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Being Whale Vomit with Kevin Dubrosky

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Whale vomit is gross. But being unique, relevant, and scarce isn’t. In fact, to maximize profits, those are the three things you need. How do whale vomit and business tie together? Today’s guest, Kevin Dubrosky, reveals the secret behind success in business, and the key is to be like whale vomit: unique, relevant, and scarce.

If you want to know why ‘whale vomit,’ you’ll just have to hear Kevin’s story.


  • Why the richest of the rich douse themselves with whale vomit
  • The 3 step verification that will measure your success potential
  • How Blackberry could have taken Apple down but didn’t
  • Keen insights on positioning your business, based on real life examples

If you want to learn how to be like whale vomit… or rather, to be unique, relevant, and scarce, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

  • At 6:00 – Kevin reveals the story of how whale vomit inspired his new book.
  • At 11:00 – Kevin explains how to find your uniqueness, or create it, based on 2 key factors: experience and offer.
  • At 13:30 – Dominoes has cornered the 30 minutes or less market; Kevin talks about why that works for them, regardless of the quality of their pizza.
  • At 16:30 – Kevin shares the story of how he tried to help Blackberry before their downward spiral, and the fatal mistake they made that could have been avoided.
  • At 20:00 – Danny and Kevin discuss the ridiculous price of his first edition book, and how you can get the 2nd version for much less, to help YOU become whale vomit.customer service

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2 thoughts on Being Whale Vomit with Kevin Dubrosky


Well, if a competitor opens up a pizza shop 6 months after Dominoes, then maybe they should copy the “30 min or less” guarantee. Being first and/or unique is the best but a close 2nd might be to ride on the coattails of the business that did it first.

Or the competition could add a twist to the original idea, “30 minutes or less or tomorrow’s dinner is on us”.

Having said that, I do think we should always be thinking about how we can solve the problems that our customers have and sometimes that means looking beyond what everyone else is doing and targeting issues that are being ignored.


Also wanted to add that I love the way you incorporate the podcast, blog post and make the transcript available with an overview of what is discussed at what times. This is something I will adopt (and maybe adapt) for my own site.

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