or at home.

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